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Neev mobile offerings

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Neev mobile offerings

  1. 1. Neev Mobile Offerings
  2. 2. About Neev Magento Hybris Commerce SaaS Applications Adobe Marketing Cloud Custom Development Key Company Highlights 300+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners Part of Publicis Groupe Hybris and Adobe CQ centers of Excellence Offices at Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai Member of NASSCOM Mobile Cloud iPhone Android PhoneGap HTML5 Apps Web AWS Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google Cloud Platform Digital Marketing, CRM, Analytics (Omni-Channel) User Interface Design and User Experience Design Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development Click here to know more about us
  3. 3. Why Neev for mobile application development? • Our vast expertise in complete mobile application development process: – Technologies – Android, iOS, PhoneGap etc – Testing – test automation, build automation and performance testing • We have developed applications across several industry domains spanning Travel, Automobile, Gaming, Educational, Entertainment, Media, Finance, Retail, Gaming, Entertainment, Media etc • Our UI/ UX capabilities - graphic design, interaction design and front end development (HTML5, CSS3 based responsive designs) enable us create applications that engage the customer with a contemporary gripping interface • We use the latest tools for mobile testing Redmine, Robotium, JUnit, BugZilla, SVN etc • We follow industry standards and best practices throughout SDLC to manage challenges like device diversity, OS fragmentation and network environment
  4. 4. Why Neev for mobile application development? Neev chosen among the top 12 iOS developers in India by ContractIQ, an online community for custom mobile app development agencies and their works.
  5. 5. Off-shore outsourcing is often said to be risky business at best - major quality issues and endless struggles to make the development team to understand and accept the requirements. Add to this the language barrier with a client that doesn't have English as first language and no full-time project team in Sweden. To our surprise, this was never an issue! ” . “ Our Expertise in Mobile Technology What we can develop?  B2B Applications  B2C Applications  HTML5 Applications  SDKs  Mobile Gaming  Mobile Sites  Web Services Integration  Social Apps Technologies  iOS  Android  J2ME  Phonegap/Cordova  HTML5  Node.JS Mobile Testing – Test Management/Automation, Build Automation, Performance Testing
  6. 6. Neev Mobility Competencies at a Glance Competencies Android iOS Domains worked on Travel, Automobile, Gaming, Educational, Entertainment, Media Finance, Retail, Gaming, Entertainment, Media Language Java Objective C SDK Android SDK iOS SDK 6.0, 7.0 IDE Eclipse XCode 4.5 Maps OSMAnd, Google Maps MapKit Framework Physics Engine JBox 2D,Box 2D Cocos2D, Box 2D, Cocos2DX, Bullet 3D Push Notifications C2DM, GCM, Urban Airship Apple Push Notification Service, Urban Airship Social Gaming Network OpenFeint, GameCenter OpenFeint, GameCenter Analytics Google Analytics, Flurry Google Analytics, Flurry Social Media Integration APIs FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr, Google Plus, Janrain FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Janrain Ad Integration AdMob AdMob, iAD Testing JUNIT, Robotium, Perfecto Mobile Test Flight, Monkey Talk Graphics Library OpenGL OpenGL Database/Data Mgmt. SQL-Lite DB, Couch DB Core Data, FMDB Framework, SQLlite Build Automation Hudson, HockeyApp Hudson, HockeyApp
  7. 7. Neev Mobility Competencies at a Glance (Contd..) Competencies Android iOS Performance MAT Tool(Memory Analyzer Tool), Little Eye Memory Profiling, Time Profiling Web Service Parser Jackson, SAX Parser SOAP Services, REST Augmented Reality Wikitude - Security Proguard AES Algorithm GPS Enmia Listener, GPS Native, New Google Location Service CoreLocation Code Review Tool Sonar, Lint - Object Relational Mapping Framework ORM Lite - JSON Marshalling - KVC Framework, Mantle Crash Reporting Tool Crashlytics Crashlytics Java to Object C Translation - j2objc Tool Media - OpenAL Framework(For Audio/Sound), AV Foundation 3D Game Engine - Ogre 3D Networking Framework - MKNetworkKit, ASIHTTPS, NSConnection Cocoa Framework - Core Plot/CoreLocation/CoreImage Frameworks OCR Scanner Abbyy Abbyy Card Reader iMagPro
