Creating a story


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Be creative 2012-2013

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Creating a story

  1. 1. Ourcreativestory There were many many years ago, a beautiful princess lived in a castle near the sea. Her name was Sleeping Beauty because wherever she was, she felt asleep. It was like this, because when she was a child a very bad witch put a malefic spell on her. - Perlime lime lime, you will sleep along the time!... - said the witch when the princess was sleeping with her open mouth during a night when she was ill, with her nose blocked. And it happened just like so. Since then, the Sleepy Beauty just can be awake for 10 minutes during the day. There lived a pretty fairy in the palace who loved the princess. She gave her a wonderful pill and the nose of princess unblocked. The young lady felt better. She could breathe free, but it was not enough. Once a week she still fell asleep for seven days. Her father asked everybody in the kingdom to help his daughter. Puss in Boots heard the news and he thought he could try as he was very clever. He wore his best clothes and boots and went to the palace. There he tried to tickle the princess’ chin but it did not work. She laughed in her sleep and nothing else happened. Puss in Boots decided to ask for some help to wake the Sleeping Beauty and chose Pinocchio to help him. When Pinocchio arrived, said to the Puss in Boots that he had found the solution to this big problem. Puss in Boots wanted to know what the solution, and Pinocchio said he knew the
  2. 2. recipe for a magical vegetarian cake, made with special herbs that could wake Sleeping Beauty. They made the cake, but Pinocchio gave the wrong recipe because he is a big liar. It happened that the cake was so good that Puss in Boots ate the whole cake at once, as he had eaten the Marquis. He had so big stomach ache that it had to go to the veterinary hospital. Pinocchio did not know what to do, and asked for help Thumbelina. Pinocchio knew that she lived in a flower. He looked for Thumbelina by leaning over each flower. Pinocchio could not find her. So he cried aloud : - - Thumbelina, where are you? Thumbelina had already learned all of the swallow. She filled a leaf with morning dew and said to him: - Go to Sleeping Beauty and get wet her eyes with this dew. But, be careful not to spill the precious liquid.
  3. 3. Pinocchio wanted to come to Sleeping Beauty as soon as possible and that’s why he started to run. He slipped on a banana skin and a drop of dew fell on the ground. He didn’t notice it and continued running. When he reached Sleeping Beauty he wanted to take the malefic spell from her by wetting her eyes with morning dew and did it. Unfortunately Sleeping Beauty hasn’t woken up. Something must have gone wrong - thought Pinocchio and started to cry. All these Little Red Riding Hood observed and decided to help Pinocchio. She picked up those drops of a morning dew and put into the butter bowl. She stepped slowly and carefully in order not to repeat Pinocchio’s mistake and… succeed! The Little Red Riding Hood hasn’t spilled a single drop of the precious morning dew. When she spilt the dew on Sleeping Beauty’s eyes she suddenly woke up, stared around and said: - Where am I? What time is it? - It’s Ok! - said The Little Red Riding Hood - You have just woken up from a long sleep. Now everything is going to be fine, you won’t sleep anymore, Thumbelina helped you. The Sleeping Beauty’s father came to his daughter with delight in his eyes and said: - Finally you are with us, my beloved child! He gave an enormous party to celebrate his daughter’s recovery. The nightmare has ended and everybody lived happily ever after.
  4. 4. Please take a look at our drawing: Which classic character will you choose to insert in our story? Character Team SleepingBeauty Reneta Thumbelina Svetla RedRidingHood Magdalena, Róża A coblercalledLacing Marta The girl of the curly gold hair Betina Bigbadwolf Manuela The golden goose Ionica Pinocchio Maria Puss in Boots / Snow White Valerica “Be Creative” eTwinning Project 2012-2013