Review of the movie "Life is beautiful"


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Review of the movie "Life is beautiful"

  1. 1. Review of the Movie “Life is Beautiful” This is a movie of comedy, romance and struggle. Here themain cast is Roberto Benigni as Guido Orefice, Nicoletta Barscrias Dora, Giorgio Cantarini as Joshua and Giustino Durano asuncle Elisco. This film is directed by itself Roberto Benigni. This is a story of Jewish man whose nature is very goodand always tries to be happy and keep others happy. This isItalian movie and Guido comes to Italy with his friendFuerruccio for a job. They first go to the uncle Elisco and get jobin grand hotel as s waiter. Guido met Dora during traveling to Italy as she was stungby wasp. And, that they both fall in love. Dora is a schoolteacher and they both always meet coincidently. The day appears when Dora’s mom arranges theengagement of Dora with Mr. Rodolfo. But, on that time Guidocomes on horse and takes her away. And they both get marry. After five years, they were living happily with their sonJoshua. It was World War II and they were earning from a bookstore, “Cartoliberio” and Guido always tries to explain his sonabout everything.
  2. 2. One day, suddenly Guido was taken away to theconcentration camp. On the birthday of Joshua, they were putin prison of the camp and Dora also go after them. Guido and Dora were imprisoned and all were hammeredbut Guido was always explaining Joshua that ‘it’s a place wherewe are going to play a game to win an army tank and for thatwe need to earn points’. The officer who comes to tell them the rules need oneperson who knows German to translate in Italy. Guido goes totranslate the rules, to make his son to believe that it is a game. That place were dangerous, they used to make them topick the Bartholemeo, which weight was 100 kilos and alsokilled the children’s and old people. Guido also uses to see his wife Dora as she was in anothersection of prison. There situation was too bad. But Guidoalways tries to keep away his child from this entire situation. Suddenly, one day the women prisoners were taken toanother place and Guido was worried for his wife and go to seeher. At that time, war was happening and Guido tells Joshua tohide in a box outside. Unfortunately, Guido got caught and was killed. Joshuaand Dora were not aware of it. But after that, all were leavefrom the prison and Joshua was alone standing outside. That
  3. 3. time the army man came with tank and took Joshua inside it.Joshua was feeling as he was won and was very happy. Joshua met his mom Dora and then they came to knowabout Guido. It was the great sacrifice of a father for his family.And that is how the “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” AARTI YADAV FYBFM 151.