How we use Agile and Lean Startup at Redbubble


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Presented by Neil Killick at meetup of Agile Product Owners and Business Analysts group at Redbubble HQ, Melbourne on April 30th 2014.

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How we use Agile and Lean Startup at Redbubble

  1. 1. How we use Agile and Lean Startup at Redbubble
  2. 2. We’re trying things ❏ Create an awesome place to work - Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose ❏ Create a shared language, vision and goals ❏ Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement, e.g. Guilds, conference attendance, brown bags ❏ Focus on solving customer problems as a driver for delivering business value We are constantly trying to find better ways, and achieve better outcomes
  3. 3. We want to innovate ❏ Make it easy to capture and distill new ideas ❏ Be able to evaluate and choose between opportunities ❏ Work on the “right things”, given limited capacity ❏ Reserve capacity for innovation and research How can we achieve these things?
  4. 4. Lean Canvas ❏ Lightweight business case ❏ Encourage thinking about customer problems and the value of solving them ❏ Variants can be used for new features, new products, new initiatives and new startup ideas We need a culture of fearless experimentation for a tool like this to work
  5. 5. Validated Learning ❏ Build small things -> Measure outcomes -> Learn things -> Decide what to build next -> Repeat ❏ What goals do our customers have problems achieving? ❏ Problem hypotheses ❏ What is the business value of solving these problems? ❏ Value hypotheses ❏ What are the potential solutions for solving these problems? ❏ Solution hypotheses
  6. 6. User/Customer Stories ❏ User story construct works for problem and solution hypotheses, but… ❏ Be aware of whether you are framing a customer problem or a business problem! As a happy customer of Redbubble (Customer) I want to receive an email when an artist I like uploads new designs (Solution) So that I can buy more awesome custom T-shirts (Goal) vs As a happy customer of Redbubble (Customer) I want to buy more awesome custom T-shirts (Solution) So that I can stand out amongst my friends (Goal)
  7. 7. “Agile” things we do ❏ We work in cross-functional teams ❏ We can ship code on demand (multiples times daily) ❏ Developers are trusted to release and support code changes ❏ Work daily with business owners and other stakeholders ❏ Lots of face-to-face conversations with each other - and our customers ❏ Always trying to improve We want to become more effective, not “Agile”. Embracing Agile and Lean Startup principles helps with this.
  8. 8. Any questions?