Kjovi - Case Studies


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A Social Networking Platform for Reviewing Products and Services .

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Kjovi - Case Studies

  1. 1. Kjovi A Social Networking Platform for Reviewing Products and Services
  2. 2. • Neev created a next generation, web-based, social platform through which users can connect with their network and with businesses and share ideas and thoughts on products and services. • The web-based social platform lets users view and review launched or yet-to-be-launched products and services. • It allows them to recommend favourites among these with their family, friends and business networks and also share their experiences while using the products and services. The users can discuss products and services by joining groups with similar interests. • Businesses benefit from a crowd sourced feedback platform on improving their products/services and also ideas on coming up with new products/services. • The platform allows users to connect with public figures and follow the products and services they use and endorse. A Social Networking Platform for Reviewing Products and Services
  3. 3. • KJovi was founded in January, 2012. It is located in New York City, USA. • KJovi was born with a mission to make life simple by promoting innovation through a feedback loop algorithm. The KJovi team loves technology and finds delight in connecting and sharing their talent with the world. • The goal of Kjovi is to provide users world over with a multimedia platform to boost crowd innovation and to share their views, recommendations and experiences on products and services using all forms of media. • It also aims to provide feedback to businesses in an efficient manner. The Client - Kjovi
  4. 4. • The client required Neev to develop a social multimedia platform that bridges a long felt gap between brands and businesses on one hand and consumers on the other. • Enable users review and recommend their favourite products and services to people in their network. The users would be able to share their experience about a launched or yet-to-be-launched product or service. • Users could join groups and discuss about the products/services with people having similar interests. • Businesses could tap the pool of ideas and suggestions on improvements to existing products/services. The platform would also help generate new product/service ideas. • The platform had to allow users connect with their favourite public figures and follow the products/services they endorse and use. • Focus on swift prototyping and a fast go-to-market strategy. The Business Need
  5. 5. • Team Neev evaluated various social networking platforms available like Elgg, Diaspora and Social Engine. Open Source Social Networking platform Elgg was chosen. • Non-Functional requirements like responsiveness of the site were considered and planned for, early in the development cycle. • The design pattern, EAV (Entity Attribute Value Model) was used for configurable and variable attributes of each entity. • UI/UX design was carried out by in-house team of designers with a special focus on responsiveness of the site. • Neev customized Elgg and also developed plugins to suit the requirements. Neev Solution
  6. 6. • Creates a unique platform that connects businesses to consumers. • Provides businesses with unique marketing tools with a global reach and a targeted audience. • Enables businesses to satisfy consumer needs and create effective go- to-market strategies for their businesses. Top Features
  7. 7. • Elgg • FFMPEG • LAMP • Plug-ins used: o Oauth o Social Connect o Marketplace o Youtube Technology Footprint
  8. 8. • Adapting an existing Open Source framework for highly specific needs of the customer. Top Challenges
  9. 9. Kjovi : Selected Screen Shots
  10. 10. Kjovi : Selected Screen Shots
  11. 11. India - Bangalore USA Sweden The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, Dickenson Road Bangalore-560042 Phone :+91 80 25594416 Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 1121 Boyce Rd Ste 1400, Pittsburgh PA 15241 Phone : +1 888-979-7860 Neev AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 53, 6tr, 11145, Stockholm Phone: +46723250723 sales@neevtech.com India - Pune #13 L’Square, 3rd Floor Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune – 411007. Phone : +91-64103338 Singapore #08-03 SGX Centre 2, 4 Shenton Way, Singapore 068807 Phone: +65 6435 1961 For more info on our offerings, visit www.neevtech.com