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Review of movie "Ankush"
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  • 1. ANKUSHI am Nitin Singh, After watching this movie ”Ankush”, I hereby giving a review ofthis movie, which is written, directed, edited and co-produced by N Chandra. It isthe story of four lower middle class unemployed young men Shashi, Arjun, Ravi,and Lalia in Mumbai. They were against of system of city because of corruptionfrom top to bottom.Arjun ,who was well educated ,a civil engineer but couldn’tfind a single job in the city because of corruption,Shashi who used to work as aworker in United Press, but is own men didn’t support him, Ravi once objected tohis teacher for helping a guy in copying but instead of sir and that guy he issuspended for copying which he has not done.Once they get inspiration from Anitawho used to work in Saxena Co. and was also a social worker and her mother towork hard and they will get everything.So four guys open a printing press butAnita gets raped by her boss and a colleague of her boss. So she goes to court,laterbut she didn’t get justice.Because of her humiliation and inability to getrevenge.She later commits suicide.But later four guys take revenge and kill peoplewho were involved in the rape case and surrender to police as they relaised whatthey have done was wrong. In this way, everyone will take law nad order in theirhands. So, in my opinion corruption is the root cause for all this and corruption hasto be eradicated from the society.