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UG Open Day Leeds Met October 2013

UG Open Day Leeds Met October 2013



A introduction to Marketing, and Advertising, courses at Leeds Met for 2014...

A introduction to Marketing, and Advertising, courses at Leeds Met for 2014...



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    UG Open Day Leeds Met October 2013 UG Open Day Leeds Met October 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • keting  and  Advertising   Studying  Mar @LeedsMet   BA  (Hons)  Marketing   vertising  Management   (Hons)  Marketing  and  Ad BA   y  Course  Leader   Neil  Kelle
    • ns…   ?initio De          The  strategic  business  function  that  creates  value  by  stimulating,       g   Marketin          facilitating  and  ful?illing  customer  demand.  (CIM,  2007)     …   mu  n  i  c  a  t  ions om                 Marketing  c        Marketing  communications  is  a  management  process  through              which  an  organisation  engages  with  its  various  audiences  (Fill,  2011)     rtising…   Adve     Aimed  towards  the  long-­‐term  building  of  positive  brand  attitude  by     ‘turning’  the  customer  towards  the  brand  (Percy  and  Elliott,  2009)
    • arketing…   M er  Behaviour   Consum    Relations Public search   Market  Re    and  Targeting Segmentation  and  Celebrity   Arts Strategy   gement   a and  Man Br arketing  Mix   M Management   Sales   Digital     Planning   Retail   ,  G2B,  B2B2C   G C,  C2B,  C2C,  B2 B2B,  B2
    • dvertising…   A unications   m Marketing  Com    Advertising  Works How g  and  Buying   Media  Plannin nt  Relationships   Agency  and  Clie eative  Tactics   Cr ted  Campaign  Planning   Integra   tising  Strategy Adver
    • arketing?   y  work  in  m Wh rea   nd  creative  a mic  a exciting,  dyna An   eracy agement,  num e  man search,  peopl IT,  re kills:  writing,   e  of  s ses  a  multitud U Relies  on  good  interpersonal  skills:   communication,  team  working,  networking,   negotiation   ssion area  and  a  recognised  profe A  growing  career   Salarie are  gene g  conditions  vary  but   s  and  workin rally  good  
    • But…   It’s  not  all  glamorous!!   ing  up   t  majority  of  jobs  DON’T  involve  com In  advertising,  the  vas with  ideas  for  campaigns!      or  literary  sense rtistic  creative  in  the  a o  be You  don’t  need  t rt!   t-­‐talking  extrove  a  fas  don’t  have  to  be You   nvolve  working   bs  i nd  challenging  jo ing  a t   he  most  interest ’t  know  about  ye T  don r  companies  you on  brands  and  fo
    • areer  areas…   C ct  Marketing   Dire arketing     Digital  M edia  Advertising  Sales   M   t  Management Produc ing  Research   Market    Management   ing  Production Advertis Key  Account gement   a   and  Man Br les  Promotion Sa Management   Sales   nd  Selling   a ing,  Buying   Media  Plann Retailing     t  Management n  Agency  Accou Advertising
    • i?ications…   Q ua l degree   ng  and  advertising  usually  have  a   People  in  marketi y  then  do  postgraduate  courses…   Man urses   Research  Society  co Market   ses   rofessional  cour CIM  p es   AM  professional  cours C se   rs  degree  cour Maste s    and  art  director riters vertising  copyw r  ad   :  quali?ications  fo pecialist  training NOTE ire  s areer  paths  requ ch  c are  different  -­‐  su
    •  Leeds  Met?   Why g   pplied  learnin University  of  a ity   asis  on  employabil Emph ers   ted  by  employ y  ra raduates  highl G ity   ment  year  opportun Place i road  opportun Study  ab ty   Purpose-­‐built  buildings     rning  facilities t  lea State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ar e   try  experienc dus people  with  in Taught  by  
    • l  you  study?   Where  wil    …here!  
    • s    centre  of  Leed In  the City  Campus   reat  location  for  studying   G arby   tudent  accommodation  ne S Where  is  the  Ro se  Bowl?  
    • services…   Student     commodation Ac reers  Advice   b  Shop  and  Ca Jo Counselling   Disability  Support   Financial  Advice   Students’  Union     ellent  sports  facilities Exc
    • e  in  Leeds…   Student  Lif   ot  of  students! o  a  l eeds  is  home  t L ion   t  accommodat n Plenty  of  stude   nt  for  students n me ports,  entertai ng,  s ghtlife,  shoppi Ni ties   ork  opportuni  w Good  part  time ort   ublic  transp Good  p hich  to  live   n  w iendly  city  i r Cheap  and  f s   Student  Guide Talk  to  the  
