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Japanese Animal Names
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Japanese Animal Names


A slideshow that I made for my anime club. I certainly hope that all of the information is accurate!

A slideshow that I made for my anime club. I certainly hope that all of the information is accurate!

Published in Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. Japanese Words of the Day! So sit down and be quiet. This Week: Animals!
  • 2. Dog “Inu”
    • Makes a “Kian- kian” (for little dogs) or a “Wan-Wan” (for medium to big dogs).
    • In Japan, one of the most (if not the most) popular name for a dog is “Pochi” (Poh-Chee). A good example of this is the Japanese version of Fruits Basket. Tohru lies to her friends about Shigure’s dog-form, and calls him “Pochi” (For those curious, in the English dub, she calls him “Spot”).
    • A popular pet in Japan, you can even rent them! (Among other pets, too).
  • 3. Cat “Neko”
    • He/she meows (“Nyaa, Nyaa”), or even “Nyan-Nyan”.
    • Hunts mice (“nezumi”) and birds (“tori”).
    • Hides said mice and birds in specific places (that is, places where you find it a week later, *coughunderyourbedcough*)
    • A cat with a raised left paw brings wealth, while one with a raised right paw brings luck and happiness.
    • They always win the staring contests, no matter how hard you try…
  • 4. Pig “Buta”
    • Makes a “Boo-Boo” noise (A grunting noise). If you watch Naruto, TonTon makes (and communicates with Tsunade) this noise. A “Bu-hii, Bu-hii” is a pig squealing.
    • Rolls around in mud, lives on a farm, and apparently are very tolerant of tiny sweaters.
    • The twelfth animal of the Chinese zodiac, known for being last in line because it was lazy.
  • 5. Frog “Kaeru”
    • Makes a “kero-kero” noise.
    • Found in ponds/lakes/streams/ etc.
    • Eats flies and other insects (“konchuu”).
  • 6. Rabbit “Usagi”
    • called an “ Usagi ” (Yes, Sailor Moon fangirls, this is who (or what) “Serena” (in the English dub) is named after, in the Japanese version.
    • Makes a…well…some sort of noise…
    • Floppy ears, soft little tail, and can often be found with massive amounts of eggs, particularly around mid-April.
    • They take only three weeks to develop inside of a mother, hence the term “multiply like rabbits”.
  • 7. Lion “Raion”
    • “ Raion ” (remember, in the Japanese language, “r” is pronounced like “l”, so basically, “Raion” is pronounced the same as “Lion”)
    • Makes a “gaoooo” noise (roaring)
    • King of the Jungle
  • 8. Monkey “Saru”
    • Eat bananas (“banana” in Japanese)
    • Sacred in some places
    • People seem to have more of a hatred of them than a fear…
    • By the time you’re in Middle School, you should know what a monkey sounds like…
  • 9. Fox “Kitsune”
  • 10. Deer “Shika”
  • 11. Tiger “Tora”
  • 12. Tori “Bird”
  • 13. Tanuki “Japanese Raccoon”
  • 14. Other Helpful Animals Noises and Names Cow : “Ushi” : “Mau-Mau” Bee: “Hachi” : “Boon-Boon” Chicken/Hen: : “Ku-Ku-Ku-Ku” or “Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko Rooster: : “Ko-Ke-Kok- Ko-o” Chick: :“piyo Piyo” Horse: : “Hi-Hiin”: “Paka-Paka” (hoof noise) Mouse: : “Chu Chu” Sheep: : “Meh, Meh” Crow: “Karasu”: “Kar, Kar”
  • 15.
    • Yes, they’re animals too. If not, they still deserve their own slide *claps*
    • “ Banpaia” (said the same as “vampire”, even if it doesn’t look that way when written out) or “kyuuketsuki”.
    • Don’t know what kind of noise a vampire makes, but I’d imagine it’s sort of a sucking noise…
    • They may be hot, but deep down, all they want to do is suck you blood (see picture above).
    • According to, a vampire is “the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep ” (definition 1). (Wait, if a vampire has to suck persons blood, what does that make the Cullens?) *hides under desk as everybody starts to argue*
    Vampires Don’t let him fool you, he really is a vampire (better yet, he ‘s one that sucks the blood of other vampires!)
  • 16. Credits Slide 1: Dog: htm Cat: jpg Pig: jpg Frog: jpg Rabbit:
  • 17. Lion: http://www. debwalsh .com/ kimba / kimba . jpg topcharacter /67kon. jpg Slide 8: taken directly from Naruto episode 97, eurl =http://video. google .com/ videosearch ?hl=en&q=naruto+episode+97& oe =UTF-8&um=1& ie =UTF-8& sa =N&tab = Monkey: http://i63. photobucket .com/albums/h137/ Mrs _ Camui / abel . jpg http://i167. photobucket .com/albums/u158/ zeniththevampireruler /hellsing03. jpg Slide 13  : Background: http://static. flickr .com/31/95091998_97eaa40d46. jpg ALL art belongs to its rightful owners/authors! Information: bl _animal. htm (animal names) http://www. eleceng . adelaide . edu .au/personal/ dabbott /animal.html (animal noises) Some of the Japanese translations: Credits Continued
  • 18. Animal Names (Fox, Deer, Tiger, Bird): Cow: Tiger: Extra: See “animal noises” credit: See “cow” credit
  • 19. The End! Haha! See? I told you! You didn’t believe me about the vampire thing, did you? OH SNAP!
  • 20. An Emmy- Senpai production April 30, 2008 Revised: September 20, 2008 Anime club of 2007-08 Visit: www.animewriter7. wordpress .com !!!