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A presentation which explains how Believers Fund works and how you can benefit.

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Believers Fund

  1. 1. Crowdfund your business Crowdfunding Innovation
  2. 2. Content  Business drivers  Mission statement  Crowdfunding  The concept  Market-focus  Marketing Strategy  Pricing  Platform
  3. 3. Drivers and Mission
  4. 4. Business drivers  Only 1% of applications for financial funding by new businesses and projects get funded by angel and venture funds. main reasons for unsuccessful applications:  Lack of proof of concept and/or established customers  Poor business plan  No / Limited experienced management team  36% drop in global VC funding between 2009 and 2008 (Source Dow Jones VenturesSource)  $29,6 billion in 2009  $46,5 billion in 2008  Changing pattern  Support existing portfolio  Fewer, larger deals  Less risk, closer to profitability  Increased syndication
  5. 5. Mission statement BelieversFund wants to provide collectively sourced funding and sales support towards start-ups and early growth companies in the mobile, web and gaming industry.
  6. 6. Crowdfunding
  7. 7. The Crowdfunding-principle  Crowdfunding = the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations  Investors analyse, challenge and fund a project, business, …by pledging pre-orders, debt finance or equity finance.  Project owners present the project and promote it. They get the collected funds from only if the target amount is reached within the defined time period.  Financial partners get access to pre-screened projects that can apply for funding.
  8. 8. Crowdfunding in the financing cycle Crowdfunding is an additional financing method for businesses. It allows a quick feasibility-check of the project, prior to application for additional funding with structural partners
  9. 9. The Concept
  10. 10. The Concept GET FUNDED By offering attractive pre-order terms Terms are defined per milestone Only if milestone-target is reached GET GREAT DEALS By pledging pre-orders Per milestone Only if milestone-target is reached GET SALES 70% of all sales on BelieversFund GET COMMISSION 15% of sales on BelieversFund for supported projects 1 to 4 months – 5K€ to 100K€
  11. 11. The road to funding Project owner request: Definition target budget Definition funding period Definition milestones Defenition pre-order conditions per milestone BelieversFund: Screening of relevance, realism, commitment Project owner: Provides compelling publishing content Project owner’s network Believers’ network BelieversFund’s • Online network • Database • Community Managers
  12. 12. Value Proposition Funding with development Cherry-pick projects Proof of concept Keep 100% of IPR’s Diversify portfolio per milestone Confirm commercial skills of management Diversify terms per milestone Get exclusive deals Invest after first funds made available Establish dedicated customer base Earn sales commission Increase sales Be the first to discover Leverage online brand awareness Improve ypur online reputation
  13. 13. Market-focus
  14. 14. Market focus - Products 350.000+ apps for all platforms FC revenu 2010: $6,8 Bn CAGR : 35% till 2014 Social / Casual / Mobile / Skill games FC revenu 2010: $5 Bn CAGR : 15% till 2014 CRM / Collaboration / Office Suites FC revenu 2010: $10 Bn CAGR : 17% till 2014 Niche portals and networks E-commerce / M-commerce Online business concepts
  15. 15. Market focus - Regions
  16. 16. Marketing Strategy
  17. 17. Marketing the eco-system Developer platforms Collaborative platforms Professional networks Mobile marketing agencies Investment portals, brokers Digital natives 18 to 40 years old Always connected Innovators, technology geeks Gamers Incubators Technology angels Seed funds, venture funds BelieversFund Community Managers BelieversFund Community Managers Database Marketing Social Media Referral Agreements
  18. 18. Spreading the word  Social Media  Project Owners leverage the power of different social media channels to create visibility for their funding project. Friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, readers of blogs, connections of niche social networks  Believers create a maximum of buzz to help realizing the funding, and get the deal.  Database marketing activating believers and project owners  Community Managers  Employed by BelieversFund  Virtual teams per region  Assigned to projects  Use social media to help projects get successfully funded  Partner and referral agreements with financial partners, incubators, research institutes, …to create visibility for project owners
  19. 19. Pricing
  20. 20. Pricing and terms  Campaign deposit  49€/ $69 to get a project published  100% refund when reaching milestone successfully funded  Success fee  8% on collected funds for successfully funded projects  Sales revenue-split  70% of sales revenue for project on BelieversFund to project owner  15% to believers, 15% to BelieversFund  Non-exclusive sales agreement
  21. 21. Platform
  22. 22. Platform preview  Compelling and complete project presentation  Easy tracking of progress and funding  Easy interaction with community through Facebookj/Twitter Connect  Wiki content share with major networks (FB, Twitter, MySpace)
  23. 23. Contact Pascal De Keyser – Managing Partner Ajuinlei 1 – B-9000 Gent T: + 32 9 269 52 47 M: + 32 494 500 404 Follow us Twiter and Facebook