    •  process….   Admissions Apply  through  UCAS   We  are  sent  your  application     We  make  a  decision   conditional,  no s,   ve  an  offer:  ye You  recei o   s,  insurance  or  n ye on?irm  whether   You  c
    •  degrees…   Marketing BA  (Hons)  Marketing   t   eting  and  Advertising  Managemen BA  (Hons)  Mark take:  135  students   2012  in /Dual  Award  status   CIM  MAP
    • )  Marketing   BA  (Hons •  An  academic  course  with  a  strong  vocational  approach   •  Enables  students  to  acquire  a  broad  base  of  both   specialist  marketing  and  general  business  knowledge   •  Enables  students  to  build  the  skills  and  attributes   needed  for  graduate  employment  and  life  long  learning   •  Based  on  progressive  problem  solving  and  the  practical   application  of  theory   •  Students  may  specialise  via  options,  a  dissertation  and   projects  
    •  Marketing  and   BA  (Hons) g  Management   Advertisin •  Based  on  the  BA  (Hons)  Marketing  course  but  with   specialist  advertising  management  modules  at  each  level   •  Enables  students  to  place  advertising  within  the  broader   contexts  of  marketing  communications  and  marketing   management  and  thereby  have  ?lexibility  of  career  choice   •  Students  may  specialise  via  options,  a  dissertation  and   projects  
    • t  you’ll  study…   Wha ar…     First  Ye Second  Year…       1.  Marketing  in  Action  1   1.  Integrated  Marketing     1.  Strategic  Marketing   Communications   2.  Individual    Project   2.  Information  for                  Marketing   3.  Economics  for            Marketing     4.  Writing  for          Communications   5.  Marketing  in  Action  2   6.  Introduction  to            Marketing          Communications   Third  Year…   2.  Marketing  Research   3.  Consultancy  Project   3.  Managing  Resources  for  PR       4.  Advertising  Media  Strategy              and  Marketing            (BAMAM)   4.  Consumer  Insight   4.  Digital  Marketing  (BAMKT)   5.  Marketing  planning  (BAMKT)   5/6.  Optional  modules:                    Dissertation                      Brand  Management          (BAMAM)                      Global  Marketing   6.  Option  module  of  your  choice                      Retail  Marketing                      Arts  Marketing                      Sales  Management                      Digital  Marketing                      B2B  Marketing   5.  Principles  of  Advertising          
    • al  Placement   Option Year   d  3   een  years  2  an etw cement  year  b  pla an  undertake  a C e   acements  Of?ic e  Pl provided  via  th Support  is   g,   ement,  brandin na g de  product  ma lu ng   Placements  inc s  and  advertisi ation ing  communic market ay  a  reduced  fe nd  p eive  a  salary  a Rec e     ally  perform ner acement  ge ployment     e  done  a  pl  hav e  em ter  graduat udents  who St bet l  3  and  ?ind   e better  at  lev
    •  feature…   A  key Graduate  Attributes    certain  attributes  when  recruiting   Employers  look  for graduates…….   the  course  with  the   ghout   bal   se  in  modules  throu We  embed  the ital  literacy  and  glo ise,  dig of  skills  for  enterpr development   outlook       ls  for  personal  skil  the  necessary gain mployability.     ur  students  to   e  o lar,  e This  will  enabl and,  in  particu ent   onal  developm and  professi
    • y   to  intellectuall d   es  are  designe Modul   hallenge  you… c stimulate  and   o   allowing  you  t ks)    (building  bloc ild   lated  together  to  bu es  are  inter-­‐re ks  to All  modul  you  learn  wor ing s     re  how  everyth explo arketing  work w  m rstanding  of  ho your  unde ars   ials  and  semin utor ekly  lectures,  t We s]   m  practitioner  [fro  guest  lectures l ar There  are  regu rse  Leader,   Cou ear  Tutors,   &  Y om  Module   Support  fr r   aison  Of?ice Student  Li
    • rtunities…   Wider  Oppo eas   g  locally  and  overs Volunteerin   stralia,  Europe ,  Au  semester:  USA or  a Study  abroad  f e   udent  representativ St r   rketing  Chapte Student  Ma ies   Part-­‐time  work  opportunit s   ompetition d  c  projects  an d Work-­‐base
    • llenge   T  Cha SE A
    • k  you…   Than estions?   …any  qu Keep  in  touch…     smet.ac.uk eed n.kelley@l @neilkelley