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This is my 2012 talk on how brands should be engaging with customers. its back to the fundamentals stuff that most marketing managers are not applying. I trust that it will add much value to your ...

This is my 2012 talk on how brands should be engaging with customers. its back to the fundamentals stuff that most marketing managers are not applying. I trust that it will add much value to your customer relationship strategies.



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Brands that love customers Brands that love customers Presentation Transcript

  • BRANDS THATLOVE CUSTOMERS...1. Create the Love2. The Rules of engagement3. Tactics of engagement4. Creative examples to inspire you Live for the Boom!
  • Live for the Boom! View slide
  • Boomtown’s unique methodology GROW YOUR BRAND1. Build brand for a long-term sustainable business GROW YOUR SALES2. Build cash flow and boost profitability STRENGTHEN CUSTOMER3. RELATIONSHIPS Create loyal customer relationships to increase lifetime value. View slide
  • I’m here to teach you about dating Live for the Boom!
  • CRM direct Live for the Boom!
  • Dating basicsCouples usually wait until 6-8 dates before they are willing to enter into anexclusive relationship.The most common time for breakups is around three to five months.On average, it takes between 12 to 14 dates before couples will trade house keys.Dating your customers6-8 touchpoints per campaignDon’t flirt to convert and then forget. We invest time into building therelationship, you’ll reap the rewards of loyalty Live for the Boom!
  • Dating basicsNinety-two percent of single parents would rather date other single parents.Researchers at the University of Chicago found that people were twice as likely tofind a date through friends and family than through the bar scene.Dating your customersConsumers choose brands that understand who they really are.Word of mouth, peer to peer recommendations are most powerful Live for the Boom!
  • Dating basicsPsychologists at the University of Pennsylvania studied data from over 10,000speed daters and found that most people make a decision regarding a person’sattraction within three seconds of meeting.Dating your customersCreativity is criticalAll communication needs to work in the first 3 seconds Live for the Boom!
  • Dating basicsThirty-three percent of online daters form a relationship, 33% do not, and 33%give up.Dating your customersSegment your customer base, using psychographics rather than demographicsIf you work harder, you can easily get 33% more customers Live for the Boom!
  • Dating basicsIn the online dating world, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men areafraid of meeting someone “fat.”According to stats, only about 3% of men are psychopaths, of which only a tinypercentage are serial killers. Live for the Boom!
  • The rules of engagement Live for the Boom!
  • #1The brand HAS to live inside-out If there’s love at home, the whole house is happy Create brand engagement internally before expecting others follow Sustain your internal brand with the same level of passion you would for your customers. Live for the Boom!
  • Live for the Boom!
  • #2 Customer loyalty is the key to profitability Everyone longs for a long term relationship Have a sales philosophy that emphasizes relationship building. Think end- of-time friendships, not end-of-month totals. Without customer loyalty, customers leave. Then you can end up sacrificing as much as a third of your sales year just to get your numbers back to where they were the previous year. Ouch. Live for the Boom!
  • Live for the Boom!
  • Live for the Boom!
  • #3 Lead something!Everyone wants to follow something worthwhileBe known for something, a cause, a conspiracy...Define a unique niche and become the customers expert on it.Write your unique brand stories, create content, PR, write songs... Live for the Boom!
  • 600% increase in sales in first 2 months! Live for the Boom!
  • Teach me yourculture/valuesEntertain me Live for the Boom!
  • 5 of the most common marketing errors1. Trying to force customers to love your brand (come alongside them in their lifestyle)2. Playing it safe (safe is risky)3. Speaking generically to a faceless target market (tribal mapping, insights)4. Thinking marketing is not measurable (measure what matters)5. Focus on creativity alone (change behavior, get customer to buy). Live for the Boom!
  • I know the rules,I just can’t get them to notice me!!!! Live for the Boom!
  • Customers love: to see things done differentlytake an everyday challenge: the abilityservice and make it to look in order todifferent see something new. Live for the Boom!
  • Customers love: to see things done differentlyCustomers perceive innovation Live for the Boom!
  • Customers love: to see things done differentlyCustomers perceive innovation Aida Cruises Live for the Boom!
  • Customers love: to see things done differentlyCustomers perceive innovation Live for the Boom!
  • The tactics of engagement (dating can be a tricky business :)
  • Being tacticalRoman LegionaryMedieval KnightTurk Horse ArcherChinese CrossbowmanBritish RedcoatAir Cavalry trooperEach one plans his strategy, but thebattlefield determines the tactics. Live for the Boom!
  • Being tactical We’re running with the bulls!Strategic Tactical Live for the Boom!
  • Being tacticalResearch shows that peers are the most trusted, and we(marketers) are the least......what if we put our brands into the hands of the market?(Digital is the platform where all the action is, but banner adshave less than 0.2% click-through) Live for the Boom!
  • Createcampaigns that connect to connectors Live for the Boom!
  • Being tacticalCase study:A tactical campaign: finding the connectors, creating a big idea thatcan be seeded into the ‘community’, owned by the consumer. Live for the Boom!
  • Peer marketing extends your salesforce across channels you cannot buy. Live for the Boom!
  • NMMU flashmob• Utilise a university asset – NMMU choir• Utilise 4000 names from Open Day Competition 2 months prior• Involve target rather than speak to them• Move the ‘real world’ idea into the digital environment• Feed to ‘connectors’ on Facebook Live for the Boom!
  • NMMU: A fully integrated, tactical campaign Radio/Mag/flyers/banners Cinema ads Viral / Youtube Connectors: video sharing Experiential big idea Movie/food courts Speak with the target audience, not to them.
  • Live for the Boom!
  • RESULTSwith only minimal local support media• Over 100 000 hits within 2 months of upload• One of the fastest growing South African videos of the year• The most watched South African video on YouTube when initially released• Viewed on every continent• Featured on eNews & on News24 masthead Live for the Boom!
  • RESULTS• Flash mob video received over R400 000 Online Ad Value from exposure online - 10 times the cost of production of the video• Total traditional media (offline) AVE for flash mob was R 445 000• R 1 345 000 Media Value from a R 70 000 production Live for the Boom!
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENTUndergraduate Applications2010 : 10 3402011 : 13 853An extra 3513 studentsAn average of R15 000 feesAn potential extra R52 million• Live for the Boom!
  • closing time...You’re in a relationship, never forget thatFirst create the brand insideBe remarkable and lead somethingFocus everything around lifetime valueGet powerful wins by being tacticalRun creative campaigns and measure what matters most Live for the Boom!