Faça a viagem connosco
                                                                                              This ...
Have you got a … ?

use                                                                                                  ...
…the average person!
 ï ìäÇ==ê~íÜÉê=ÄÉ=íÜÉ!=
 Öìó=áå=íÜÉ=Å ÑÑáå than!
  have to stand up!
   and give a eulogy!
FORMAÇÃO porto editora
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FORMAÇÃO porto editora


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FORMAÇÃO porto editora

  1. 1. Faça a viagem connosco This is the Way to Go! DESAFIO EDUCAÇÃO 2010 Thank you for flying with us. DESAFIO EDUCAÇÃO 2010 Let’em Speak! Faça a viagem connosco “There is nothing new convite “under the sun … Let’em Speak! Os seus desafios são a nossa inspiração Way to Go! 5º ano háåÖ=p ä ã å I don’t believe it… Autores · Claudia Abreu Revisão linguística · Aurora Peixoto · Natalia Cardoso · Neil Mason receptive skills productive skills why · how · what 4 reading writing speaking why · how · what skills listening speaking “ Speaking is the skill that the majority of students authentic value most highly … =vÇáÅÜ=ÅÜá!å=ëá~ê~Ç=Åóãê~ÉÖ [it] … is the skill they’re willing they most want to develop for use outside the classroom ” simple activities why · how · what Julie Tice Oral Assessment APPI Journal Spring Issue 2009 p.5 can I have an ice-cream, please?
  2. 2. Have you got a … ? use fish mix and pictures turtle dog cat mouse bird match YES NO friend meet a new friend student B meet a new student A B. ! Hi. A. ! name? Whatʼs your A. ! Hello. B.! My nameʼs Petra. B.! A.! nationality? Whatʼs your name? an. Whatʼs your No, Iʼm Brazili reading writing games A.! B.! B.! A. you Portuguese? A.! Iʼm Carole. Are B.! Nice to meet you. B. A. A.! Iʼm French. B.! 10. And you? B. are you? A. you. How old And you? A.! Nice to meet B.! Yes, a dog. B. pets? A. Have you got any A.! Iʼm 9. B.! Bye B. ye. Well, goodb A.! Iʼve got a fish. Name Nationality Name Age Nationality Pet Age Pet ! Listen to a song and order the animals The advantage of musical materials is that they are so readily available songs to the teacher; and so immediately motivational to most students. Alan Maley Resource Books for Teachers cat birds dog dog cat fish mice turtles fish turtles birds mice 1. Listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the given words. You’ve got a a) __________ According to most studies, people’s He’s got a cat public She’s got a b) __________ Show They’ve got a pet Animals are our friends number one fear Let’s have a c) ________ or two One for d) ______ and one for e) _______. Turtles, birds or f) __________ is public speaking. Brown, g) _______ or white speaking Funny, cool and nice Tell mice fish pet dog fill in blanks sing-a-long h) __________ are alright. animals black me you and 2. Write the name of the animals from the song in the correct places. a. __________ b. __________ c. __________ Number two d. __________ Let ’em Speak Acção de Formação e. __________ f. __________ Way to Go! Porto Editora is death …
  3. 3. …the average person! ï ìäÇ==ê~íÜÉê=ÄÉ=íÜÉ!= Öìó=áå=íÜÉ=Å ÑÑáå than! have to stand up! and give a eulogy! Jerry Seinfeld show a family picture projectstt fun & informal s a go … have evaluating why · how · what hem Let t Diogo Julia s example division A basic user council A B C i can basic user independent user proficient user A1 A2 europe A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 of A1.1 A1.2 A2.1 A2.2 A2+ B1+ B2+ A2.1.1 A2.1.2 A2.2.1 A2.2.2 http://www.coe.int/T/DG4/Portfolio/documents/Framework_EN.pdf o ff scale the