Introduction to Conversion Optimization - Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress
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Introduction to Conversion Optimization - Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress



Nelio A/B Testing is the first conversion optimization service that has been specifically designed for WordPress. ...

Nelio A/B Testing is the first conversion optimization service that has been specifically designed for WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing helps you define, manage, and keep track of A/B-testing experiments from within your WordPress dashboard, creating a lovely, integrated, and familiar user experience. Since we designed the tool specifically for WordPress, you will have complete control on what you test: pages, posts, themes, titles… and many more that will be available soon!

We offer subscription plans for personal sites; small, medium, and large companies; and for web agencies. Use Nelio on your own or let us help you optimize your site thanks to our conversion reviews and personalized test suggestions. And if you have special needs we can customize Nelio for you. Our goal is simple: We want you to make more money with Nelio!

Are you running a WordPress site? Then it is time you get the most out of it! Easy A/B Testing for Everybody!



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Introduction to Conversion Optimization - Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress Introduction to Conversion Optimization - Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress Presentation Transcript

  • A/B Testing for WordPress Conversion Rate Optimization Introduction to
  • index 0 Conversion Rate Optimization 02A/B Testing Understanding your web 03Case Studies Where to start 04Step by Step A/B Testing for WordPress 1
  • I want to improve my website Increase subscriptions to my mailing list Make visitors spend more time on my web Convert visitors into customers Get more sales What can I do?
  • Engage more visitors Improve the percentage of visitors that are converted into customers
  • What is a Conversion? A conversion is the action that we want our visitors to take in our web How can we measure it? Conversion Rate = Total Visitors Converted Visitors If my web gets 100 visitors per month and 5 sales the conversion rate of my web is 5%
  • Average Conversion Rate by Business Area
  • How can I increase my conversion rate? Understand what is happening 1 Using Web Analytics Tools Creating Surveys for Visitors and Customers Making Usability Studies Most important pages on my web Landing Pages Exit Pages Difficulties identified by users or usability experts Discover
  • How can I increase my conversion rate? Test Potential Improvements 2 Nobody knows what ideas will work We use A/B Testing We need to check statistically what changes really work We need to measure their real impact
  • What is A/B Testing? comparing 2 versions of a web to check which one performs better (in fact, we could compare more than 2 versions)
  • What could we A/B test? Almost anything in your web that has an impact in your visitors’ behavior can be tested Titles CSSs Testimonials Action buttons Prices Promotions Trial period durations Links Images Forms EmailsTexts Layouts Landing Page Menu Logo Purchasing Processes Footers
  • Start creating an alternative that you think will improve your conversion rate
  • These are your visitors
  • Some see the original version, some see the alternative one
  • in order to determine which version gets more conversions
  • How can I be sure that I’ve made the right decision?
  • Calculating Statistical Distributions Visitors that see A Visitors that see A and convert Visitors that see B Visitors that see B and convert (if any) Confidence level of the results in percentage (%) Alternative that gets better results in the A/B Test (with confidence levels >95% we can be sure that we made the right decision) Effective A/B Testing Ben Tilly Statistical Algorithms
  • The A/B Testing Process The scientific method applied to testing Understand your website. Analyze areas for improvement1 Build a hypothesis. What can I change to improve my website?2 Create different alternatives based on the hypothesis3 Create an A/B Test. Put your hypothesis to the test4 Analyze the results. Is there a winning alternative? Which is the confidence level? 5 Draw conclusions and start over6
  • That’s bullshit! I already know which version works best I don’t need to A/B test it go and check whether you’re right or not
  • A/B testing button colors The Red button achieved 21% more clicks than the Green one with 95% confidence
  • A/B testing featured images Asian achieved 30% more conversions than European
  • A/B testing featured images Asian Female achieved 15% more Conversions than Asian Male
  • a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues they tested 41 shades between each blue, showing each one to 1% of their visitors to see which one performs better $200 million of benefits
  • Yes, you can A/B test everything.
  • I cannot A/B test with my current traffic! My website is too small
  • Recommendations for A/B testing small webs Test High-Impact Elements Reduce the number of alternatives Build Radical Alternatives Use Broad-Spectrum Testing Make Sequential Testing Attract Traffic for your Test Landing page, banners, pricing tables… More impact implies obtaining results quicker Less options means less time to obtain significant results Implies getting greater conversion rate differences, and therefore, obtaining results quicker Test elements that appear in several pages Accumulate traffic and get results quicker Measure conversions of one version at a time Each version gets 100% of traffic Use advertising campaigns during the test Notify your mailing list to get more visits
  • How can I do it in WordPress?
  • A/B Test of Posts A/B Test of Pages A/B Test of Titles A/B Test of Themes A/B Test of CSS Heatmaps and Clickmaps Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress And more… Do it all from your WordPress Dashboard. No external tools required. Fully integrated.
  • Step by Step Testing Different Featured Images
  • Something to Remember comparing 2 versions of a website to see which one performs better What is A/B Testing? anything that may affect the behavior of your visitor What can I A/B test? first analyze, then act, and finally repeat What process should I follow? with Nelio A/B Testing we make it easy How can I do it in WordPress?
  • A/B Testing a WordPress site has never been this easy! Let’s optimize today with