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  • Global Product Management (GPM) Information Days 2011
  • Global Product Management (GPM) Information Days 2011 GPM, with input from the FAIRTRADE Cotton Working Group (CWG) and the FAIRTRADE Cotton Product Advisory Council (PAC), designed the FT cotton strategy based on, and in-line with two overarching global strategic concepts from FLO: 5-10-15 (5 times more producers, and 10 times more sales by 2015). GPM attempted to translate this ambition into a cotton ’ s ambition. Strength, Broaden, and Deepen : All 3 concepts have be addressed and integrated into the proposed cotton strategy. However, considering the current situation of the Fairtrade cotton model, which is still in its development phase and is not yet fit for purpose, emphasis is needed on the Strengthening element, before Broadening and Deepening can actually materialise. As we will see, several “ pillars ” essential to support an appropriate cotton model are still missing. SFFP funding strategy phase 2 FAIRTRADE needs to ensure funds are effectively invested toward achieving the goal of increased system wide revenues. A GLOBAL business plan is required: how much revenue is expected (from product growth) until 2015.
  • Global Product Management (GPM) Information Days 2011
  • 14_GPM_RC

    1. 1. Global Product Management (GPM) Information Days 2012© Fairtrade 2010
    2. 2. Contents • Mission of the GPM Unit • Staffing • Leading and Coordinating Product Strategies • Examples of Delivery Global Product Management (GPM)© Fairtrade 2012 2
    3. 3. Mission Global Product Management provides the product knowledge, tools, information and strategic product direction to ensure trade with integrity that deepens and broadens the impact of Fairtrade while satisfying the increasing demand for Fairtrade products.© Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 3
    4. 4. Why the big • A need to Focus.6 products:bananas, cocoa,coffee, cotton, tea, • Big 6: largest share of business, impact, andsugar. potential for growth.© Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 4
    5. 5. Staffing Director Martin Hill Coffee Lee Byers Rene Capote Cocoa In Recruitment Cotton Damien Sanfilippo Textiles Rossitza Krueger Tea, Herbal teas Lee Byers Bananas Silvia Campos and Martin Blaser (MHCH) Sugar Monika Berresheim© Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 5
    6. 6. Leading andCoordinatingProduct Strategies © Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 6
    7. 7. The Role of Global Product Managers: Service Provider “The Product Expert” “The Global Coordinator” • Product meetings and Working Groups • Technical insight for FLO Units • Consolidation of supply and demand information. • Resource to LIs and PNs • Information centre (risks, opportunities, • Support deals and key meetings supply shifts, demand shifts) • Sector events, panels • Product Advisory Councils (PAC), • Point-person for the product networks of experts to help provide context and ideas Lead and Coordinate Global Product Strategies© Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 7
    8. 8. The Mission in Action INPUTS FILTER RESULT OUTPUTS•Supply information •Market strategies for unsold product Strategies and Policies•Demand information •Sourcing insight for markets Board Direction Product•Supply chain mapping Strategy / •Supply chain strategies Product•Market intelligence “Fairtrade •Fairer competition strategy Ethos”•Product expertise •Standards advice, pricing insight•Advisory Councils •Policy insight Producers – PNs – LIs – FLO – FLO-Cert – Experts © Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 8
    9. 9. Examples of Delivery Deal support in cocoa • Attending the “big deal” meetings in cocoa to ensure expertise. A scalability model for tea • Using the PAC and working with the networks for a new model for tea. Bananas. Premium reporting requirement added to Fairtrade standards. • Resulting from PAC recommendation, ensuring transparency. A New Model for Cotton • Building a new model for cotton, tailored toward specificities of textile industry. Coffee Action Plan • Example: Coffee help desk, Risk management producer training, Price and Standard Review 2010-11, contract mediation, compensation mechanisms. Sugar strategy with standards fit for growth, ensuring impact and transparency at producer level, minimizing risks: • Collaboration with Lis, traders, PNs and producers© Fairtrade 2012 Global Product Management (GPM) 9
    10. 10. Thank you Global Product Management (GPM) 10