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  1. 1. Adele – Someone Like You<br />
  2. 2. Summary<br />Artist: Adele<br />Track: Someone Like You<br />Length: 4minutes, 45seconds<br />Released: January 24th, 2011<br />Labels: XL<br />Producers': Adele, Dan Wilson<br />Writers: Adele, Dan Wilson<br />Genre: Soul, POP, Blues<br />Type: Narrative<br />
  3. 3. Conventions<br />Music video conventions:- Lip Syncing.- Tells a story (narrative).- This video adheres to the main genre of Soul. > Usually gospel music, rhythm and blues is associated with this genre. In this case ‘blues’ is slightly used and is listed as a genre for this song. > Majority ‘soul’ genres have a narrative – in this case its love. > Monotone colour – black and grey.<br />
  4. 4. Adele:- The use of a monotone colour scheme of black and grey sets a mood for the video. The video is about an ended relationship (love), therefore the colours connect with the meaning setting a dull mood.- The use of black and grey is also effective because it helps make the lyrics stand out and more meaningful. The target audience are able to relate to the meaning of the song and therefore relate to the artist. - Adele is seen walking on the streets of Paris by herself. This connotes loneliness which is supported by her lyrics.> Viewers know she’s in Paris as we see the Eiffel tower. > The fact she’s in Paris singing a love song is ironic because Paris is seen as the ‘city of love’. - Adele’s clothing is very casual as she’s just seen wearing a jacket. Her hair and make-up is also casual this could imply she has nothing to celebrate or dress up for as she’s upset about a broken relationship.- At the end of the song, a male is seen walking away from Adele. This represents the male she sang about walking away from her life.- Like Peter Andre’s video, this video is very simply. This could reflect her life.<br />Mise-en-scene<br />
  5. 5. Screenshots of Mise-en-scene<br />Casual clothing, hair and make-up. <br />Monotone colour scheme – creating a dull mood. <br />Walking the streets of Paris – connoting loneliness. ^ Eiffel tower. Seen as ironic as its the ‘city of love’.<br />Male walking away from her life. <br />
  6. 6. Camera:- Close up shows she ‘emotional’ facial expression, fitting to the lyrics of the song.<br />- Establishing shot, shows a long shot which sets the scene – a long empty walkway.<br />-Tracking technique helps show Adele walking and keeps in speed with here.<br />- A wide shot shows her walking away from the camera (showing her back) this also shows her surroundings. The pavement<br /> is empty this reinforcing her lyrics of a broken relationship, creating isolation and loneliness.<br />- Medium/long shots allow the viewers to see her casual clothing.<br />- Extreme close-ups show Adele’s eyes in great detail. Showing the sadness in her eyes.<br />- Surveying pan technique searches the scene by spinning around showing the Eiffel tower, this reinforcing the location. The<br /> camera picks off as a close up of Adele then once it its spun around shows Adele walking and the camera sees her back.<br /> >Again this is used in the last main scene in a pub. Shows the camera zooming out of Adele's face, showing a male looking<br /> at her and her looking back at him. As the camera spins round we see the interior of the pub. The camera then shows the<br /> male looking back to Adele before he walks off and the camera spins around for the final time. <br />-Selective focus is used at the end of this to show Adele looking into a mirror and seeing the male (which we see blurred<br /> walking away.<br />Editing:- A faded effect shows an extreme close-up of Adele’s eyes, however, your also able to see the Paris, and the famous landmark. <br />Sound:- The vocals are very powerful. The lyrics are about a broken relationship and therefore clearly a narrative. - Sound is diegetic. <br />Camera, Editing and Sound<br />
  7. 7. Screenshots of Camera and Editing<br />Close-up shows Adele’s emotional facial expressions.<br />Establishing shot, shows a long shot of a walkway. <br />Faded effect – showing Adele’s eyes and Eiffel tower.<br />Wide shot – showing Adele walking.<br />Selective focus.<br />Above show a medium and long shot allowing viewers to see her clothing.<br />Extreme close-up showing emotion.<br />Shows surveying pan technique. <br />