  8. 8. Neev Mobile UI/UX Design Competencies Cross Platform : Front-end HTML5 / XHTML Responsive Design CSS/CSS3 jQuery / JavaScript CodeIgnitor GWT(UI/UX) Ajax Google charts, High charts Twitter BootStrap, JSON FPDF UX/UI Design Axure (for wireframing) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Flash Adobe Dreamweaver CorelDraw Graphic Design Adobe Indesign Adobe Flash 3Ds Max Autodesk Maya (3d) Combustion Adobe Premiere Pro Sound forge Adobe After Effects (Videos) Adobe Flex Swish Max Image Ready
  9. 9. Typical team structure Project Manager Business Analyst UI/ UX Designers Developers QA Technical Architect Supporting Roles
  10. 10. Case Studies Mobile Testing
  11. 11. Tools / Technologies Used for Testing in Mobile Projects QA Activity Tools Used Test Management Redmine, testlink Test Automation Tools Robotium, Appium, monkeyrunner Unit Testing Frameworks JUnit, OCUnit Issue Tracking BugZilla, JIRA, Trac Code Management SVN, Git Build Automation Hudson, Ant Performance Test Tool Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, memory profiling through xcode
  12. 12. Key Challenges & Best Practices for Mobile Testing Key challenges Device diversity OS fragmentation Network environment Best practices followed •Write unit test cases •Early testing using emulators •Create acceptance environment by prioritizing the target OS & devices •Create automated test scripts for smoke & regression testing •Use of paid services such as “deviceanywhere” •Create continuous integration system •Perform testing using various devices •Perform testing using WiFi, 3G network •Perform usability testing •Perform security testing •Perform random testing
  13. 13. Cloud-based Testing for Tripflick Solution Highlights • 'TripFlick' is a Singapore-based tourist information services company aspiring to become a global leader in the information services market for the tourism industry. • Perfecto Mobile is a global provider of cloud-based testing, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications and websites utilizing a wide selection of REAL and emulated mobile devices. • The mobile market is extremely fragmented and dynamic. At any given moment, there are dozens of devices which are relevant to the target market. Thus, we had to test on a number of devices. • Neev utilized services of Perfecto Mobile for its client 'TripFlick' to ensure the quality of their mobile application before launching it to customers. • Neev has Integrated services of Perfecto mobile for 'TripFlick' and has tested Tripflick app in 30+ Devices.
  14. 14. Case Studies Case Studies
  15. 15. Case Studies B2B Apps
  16. 16. Order Management App – Hershey’s Solution Highlights • Hershey’s is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. Neev delivered an innovative mobile-based solution for Hershey’s Mexico. • Neev transformed a slow, paper-based order-taking process for Hershey’s Mexico into a quick and easy mobile-based system which drastically improved the productivity of field salesmen and made the order management process highly responsive and efficient. • In Hershey’s Mexico, sales people used to collect orders for new sales on paper. This led to a long turnaround time. Besides, sales people could not carry laptops as there was a high risk of laptops getting stolen. Hershey’s needed a mobile application for taking and tracking orders that would run perfectly on Blackberry and iPhone devices. • The solution had the core features of a web-based order management system that could run perfectly on Blackberry and iPhone browsers. Neev developed the UI for the mobile website. • The mobile website works on Blackberry and iPhone browsers.
  17. 17. An App for Cab Drivers – Taxi For Sure Solution Highlights • is an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India. They work with various taxi operators and enable them with technology to ensure that customers get an easily accessible, safe, reliable taxi ride ‘for sure’ • The Android mobile App was built to communicate the cab location and availability to the central server. It also provided a two-way interactive platform to communicate trip/booking details from server to every cab and commit pick-ups. • Some of the features built in the app include: Authentication, location and route tracking, navigation, metering, Pick-up or rejection confirmations, Pushing jobs from back-end servers to the device. • Node.js was used for server side scripting.
