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Are You Doing This? (revised)

Are You Doing This? (revised)



Staff Technology Competency Training

Staff Technology Competency Training



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    Are You Doing This? (revised) Are You Doing This? (revised) Presentation Transcript

    • Speak the Lingo  Browser/ Search Bar/ Address Bar/ URL:Web Address /“Buttons”/ Search Bars / HTTP & HTTPS  QR Codes / RFID / Barcode / Hyperlinks  Silent Print /Portable (koha) Firefox / Privacy Settings  Hard Drive/ Memory (RAM)/Monitor/Tower (Case)/CPU /Ethernet cable (patch cable)  Operating System: iOS / OSX / Android / Windows 7-8 / Ubuntu(Linux)  MS Office 2013-2010 / Libre Office / Open Office  Deep Freeze + Antivirus + Malware Bytes vs. ScareWare + Virus + Botnet + DoS Attack  Toner / Thermal Paper / Print Queue (Spool)  File & Folder  Command Prompt / Command Line / Run Box / Task Manager  Username-Password / Admin-User / Computer Name
    • Keyboard Shortcuts  The Windows Key “”: Between Ctrl & Alt  +D Show Desktop (Great in 8)  +E Show Windows Explorer (My Computer)  +R Show Run box: control, notepad, mspaint  +C Show Charms (Win 8)  +X Control Panel Applets(Win 8) Every Mouse-point is a Chore
    • Take Control  Ctrl+F: Find (ISBN)  Ctrl+C: Copy  Ctrl+X: Cut (Move)  Ctrl+V: Paste  Ctrl+A: Select All  Ctrl+Z: Undo  Ctrl+MouseWheel (+/-): Zoom  Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Task Manager (Rt Click Taskbar)  Kill Unresponsive Process – Mozilla Firefox  Kill Dangerous Process - ScareWare  Restart a Process – Explorer  Ctrl+Alt+DEL: Full Interrupt Be a Keyboard Ninja
    • The Fn Keys  F1: Help  F2: Rename highlighted File  F3: Find, Toggle Through Finds  F5: Refresh  F11: Full screen What’s Your Function
    • Easy Screen Capture 1. PrntScr 2. +R “mspaint” 3. Ctrl+V (Paste) MSPAINT Notate Image Crop & Resize Change Format He’s No Picasso, But…
    • That’s a Really Big Clipboard 1. Ctrl+C 2. +R “notepad” 3. Ctrl+V Notepad Saves text without MS Word artifacts  Move text to Wordpress Works with Barcode Scanner  Offline koha K.I.S.S.
    • New Office  What’s not working?  Show All Formatting Marks (Word)  //File/Options/Display/”Show All formatting marks”  Format Painter: Ctrl+Shift+C & Ctrl+Shift+V  Copy font, attributes, formatting  Preserves characters, spaces, punctuation  Inserted Image Layout Options  Wrapping Style  Move vs Fixed Position  Capitalize: Shift+F3 Every Program is a Pain
    • Browser  Ctrl+T: New Tab: Behold the power of tabbed browsing  Ctrl+Tab: Cycles through Open Tabs (add Shift to Reverse)  Ctrl+Shift+P: New Private Window: Don’t stay logged in  Right Click Link/ Open in New Tab (Middle Mouse Click)  Right Click/ Search Google: Opens a search in a new tab  No More Toolbars  //Tools/Add-ons/Extensions  //Control Panel/Programs  Just Annoying  Ask, Yahoo  Piggyback off other installs  Careful installing  Beware the Baddies  Conduit, Coupon Bar  Fake Java/Flash Updates  Enticing offers One Program to Rule Them All
    • Search Bar  Ctrl+K: Cursor to Search Bar  Alt+Up/Down Arrow: Choose your search engine  Alt+Enter: Search Bar results in new tab  Awesome Add-On: “Add to Search bar 2.5” by Dr. Evil  Rt Click a Site’s Search bar & choose “Add to Search Bar”  Search koha & NExpress Catalog from Search bar, and Amazon, and Good Reads, and Fantastic Fiction. Only Type Search Terms Once!  Some sites just won’t work i.e. VideoETA All the Answers Are Right Here
    • Searching For Answers What Stands in the Way?  Being wrong  Breaking Stuff  Vetted Sources  Time Commitment Refining Search  Search Tools: By Date, Reading Level, “Verbatim”  -exclude, 200..range, w*ldcard, vacation Hawaii OR Gulf Coast  twelve years a slave site:amazon.com  Related:google.com The Secret to IT
    • koha and me  Koha loves tab browsing and So Should You  If there is a link, then open it in a new tab, don’t repeat yourself  Access patron account, mark item as lost, pay fines all in different tabs  Refresh if data changes (F5), close out tabs after patron walks away  Need a Report: Ask Us  Outside the Box: Amazon: ISBN, find out series info, VideoETA: BluRay/DVD release dates  Wiki, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes (Again, add them all to your search bar!)  Item Search: Back To Results, Next, Previous  Refine type: i.e. Audiobook, by Library State Library for eContent  Advanced Search: Search by library group, i.e. Library District 1 (Under Location & Availability)  Place Holds from the Patron account (top right), no looking patron backup, multi holds at 1 time  Basic search add DONIHIGH, DONITROY, DONIELWD, or DONIWATH to search term It gets Better
    • Fly through Forms  Search First (maybe they have a card from another NExpress library)  Tab moves to new field (Shift+Tab=Reverse)  10 key & Directional Arrows    Drop Down Boxes  Start typing (D - Cycles through Doniphan Co branches)  A for adult, C for Child     Space bar for checkmarks and radio buttons  Enter for Submit/OK Create New Patron
    • Cloud Storage  Trust as much as you feel comfortable with  Digital File Cabinet: digitize, store  Flash Drive Replacement  Share  View on mobile Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
    • Links  office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/  Select “Office 2013” under “Get Started” heading  What’s New, Learn The Basics, Quick Start Guide, Video Tutorials  office.microsoft.com/en-us/training  Tutorials  lifehacker.com “Power User’s Guide to Firefox”  Updated Tips Covering Mozilla Firefox  Blogs  techcrunch.com  arstechnica.com  tech@nekls.org  Feel Free to Contact Us @ NEKLS How You Got Your Groove Back
    • Discussion  What tech bothers you the most?  What do you need hands on help with?  What new tip will you try next?  What are the barriers to becoming a better user?  How can you help others to better their skills? Let’s Hug it Out