Hr outsourcing


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Hr outsourcing

  1. 1. ICE CONSULTANTGet sourced with us………………
  2. 2. Outsourcing your HR departmentcan be an effective strategy, butonly if you know when and what tooutsource
  3. 3. There are two stages where companies go foroutsourced HR services. Once they are very small& they don’t want or have an independent HRteam. They will outsource operations. Then overthe years they go through a phase where they doall in-house. Then again the phase comes whenthey reach to that height where they start feelingneed of professional inputs and make thatdepartment more cost effective.
  4. 4. Human resource is considered to be a source ofcompetitive advantage for organizations There have been continuous debates whether HR departments act as mere administrative departments in organizations and do little in terms of actual value- addition for employees. Entrepreneurs are increasingly opting for outsourced HR services and asking experts to manage their employees, while they concentrate more on their core competencies. The reason behind is lack of time, resources, or expertise Most successful outsourcing alliances offer cost savings, standardization of processes, and efficient service. Typically, HR outsourcing has been associated with recruitment. However, that is not the case anymore. Outsourcing operational, administrative, and strategic functions is also gaining momentum.
  5. 5. RecruitmentRecruitment process outsourcing. Our diligent and fool proof processes ensure hassle freerecruitment of large numbers through advertisements while ensuring we maintain warmth in ourcontact with the candidates.Our dedicated team will :- Partner in strategizing recruitment plan and stages Design JD’s Provide dedicated personnel, telephone numbers and mail id’s. Design & release Advertisements Receive applications Scrutinize and screen applications Maintain all records and database securely Respond promptly.
  6. 6. Policy Making We bring in our expertise to design HR systems policies and processes that help you scale up your business without getting bogged down with HR issues. We partner in your progress to make the journey smooth. Our expertise lays in our knowledge of local labour laws and a large panel of vertical experts. We excel in designing and customizing policies and processes
  7. 7. Strategy Planning PMS Succession Planning Competency Planning Budgeting ROI HR Transformation
  8. 8. Strategy outsourcing Benefits To accelerate reengineering benefits. To free resources for other purposes. To reduce and control operating costs. To decrease the organization’s product-design cycle time. To increase control and effectiveness, enhance operations, and improve customer service. To acquire complete solutions and better network performance. To free management’s time. To replace outdated systems.
  9. 9. ICE CONSULTANTWe provide our HR expertise so you can focus on your core business. It saves you the cost and trouble of setting up and running an HR department while enjoying the benefits of a professional set up.We will design and structure your HR systems and policies and run them for you. We do the entire spectrum from recruitment, training, assessments, statutory compliances, payroll processing and exit formalities.
  10. 10. Why ICEHands on involvement of promoters in day to dayoperations make us more customer focused.Quality delivery is ensured.Fast decision makingFlexibility & Customized solutionsAbility to source large number of candidates insmall towns and villagesDomain- specialist consultants with first-handexperience and knowledge of the sectors theyrepresentEnd-to-end back end support for clientsHighly cost effective staffing solutionsStrong database of candidates
  11. 11. How to Reach us Through mail : Through voice : 8802291990 Or visit us at www.