  18. 18. Sales force App for Mighty Auto Parts Solution Highlights • Mighty Auto Parts has a large network of distributors spread across US. • The Android app is an user friendly mobile app for use by its sales force. • Offline capability to work seamlessly in low signal strength zones as well. • Search capabilities. • Backend ERP integration to pull and push live inventory data.
  19. 19. Data Visualization App for a Global Consumer IT Services Company Solution Highlights • The client is one of India’s largest BPOs serving many Fortune-1000 companies. • The iPad app is a bird’s eye view of the statistics of day-to-day operations targeted at the client’s senior management. • Statistics are built in a compact way with a feature of blowing the graphs to view the finer details. • Easy scrolling across graphs and categories. • Entire UI/UX including graphical presentation is created for iPad rendering.
  20. 20. Data Collection App for Ashoka Solution Highlights • Ashoka is world’s leading association of social entrepreneurs who bring innovative solutions to social problems. • The main challenges of organizing a survey are veracity of data, digitizing the responses, survey organizers skipping questions, changing survey questions and distributing the new sheets in remote areas, delay in digitizing and analyzing the results. • Veracity of data is ensured by geo-location and pictures. Survey creators have control of the questionnaire and mandatory question cannot be skipped. Questionnaire can also be changed frequently and published. The new questionnaire is reflected in devices within seconds across the distributed network. The responses when submitted are stored immediately in the database avoiding any delay, and analysis is provided in near real-time. Any loss of data or typos while digitizing are avoided as responses are collected and submitted digitally.
  21. 21. Case Studies B2C Apps
  22. 22. Stock Market Data Visualization App - Infocast Solution Highlights • Infocast is HongKong’s biggest financial information services company with customers spread across ASEAN. • A crisp but explicit way to depict complex data sets of real-time stock prices was needed. The app depicts the info in a planetary model, with the Hang Seng Index as the sun. The planet which revolve in different orbits represent individual stocks. The orbit itself indicates the percentage change in the stock value while the color of the planet indicates a positive (green), neutral (yellow) and negative (red) values. • Users can create a watch list of stocks to be viewed. • The information can be viewed in multi-languages. Currently an option of English or Mandarin Language is provided.
  23. 23. Travel and Information guide App - Tripflick Solution Highlights • TripFlick is a Singapore-based tourist information services company. The application consists of: A web portal for their users with the capability of registering and finding information on the points of interest (POI) in Singapore (to help them plan their trip) and an android application to plan their trip via a mobile device. Both web and android app are seamlessly integrated. • The app is designed such that it works in offline mode and leads to huge savings in data transfer charges while the mobile service is on international roaming. • Geo-localized recommendations are made to the customer on places of interest around him based on customer’s current location, opening/closing hours of a place of interest, etc. • Map view with dynamic routing and voice capabilities. • Playstore Link
  24. 24. Case Studies SDKs
  25. 25. Android SDK for NAVTEQ Solution Highlights • NAVTEQ is a company promoted by Nokia for creating digital maps and map content for navigation and location-based solutions. • Neev has developed the NAVTEQ SDK kit to give access to users to develop and integrate mapping applications using NAVTEQ data. An API that supports the display of map images and user interaction with the map images was also built. • Due to limited memory on an Android device, one of the challenge was to handle multiple image tiles that form the Map of the screen. So data optimization was done to overcome this. Another challenge was to avoid constant garbage collection, as garbage collection freezes the UI for a few hundred milliseconds. This was overcome by creating pools of reusable objects to prevent frequent GC and also to keep number of bitmaps being handled within the device’s memory limits.
