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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...


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Coding in the open, with git and GitHub

Coding in the open, with git and GitHub

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  • 1. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours Coding in the open with git and GitHub.
  • 2. Hands in the air time... How many people here: write code? write code that other people use? let people see that code?
  • 3. Developers are secretive We don’t like people seeing our mistakes. Code reviews scare us.
  • 4. This is wrong-headed
  • 5. That was me I used to only release code when “finished”.
  • 6. (I never released any code)
  • 7. But... I wanted to make my half-finished code available to others. After all, it might help them.
  • 8. It might? Just because I don’t think something’s ready for production doesn’t mean it won’t help someone understand or learn. View Source is great.
  • 9. But I didn’t share. I was lazy.
  • 10. I started using git Distributed version control. Great for me on the train.
  • 11. I signed up for GitHub Offsite storage of my git repositories.
  • 12. GitHub is great! I get to share my code for free. Free as in beer. Free as in making sharing easy. Free as in choosing my own license.
  • 13. Objective #1 Complete Users can get at my code whilst I’m still developing it. Hooray!
  • 14. GitHub is People GitHub has a great community. People comment on commits.
  • 15. So what? People commenting is an indirect code review. My code improves. Because I know people are watching I write better code. And I write more documentation!
  • 16. Fork Code Easily GitHub lets you easily fork someone else’s project. They can merge your changes back into the main project if they want.
  • 17. Everything into GitHub I put everything in now. If it might be useful to someone it gets Hubbed.
  • 18. Hurdles It’s scary to let people read your code. It gets less scary though. After that it’s awesome.
  • 19. Stop. Demo Time For the benefit of the podcast, in this segment of the presentation will give a live demonstration of GitHub. Almost certainly, something will go wrong.
  • 20. So that’s it. NeilCrosby on most sites, feel free to add. This talk: Title page photo: