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Lyrics   analysis
Lyrics   analysis
Lyrics   analysis
Lyrics   analysis
Lyrics   analysis
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Lyrics analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Analysis of lyricsThe break-up<br />- A song about love (relationship).- A broken relationship. - Female singer expressing her feelings, ends the relationship through the song.<br />
  • 2. Chorus<br />These wording imply she knows he&apos;s being lying and cheating, therefore, she just wants him to own up to this.<br />No more lying cheating <br />Breaking my heart then leaving<br />I wanted you to own up, <br />Stop playing games and grow up<br />You think that you can be you<br />Have your cake and eat it to<br />It’s time for you to wake up<br />I think that we should break up<br /> <br />This has come to an end<br />No I am not your friend and<br />You are all alone now<br />It’s time for me to go<br />So go leave and get gone<br />I thought that you were the one<br />But now I’m happy to say<br />I’ll never see you again<br /> <br />She&apos;s sick of his childish behaviour. Needs to realise he’s wrong.<br />Instead of breaking her heart, she wants the relationship to end.<br />She’s made the decision of breaking it off. <br />This implies she thought she could trust him and have a good relationship. Suggesting she wanted it took work but he ruined it. <br />She’s happy the relationship is over.<br />
  • 3. Verse 1<br />She&apos;s asking herself questions. Shows a sign of confusion:- She still wants to be with him?<br />- She&apos;s finding it hard to move away from him?<br />Why am I here again?<br />You said before that your just friends<br />Now it’s time to stop the faking<br />My heart you won’t be breaking<br />This again shows a sign of confusion.<br />These wordings relate to the chorus – (lying and cheating), which also comes across as false.<br />This again relates to the chorus – (breaking my heart then leaving). These lyrics show she&apos;s reassuring herself as her ‘boyfriend’ cant. <br />
  • 4. Mini Chorus<br />Her ‘boyfriend’ seems to be playing with her feelings.<br />You twisted all that I said<br />Like it was all in my head then<br />Went straight to hers and left me<br />Like she meant more than me<br />I look back and laugh now<br />How I was tricked and cast out<br />But now I’m seeing clearly<br />I hope that you can hear me. <br />Reinforces he’s been cheating. ‘Like she meant more than me’ - suggest she expected more from him. Could also imply she thought she meant a lot to him.<br />Shows she&apos;s not bothered. However, could also suggest she’s trying to hide her feelings as she doesn&apos;t want him to see how upset she, because he didn&apos;t treat her right. <br />She can see she’s not wanted and therefore wants to make herself clear that she doesn’t want to be with him.<br />
  • 5. Verse 2<br />Could imply she’s trying to say he’s now a changed person.<br />She has no trust in him anymore, again this linking to the chorus – lying and cheating.<br />My faith in you has disappeared<br />Your nothing to me let’s make that clear<br />The spell is broken your charm has gone<br />I know won’t go back for more<br />Implies throughout the song she broke up with him. In the chorus she said ‘I think that we should break up’ however, now she’s saying ‘Your nothing to me let’s make that clear’. She doesn’t want anything to do with him.<br />He was once nice, however, things have changed.<br />She&apos;s finished with him.<br />