  26. 26. Android SDK for Appbattler Solution Highlights • Appbattler provides a platform for gamers to socialize, throw challenges and battle out to win prizes. Game developers can integrate this platform into their games to augment users and revenues. • Neev has developed the SDK to be integrated by the game developers/publishers into their games. • Some of the basic features of SDK include registration, follow on social media, news, profile and account features. Apart from this users can also throw and participate challenges, search challenges/ users/ games, chat/socialize with other gamers, view leadership boards. • Playstore Link
  27. 27. iOS SDK for a Global Mobile Advertising Network Solution Highlights • The client is an ad-content aggregator. The SDK integrates the ad-content publishing platform with apps and games for generating ad-revenue. • Some of the features of SDK include: Support Text Ads; Support Banner Ads with three standard image sizes; Image resizing for non-standard sizes; Rotate each response ads at regular interval of 20seconds/ad (max three ads will be received as response ads from server); Ads can be placed in three positions Top, Middle and Bottom and only horizontal positions were supported; On clicking the Ad, redirect the page to the Ad page (SDK will not have control after re-directing)
  28. 28. Case Studies Mobile Gaming
  29. 29. Kangaroo Riley Solution Highlights • 3D Chase game on iPad • 30-Level game with animation of ten dynamically generated objects • Animation was on Ogre framework • Memory optimization techniques applied for controlling generation and destruction of objects at right time.
  30. 30. Parking Frenzy for Games2Win Solution Highlights • Built on Android & iOS platforms. • Player has to park the car in the proper slot. • 15 Levels of game was built. • More than 10 million installations on iOS and 5 million installations on Android. • #1 Top free app for multiple countries in iTunes • iTunes Link • Playstore Link
  31. 31. PhoneGCaaspe/ SCtuodriedsova and HTML5
  32. 32. Comparison between Native and Hybrid (PhoneGap) Apps • The scope of a native App is based on the device OS and can use all features of the device. • Programmers can control the UI without compromising on aspects like performance, battery drain, etc. • It is easier to create enhancements for native Apps. However, Native Apps can only be developed by highly-skilled developers. • Native Apps can only be built using a specific App development language supported by the device APIs. For e.g.: Objective C for iOS, Java for Android. • Since PhoneGap-based Hybrid development uses web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML and the same App could work cross-platform, the App development cost across multiple mobile OS is lesser than the cost for native App development. • A PhoneGap-based Hybrid App can be built by a web designer with a short learning curve.
  33. 33. A typical PhoneGap/Cordova Build System Source: Metaltoad
  34. 34. Why use PhoneGap/Cordova? What are the Applications? • Write once, run on multiple platforms • Extend functionality using native plugins • Cloud based build system (Phonegap Build) • Uniform design across platforms using a framework like Bootstrap • Native look and feel available using a framework like steroids.js • Code in javascript for all platforms • Access to all device capabilities.
  35. 35. Why Neev for PhoneGap/Cordova? • Expertise in PhoneGap/Apache Cordova, HTML5, JavaScript. • Experience in multiple JavaScript frameworks such as PhoneJS, AngularJS, jQuery among others. • The expertise of Neev on frontend technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript could be well understood from : An Augmented Reality-based remoteless car Motion detection in JS for Gesture-based Interaction
  36. 36. Case Study 1: An Advance Survey App for a Client We have implemented an advanced survey app for a client using PhoneGap with the following capabilities: • Encrypted database • Automatic data deletion using Push messages • Fast loading and searches using batch and filters • Photo capture and QR code scanner • Geo-location updates • Metro UI look and feel
  37. 37. Case Study 2: An Online Classroom with Chat and Streaming Capabilities About the client: Gateforum, a leading player in GATE preparatory market, has a presence in over 45 cities in different parts of India. Gateforum offers coaching for GATE and PSU exams through classroom sessions, correspondence courses and lessons on DVD. Business Challenge: The client required an application that provides students the flexibility to attend online classroom sessions from any place rather than sitting in front of a desktop. The application had to function smoothly on a range of Android devices and tablets and also on different versions of Android. It had to stream video to even low-end devices despite their lower processing power and limited memory capacities. Solution: Neev developed an application, eGate, using streaming server integrations and HTML5 player. Before developing the application, a thorough evaluation was done between native applications and hybrid applications. Standard MVC design patterns were used for AngularJS. Neev also designed and developed the UI for the App. The application has a single code base that can be wrapped on to both iPhone and Android. Top Features and Challenges: •It displays a day-to-day course schedule with date and subject name. •A text-based live chat facility through which students can discuss doubts with professors. •A hybrid application that saves costs for Gateforum. •Streaming videos to low-end devices caused concerns with the bit rate. •Making the application function on devices with flash and also devices without flash.
