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Review of movie "Khuda ke liye"
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Review of movie "Khuda ke liye"


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  • 1. Neha V. Panchal F.Y.B.F.M Roll No.125 1
  • 2. Khuda Ke Liye: Movie ReviewShoaib Mansoors film Khuda Ke Liye has earned worldwide awards atvarious international film festivals. Khuda Ke Liye is a Pakistani film.It tells an interesting and meaningful story, that depth the opinion ofthe modest open-minded Muslims against the fundamentalist ones. Itshows a young mans shift to fundamentalist thinking, Violence facedby women at the hands of fellow-Muslims, double standards of Muslimparents living abroad.The story of the film revolves around two musician-brothers in Lahore,one of the younger ones becomes very religious under the influence ofan activist Maulvi Sahib. The other goes to America to study music andgets illegally in custody after the 9/11 tragedy. It is also the story ofyoung a British girl of Pakistani origin, who is brought to Pakistan byher two-faced father and married off against her will in the NorthernAreas and abducted for years.The younger one, Sarmad, falls under the influence of an activistmaulana who brainwashes the young man and turns him into afundamental. Sarmad quits music, grows a beard, gives up the westernlifestyle and follows what he thinks is the life of a religious Muslim.While the elder ones Mansoor goes to the America for higher studies inmusic. But things change after 9/11. Mansoor is picked up by thesystem in the US as a possible terror suspect.In between Mary, a British girl of Pakistani origin, who is brought backto Pakistan by her father who wants to forcibly marry her to aPakistani man because he doesnt want her to form any relation withher British boyfriend even though the fact that the father himselfrelationship with a British woman. 2
  • 3. The strong and brilliant dialogues had a huge role to play in the overallimpact Khuda Ke Liye’ had.Obviously, the show-stealer is Naseeruddin Shah who enters only in theone before the climax of the film, but adds enough punch to leave alasting impression.The BEST scene of the movie is where Naseerudin Shah gives hisspeech in the courtroom. That is the major highlight of the movie.Khuda Ke Liye is a serious film and worth a watch. 3