S4 Prelim Revision


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S4 Prelim Revision

  1. 1. What do I need to know for the Standard Grade Geography prelim?
  2. 3. Question 1 - The Map Question Remember - You will often be asked to give map evidence in this question. Evidence includes reference to map symbols, place names, heights and contours. Of course you should also use grid references. It is absolutely essential that you know how to use these! Four figure grid references are for talking about general features in a grid square (1 Sq Km) Six figure grid references are used to pinpoint specific things in the grid square.
  3. 4. Rivers - Be able to describe the physical features of a river and it’s valley between two given points on a map. Glacial features - Identify glacial upland features e.g. U-shaped valley, pyramidal peak, corrie & hanging valley. Identify the features e.g. rivers, woodland, relief (steep/gentle slope), height of land etc Physical Features on Maps
  4. 5. Identify and explain the function of the village, town or city e.g. dormitory village, market town, tourist resort, industrial town or service centre. Identify and explain why a certain square(s) contains the CBD Identify old & new residential areas from the map. Settlement on Maps Reasons why an area has low population density.
  5. 6. Industry on Maps Identify old and new industrial areas from the map Explain the location of industrial areas (often modern industries e.g. industrial estates or business parks)
  6. 7. Farming on Maps Identify and explain the type of farming likely to be found in a given grid square. Explain the likely problems for farming in a grid square e.g. being on a flood plain, next to a town/city or upland area.
  7. 8. Evaluating whether or not an area is suitable for a development e.g. new industry, shopping centre, country park, road, Hydroelectric (HEP) Dam etc. Land use Conflicts on Maps You might be asked to identify possible existing land use conflicts e.g. recreation & forestry, quarrying & nearby settlement etc.
  8. 9. Glacial/River Landscape Features Question You need to be able to explain the formation of the following: Features of glacial erosion:- corrie, arete, pyramidal peak, U shaped valley & hanging valley. Features of glacial deposition:- drumlin, terminal moraine, esker and outwash plain. Formation of river features: - waterfall, meander & ox-bow lake.
  9. 10. Weather Question Must memorise synoptic chart symbols. Must be able to describe the sequence of changes in weather with the passing of a depression. At credit you must be able to explain why the weather changes - why it rains at the fronts, why the wind speed increases, why the wind direction changes and why the temperature increases.
  10. 11. Climate Regions Question Know the location and & be able to describe the climate features of hot deserts, Tundra, and rainforest. Be able to identify the climate from a climate graph. Know the problems for human settlement caused by each of these climates. Know the main causes of desertification and deforestation.
  11. 12. Farming Question Describe and explain the main changes in farming since 1945. Set-a-side, removal of ponds, woods and hedge rows, increase in chemical use, less workers, diversification etc
  12. 13. Revision materials <ul><li>www.scalloway.org.uk </li></ul><ul><li>Google search: </li></ul><ul><li>BBC Bitesize Standard Grade Geography </li></ul><ul><li>http://gracemountsocialsubjects.blogspot.com/ </li></ul>