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About the New 185 Kasr Al- Ainy Emergency & Burn Hospital
a. Mission: To provide emergency medical care efficiently, in a timely manner, while respecting the privacy and dignity of patients and their families, by competent and compassionate emergency medicine professionals, in an environment where research and teaching are integral to care.
b.Vision: To create a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence from a physical and virtual integration of pre-hospital and hospital-based care clinicians, paramedics, nurses, administrators, support staff, researchers, government agencies and educators that are aligned via a common goal: to become the number one center of choice in the field of emergency medicine; to act as hallmark for other emergency care facilities; to achieve internationally recognized best practices in the provision of Trauma, Emergency and Acute Burn Care.
•Patient Satisfaction
d. Objectives
•To manage and to treat injured and acutely ill patients

•To act as a referral site for peripheral ERB Hospitals and facilities (Eastern & Western Egypt)
•To integrate and link all units and departments within the ERBH Hospital & between the ERBH Hospital & the rest of Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine Hospitals.
•To provide appropriate training and education for our personnel
•To encourage medical research activities

•To function as a disaster response center.
II-Main services that will be provided by the Hospital: This state of the art building is formed of almost 10 floors and comprises of almost 400 beds, 220 of which are ICU beds.
a.Medical Healthcare Services
i.Specialized Services in the fields of
•Critical Care
•General Surgery
•Orthopedics Surgery
•Cardiothoracic Surgery
•Vascular Surgery
•Urology Surgery
•Plastic Surgery
•Hand Surgery
•Maxillofacial Surgery
•Ophthalmic Surgery
•ENT Surgery
ii.Supportive Services:
•Laboratory Medicine
•Blood Bank
b.Teaching, Training & Career Development programs
i.Medical programs for Clinicians, Residents, House-Officers, Medical Students, Paramedics, Nurses.
ii.Non- Medical Programs for Administrators and Support Staff.
c.Research Development
The goals for this center will be to provide support to:
•Improve understanding of the biological processes invoked after traumatic or burn injury at all levels, including molecular and cellular, physiological, and multilevel integration of homeostatic loss and recovery
•Foster translational research, bringing basic scientific observations and principles into the clinical arena and using clinical observations to generate or validate mechanistic hypotheses
•Foster interactions and communications within institutions and throughout the trauma community by outreach efforts that promote trauma, burn, and perioperative research at the institutional level.

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  • New Kasr Ainy "185 Emergency & Burn Hospital"

    1. 1. 1NEW EMERGENCY & BURN HOSPITAL June 14th, 2012
    2. 2. AGENDA1. Where we were1. Where we are now1. Where we want to be?
    3. 3. 1- Where we were
    4. 4. 2- Where we are now
    5. 5. Construction Equipment IT Human Resources
    6. 6. 3- Where we want to be
    7. 7. What we need to do to get there?Where we are now Where we want to be
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