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This presentation gives a brief preview of Phytomer and the treatments.

This presentation gives a brief preview of Phytomer and the treatments.



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Menu%20phytomer%20 Changed%201[1] Menu%20phytomer%20 Changed%201[1] Document Transcript

  • THE SEA SOURCE OF LIFE & BEAUTY Proudly Brought to you by
  • INTRODUCTION : Since its creation, PHYTOMER has embodied a futuristic concept. Created in 1971, from an original idea using “SEA PLANTS”, PHYTOMER is now an international, innovative and dynamic enterprise at the service of beauty. With more than 35 years of experience, credibility, service and innovation Supported by the biggest marine cosmetology laboratory in the world, Phytomer’s Laboratories quickly established themselves worldwide as specialists in Marine Cosmetics through their expertise and scientific observation of the marine Environment and its diversities. By studying algae, and observing their natural properties, by using the best active Extraction techniques and by applying these to cosmetology, Phytomer’s Laboratories are creating the beauty of the future day by day. The sea at the origin of life………………. The sea contains all vital elements that help developing life. Because we come from the sea, there are many similarities between human beings and the marine environment. The dermis has 80% water concentration which acts as a reservoir for the skin.
  • Seaweeds 35 000 types of seaweeds are numbered They concentrate the properties of the sea world by up to 50 000 times. They concentrate an invaluable quantity of nutrients and vitamins Seaweeds suffer the same environmental stressors than human beings There are behavioral similarities between seaweeds/algae and human skin……..
  • Seawater…. The sea contains 104 trace elements essential to the well being of cells and the body’s equilibrium…….. Their functions : - to bring balance back to the body - to keep a healthy skin -to increase the assimilation of marine ingredients Similarities between the human being and the marine environment Sea Water Blood Serum
  • Seaweeds suffer the same environmental stressors than human beings. There are behavioral similarities between seaweeds and the epidermis, between their way of life and ours. Sea Weeds Human Skin
  • utilized these similarities and abilities in their cosmetology, making it possible to alleviate general aesthetic disorders (dehydrated skin, damaged by pollution, sensitive, easily irritated skin, etc ) by gently and naturally balancing the activity of the cells. These vital marine and algae extracts act harmoniously with our bodies, helping To achieve health , tone, beauty and well being. Deficiencies in trace elements are responsible for complex and varied skin problems. Trace elements acts as a catalyst for metabolism, strengthen cells and are essential for the balance and health potential of cells. The body does not produce these trace elements, thus, it is necessary to obtain from another source. By establishing a lonk with the marine environment, Phytomer allows you to take maximum advantage of this condensed vitality through its products. This is the result of the code of conduct followed in the Phytomer laboratories. “DO NOT REINVENT WHAT NATURE HAS ALREADY INVENTED” Thanks to this fundamental discovery, Phytomer’s laboratories have adapted these natural properties to active cosmetology which is very well tolerated by our skin as compared to synthetic ingredients.
  • Face Treatments: SEA INITIAL RADIANCE 50 mins Rs. Beauty – on - the – fly is yours with this express version of our facial treatment. The key elements needed to thoroughly cleanse and revive your skin are customized for your skin type. This beneficial facial includes all the essential elements of healthy skin care in a condensed session. Cleansing, exfoliation and the finishing treatment mask are all selected to meet the needs of your skin and provide a lot of pampering in a short amount of time. SEA ESSENTIAL HYDRATION 50 mins Rs. This facial relieves you of all uncomfortable feeling of tightness and dehydration while restoring balance to the skin’s moisture and lipid levels. Pheohydrane, a brown sea weed extract, significantly improves the skin’s ability to be a more effective water – binding mechanism. You are then treated to a massage of the neck and eye contour area, while this cooling, rich mask penetrates, easing visible signs of aging caused by dryness. You skin will feel incredibly soft and replenished with moisture. SEA ESSENTIAL ANTI AGING 75 mins Rs. Slow THE signs of aging to a leisurely pace with this miraculous anti aging facial. Products containing mineral – rich – MARINE SPRING WATER are generously applied on your face throughout this treatment to increase cellular turnover and stimulate the production of ELASTIN & COLLAGEN. A cooling masque seals in the deep - penetrating treatment serum to provide an immediate firming sensation for skin that seems to defy time itself.
  • Face Treatments: SEA ESSENTIAL WHITENING 50 mins Rs. Referred to as a “WHITENING TREATMENT” because it was developed to produce a de pigmenting and clarifying effect on skin with uneven pigmentation. This treatment is designed to brighten and even out the complexion by preventing and neutralizing the appearance of dark patches. It helps to restore the skin’s natural glow by using moisturizing and anti aging components, leaving your skin brighter and more radiant. EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT 50 mins Rs. The fragile eye area often reveals the signs of aging all too quickly. This multi action eye treatment uses an innovative technique that combines a specific massage to reduce puffiness and dark circles, relieve tired eyes and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Eye contour pads are then applied which diffuse active marine ingredients into the skin, restoring the firm and youthful appearance to the skin around the eyes.
  • Body Treatments: SPA PRESTIGE MASSAGE 90 mins Rs. This treatment will restore your senses and re condition your skin. A gentle and relaxing Sea cream is infused with the delicate essence of pine and massage d into the skin. Its tiny particles work to remove dead skin cells while its rich ingredients moisturize the skin. This is followed by a warm shower and application of nourishing skin cream leaving the skin as nature intended ; beautifully hydrated and naturally soft and smooth. SEA FOAM BODY WRAP 60 mins Rs. This remineralizing “ Champagne of the sea” body treatment is perfect for those with tight sore muscles, sports strains or a stiff, aching back. While enveloped in this frothy effervescent sea weed mud, you will feel a release as the mud gradually warms and bubbles away every ounce of tension and stress from your body. SEA ESSENTIAL BUST TREATMENT 50 mins Rs. Repeated weight loss diets, pregnancy, hot baths and the natural aging process can contribute to the loss of tone and firmness of the delicate skin that supports the breast area. PHYTOMER’s BUST BEAUTY SERUM used under their firming modeling marine mask has provided women the opportunity to improve bust tone, firmness and hydration of the skin. Although best results are obtained when done in a series, this treatment is also a perfect compliment to a facial or localized body treatment.
  • Body Treatments: SEA ESSENTIAL 50 mins Rs. SATIN TREATMENT This combination exfoliation/massage treatment whisks away dry, dead skin cells to allow new, healthy skin to emerge. Afterwards a Hydrating Body Lotion rich in marine nutrients is massaged into the exfoliated areas, leaving your skin nfeeling soft and supple. It’s the perfect edition to any body or bath treatment SEA ESSENTIAL 60 mins Rs. DETOX BODY WRAP This warm body mask of rich seaweed, is recommended for its impressive detoxifying properties. Its energizing activity is derived from the purest concentrated Brittany coast marine plants, used for hundreds of years as agents to stimulate the body metabolism and eliminate impurities from the tissues. It is the first treatment given in many European Thalassotherapy (sea water) treatment centre’s to give the body a “clean slate”. This true Thalasso – treatment includes exfoliation and a finishing application of a marine, mint moisturizer. It is highly suggested for smokers, frequent travelers, and anyone seeking weight or stress management.