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  • Describe what Board does: Meets at least once, but more likely 2-3 times a year Determining strategic direction to fulfill mission, assessment of the impact of FLO ’s activities, prioritization of objectives, ensuring sound financial management General Assembly All FLO Members Highest Authority of FLO Meets once a year 1 member – 1 vote principle Ratify appointed board members approval of changes to the constitution Decide on Members ’ admission & expulsion dissolution of the Association
  • Creating a collaborative environment of mutual trust and respect in FLO , encouraging and supporting FLO colleagues, and inspiring them to show leadership where appropriate
  • IMS Project and why it went so well: Balanced and effective stakeholder engagement and decision-making structures – achieved through involvement of the right stakeholders at the right level (LT, EAG, IMS working group) Outstanding consultancy support Motivated and hard-working staff working on technical and political complexities, requiring sustained dedication and motivation to resolve. An appropriate budget
  • 6 governance member_relations_sh

    1. 1. Leadership Team and member relations Information Days – March 2012© Fairtrade 2012
    2. 2. Contents • Leadership Team (LT) Members • LT Responsibility and Accountability • Tools and Services • Communication & Cooperation • Best Practice© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 2
    3. 3. Fairtrade InternationalLeadership Team Executive Management Team* Simon Hunt Executive Martin Hill Tuulia Resourcing Executive Syvänen Officer Commercial Executive Officer Operating Officer Andreas Kratz Director Standards and Strategy and Caroline Policy Hickson Renate Siemon Director Brand Director of HR & and Organizational Communications Development Ruediger Meyer CEO FLO-CERT GmbH*in absence of CEO that is currently being recruited © Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 3
    4. 4. GovernanceStructure Labelling Initiative (LI) Assembly General Annual Assembly (PNs + LIs + Marketing Organizations) Finance Cttee Producer Network (PN) Assembly Nominations Cttee (AFN, CLAC, NAP) Board of Directors Standards Cttee 5 LI Reps 4 Producers 3 Independent Mark Supervision 2 Traders FLO – CERT Board Global Operations Team (GOT) Audit Cttee FLO FLO-CERT Leadership Team GmbH HR Cttee FLO staff Liaison Officers and Regional Presence© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 4
    5. 5. LT is collectively accountable to the board via the CEO* for: • Implementation of global strategy andLT Responsibility and directionAccountability • Ensure delivery of high quality services and effectiveness to create more benefits for producers • Take leadership as appropriate to ensure harmonization across the system • Creating a collaborative environment of mutual trust and respect in FLO and beyond • Manage the well-being of the organization • Maintain a great place to work for staff * Until new CEO is in place, executive management team is directly accountable to the board© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 5
    6. 6. Provide leadership, tools and services to inspire and empower more people to achieveOur purpose Fairtrade’s vision and mission. • Fairtrade International & FLO-CERT staff • Producers & their organizations • Members (Producer Networks & LIs) • Fairtrade Marketing Organizations • Licensees, Traders, Retailers, Consumers • Funding partners • NGOs, Governments, Institutions • Members of the wider Fair Trade movement© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 6
    7. 7. Our Tools + Services OUR SERVICES OUR TOOLS Capacity Building of producers: Provide support to existing and potential producers in the system Standards setting and regular review Regular review of existing standards and prices, establishing Producer certification advisory services new ones as required (new products) Harmony (global data access) Provide additional financial access to producers Global communication tools Harmonize fundraising efforts across the system Credible certification mark Secure credibility of the Brand through streamlined Fundraising knowledge communication and mark protection Expertise on Global Accounts Provide M&E research to show impact Producer Finance Expertise Global product supply: support to match the demand and supply needs in the system for core products Core product implementation Manage global accounts to increase sales Global Data access: Business analysis and market research Manage access of Fairtrade to licensees of non- LI countries Increase Awareness of Fairtrade in non LI markets through New market activities Provide human resources solutions internally (and externally) Provide Legal Support …… many many more and currently under review of 360 degree group© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 7
    8. 8. • Member Calls every 6 weeks • LI clustering (DACHIL, BENEFRA, Nordics) modelsCommunication to facilitate communication and accelerate processesand Cooperation and projects in within the FT system • Representation of key stakeholders in steering committees and advisory committees • FLO represented in the GOT • Link members through overarching strategies in products and global accounts (e.g. GAM, GPM) • LI and PN representation in Fairtrade International Board© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 8
    9. 9. Best practice ofcollaboration • Global brand redesign • Project Harmony • Mark Supervision • GAM Steering Committee • Product Advisory Councils • HR committee© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 9
    10. 10. Q& A© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 10
    11. 11. We stand for EMPOWERMENT This sits at the heart of our organization and the values that drive our decision-making and our actions.© Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 11
    12. 12. © Fairtrade 2012 Leadership Team and member relations 12