  38. 38. Case Study 2: An Online Classroom with Chat and Streaming Capabilities Technology Stack: •AngularJS •Json webservices •Android wrapper •HTML5 In the News: • are-for • package-for-exams/article2900480.ece
  39. 39. Case Study 3: A HTML5-based App for Customer Feedback Collection About the client: The client is a startup based in Dubai. It aims to serve the Hotels and Restaurants industry by digitizing the process of obtaining feedback from customers. Business Challenge: The client required an on-the-go solution to realize their vision of digitizing the Customer Feedback process for Hotels and Restaurant industry through which restaurant goers could provide instant feedback. The solution was required to have a light front-end and scalable back-end. It was required to work on all modern day mobile browsers. Solution: Neev’s on-the-go solution was a HTML5-based hybrid Smartphone application. Before the start of the project, an evaluation was carried out on choices available between native and hybrid applications. Automated build deploys. Cucumber scripts were used to automate the testing of the web services. The architecture with JSON and Angular provided a scalable backend. The application consists of a single page web service driven architecture. Neev undertook the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) for the application. Top Features and Challenges: • A complete Angular JS front-end with JQuery mobile.Web services, Continuous Integration. • A platform that helps restaurants and customers (front-end users) provide and manage feedback. Usage of JSON-based REST web services. • Having a single controller for all the 3 sub-applications – a dashboard app, tablet app and mobile app.
  40. 40. Case Study 3: A HTML5-based App for Customer Feedback Collection Technology Stack: • Angular JS • JQuery mobile • Ruby On Rails (ROR) • MySQL
  41. 41. Case Study 4 : Mobile forum to raise, discuss & address social issues About the client: A group of social enthusiasts who united to bridge the gap between political leaders and masses using technology to raise concerns across both online and offline mediums. Business Challenge: The client required a mobile application that allowed a user to register on an online system, mobilize people for a cause using his phone’s contact list, volunteer for the group/ cause, publish ideas for social change and also organize offline meet ups for like minded people. Solution: Neev developed a cross platform application using PhoneGap to cater to this need. Groovy on Grails was used in the development. UI/ UX design and server side code were also created as part of the engagement. Social integration allowed the users to connect/ follow their leaders on Facebook and twitter. Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Apple Push Notifications Service for iOS were used for push notifications. Top Features and Challenges: •Invite friends from phone contact list, capture these contact details •Promotions/ Updates from the admin were delivered to mobile handsets •Create offline events/ meet-ups •Discussion forum to raise issues and publish comments
  42. 42. What Neev Mobility Clients think about our work? " Neev has been our valued partner in the area of Mobile Platform development (iOS - iPhone & iPad) for nearly 1 year. I appreciate working with the team at Neev because they are very open to different ideas, different approaches and they are always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our unique needs for Hong Kong finance trading environment." Director, Infocast, Hong Kong “I would like to thank you for having supported us this far in the survey initiative. Thanks for all the help, and will look forward to working with you in other engagements!.” Senior Institution Builder - Ashoka “Working with Neev for this project was a very good experience. I am happy with the result, the quality of the work, and the quality of the people! Thanks so much for your help in making this very successful.” IT Director, Mighty Auto Parts, USA “We would like to share this moment of success with you today. Parking Frenzy is now No. 1 app on US overall Top charts. It is also No.1 in the overall categories ( including games, sports and racing) in Canada, France and UAE and growing. Thank you very much for your support in developing this game for us.” Publishing Head, Games2Win
  43. 43. A Few Clients
  44. 44. Partnerships
  45. 45. Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India - Bangalore The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, Dickenson Road Bangalore-560042 Phone :+91 80 25594416 India - Pune Office No. 4 & 5, 2nd floor, L-Square, Plot No. 8, Sanghvi Nagar, Aundh, Pune - 411007. Phone :+91 20 64103338 For more info on our offerings, visit