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Owc 40 50 Presintation
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Owc 40 50 Presintation

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  • 2.
    • OWC 40 Process In-Tank Oil/Water Controller
    40 SERIES
    • OWC 50 Process In-Line Oil/Water Controller
    • OWC 51 Process In-Line Oil/Water Controller
    50 SERIES
  • 3. Compact, portable, easy to transport and install No pressure or flow effect on measurements OWC SERIES In most cases OWC presented in the market are bulky and require high maintenance to be effective.
  • 4. Principle of operation The OWC series is based on the principle of the dipole water molecule, as water has a considerable amount of absorption. This would be demonstrated by a ultrahigh frequency band width, with up to 3.5 GHz. This would determine the presence of the moisture within a given petroleum product that uses a water-oil emulsions. That are complex permeability within a high-frequency and a ultrahigh frequency with band that consists from 0.5 to 3.5 GHz measuring method. As the measuring principle of the OWC series is based upon the measurements of a electromagnetic energy losses in a given water-oil emulsion. Based on this principle the OWC series is unique and most efficient in its class compared to other OWC meters. Rigorous factory testing and calibration secure high accuracy that is not affected by flow rates.
  • 5. Unique resonant tube technology The sensor comprises a vibrating tube sensor, drive electronics and signal processing electronic.
  • 6.
    • Cylinder shape has symmetric geometry
    • Repeatable mechanical manufacturing
    • Repeatable metal structure
    • Low own mass of the sensor
    • Washed on either side by measured liquid eliminates pressure effect
    • Allows both Density and Viscosity measurement
    • Ni-Span-C material offering low temperature expansion factor
    Resonant tube advantages
  • 7. OWC 50 SERIES inside profile Cylinder Outlet and inlet Resonant tube Electronic housing
  • 8.
    • Calibration of LEMIS process is performed in-house according ISO9001:2000 quality assurance program by using calibration materials that are traceable to national standards. In-house calibration and testing is performed specified dedicated calibration protocol for every standard model of the sensor. For most applications, on-site calibration is generally not required. LEMIS process sensors allows simple, switch-and-go field installation.
  • 9. Petroleum industry Antifoam and demulsifier chemical feed systems Waste water treatment Desalter control Automatic tank dewatering Applications
  • 10. Real-time measurements, high accuracy Easy to clear Compact, portable design Simple installation No additional maintenance required No nuclear (radioactive) sources Rigorous factory testing and calibration Easy to transport Competitive price Advantages
  • 11. Operating ranges
    • Water emulsion concentration:
    • 0 to 100 %
    • Process Temperatu re:
    • 0°C to +100°C (+32°F to +212°F) – Standard
    • 0°C to +232°C (+32°F to +450°F) - High temperature
  • 12.
    • The OWC Series is in a class of its own. This is due to the unique design and the stability of the equipment, also the impressive range of Emulsion 0 to 100% and its Emulsion Concentration OWC 4005: + 0.5%, as well as OWC 4010: + 1%. With a temperature Accuracy of + 0.1c ( + 0.2f ) this makes the OWC Series a leader in its class in oil water controller equipment.