Parallel Lines (2011)


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Parallel Lines (2011)

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  2. 2. David Carriers Artwriting, (1987) puts forward the proposition that art theory has beenreplaced by an emphasis on rhetoric. Was it rhetoric all along? What place does narrative play in persuading us?
  3. 3. Mise en scene can consist of the “creation of aprecise complex of sets and characters, a network ofrelationships, an architecture of connections, ananimated complex that seems suspended in space[…] what is seen is less important than the way ofseeing, or a certain way of needing to see or beseen.”Alexandre Astruc (1959)French auteurist film critic who coined the notion of the caméra-stylo or"camera-pen“.
  4. 4. ‘State of Play – Art and Culture in Scotland Today’. Peter Hill will speak at the Hawthornden Lecture Theatre - Weston Link, National Gallery Complex, Edinburgh on Saturday 2nd April 2011.Peter Hill – SuperfictionsA Superfiction is a visual or conceptual artwork which uses fiction andappropriation to mirror organisations, business structures, and/or the lives ofinvented individuals. The term was coined by Glasgow-born artist Peter Hill in1989.
  5. 5. Two broad approaches:•  Mimetic - To make a specific subject the motive for mise en scene.•  Generic - To use mise en scene as the basis for further work: (i.e. to develop genres and narrators.)
  6. 6. Two broad ways of working:•  Mimetic - To make a specific subject the motive for mise en scene.•  Generic - To use mise en scene as the basis for further work: (i.e. to develop genres and narrators.)
  7. 7. Cultural Logic of Ambient e.g. ViralThis concerns how something is distributed.
  8. 8. Who expresses?Raises issue of the narrator.•  The narrator is a social actor.•  This is true of the artist and the audience alike, both are playing roles.•  We are all unreliable narrators (like the Wizard of Oz) since we are not omnipotent.•  We are both restrained and enabled by our argot - it is our world.