3 what have you learnt from your audience feedback


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3 what have you learnt from your audience feedback

  1. 1. What have you learntfrom your audience feedback?
  2. 2. After some audience feedback from our peerswho fit our target audience ,they suggested thecolour on the ancillary texts needed to bechanged for many reasons.1) The greyscale picture on the CD cover and advert and the silhouette on the back insert clashed against the grey background.2) The magazine cover wasnt very appealing as there wasnt much colour expect grey, blue and white.3) The black writing didnt stand out on the grey on the back insert.4) There wasnt much colour the CD cover looked plain.
  3. 3. Feedback on CD cover:1) Add a 5th picture which is close enough to a very light silhouette. This will give a more finished look to the reoccurring pictures.2) Lower the name of artist and name of album – this will make the space look less empty.3) Add the logo of the record company.4) Change the colour of TORN to red.
  4. 4. Feedback on Inlay:1) Add credit to production team etc. (included family, friends and fans)2) Swap the picture around, however, with the artist still looking into the text.3) Make the picture bigger, this will take up more space.4) Change typography to red to keep the colour scheme.
  5. 5. Feedback on Back insert:1) Instead of carrying on with the off white colour scheme as a background colour, a reverse of colours will look good. Changing the background colour from off white to red and the wording TORN from red to off white.2) Change centre text to align text to left in order for the cover to look well organised. With this text change it to the same colour as TORN and keep only important information in black as this will stand out.3) Like the positioning of the picture, shows the full effect of the silhouette as the writing is one the other side.4) The positioning of everything is clear. I like there’s a silhouette instead of a proper picture as in the front there’s five pictures which are faded.
  6. 6. Feedback on Magazine advert: 1) Once the background colour has changed to off white, keep the 1st layer a darker colour as it will enable to show a full effect of the torn effect that you are trying to put forward. 2) Move the artist name and album name higher as like before it will make the page look fuller. 3) Instead of a blue outline around the CD, add a red outline as it will allow your cover to stand out and fit to the colour scheme that you and your group have used. 4) Keep the code scanner and logos of where the product can be bought. ThisMy teacher advised me to is helpful information for anyonemove the picture up wanting to by the CD.slightly and make thewording ‘OUT NOW’slightly smaller as before it After the production processwas covered by the tear. and showing my teacher, he told me to correct the wording – changing the word purchase to content.
  7. 7. Feedback on Music video:After showing footage during the production stage, some of my fellow peers noticed thelip-sync was a little out. With this in mind, my group and I made the footage a little bitslower in order for the lip-syncing to look good.
  8. 8. Feedback on Music video:After showing footage during the production stage, our target audience liked the idea ofhaving the first stop motion scene in colour – as this was a happy time in the past andhaving the second stop motion in black and white – as this is when she was the ‘cheating’taking place and was a bad memory.
  9. 9. Feedback on Music video:After showing footage during the production stage, some of our audience saw the footageand found instead of going back and forth between the two scenes above, to simply splitthe screen as this will allow the audience to see both of them talking at the same time.
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