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Innovations @ Neev


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At Neev, we nurture a culture of innovation. …

At Neev, we nurture a culture of innovation.
As we continue to innovate and grow we are faced with the usual dilemma –
Invest in completely new product ideas or build upon existing products?
We have been forging ahead on both fronts. As proof of our commitment to innovation, here are a few products from Neev Labs.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Innovations @ Neev
  • 2. About Neev Web Mobile Magento eCommerce SaaS Applications Video Streaming Portals Rich Internet Apps Custom Development iPhone Android Windows Phone 7 HTML5 Apps Cloud AWS Consulting Partner Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google App Engine Key Company Highlights 250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners User Interface Design and User Experience Design Part of Publicis Groupe Member of NASSCOM. Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune. Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.
  • 3. Innovations @ Neev • At Neev, we nurture a culture of innovation. • As we continue to innovate and grow we are faced with the usual dilemma – Invest in completely new product ideas or build upon existing products? • We have been forging ahead on both fronts. As proof of our commitment to innovation, here are a few products from Neev Labs.
  • 4. VisualCloud • The traditional AWS Management Console requires a detailed search of multiple sections to get a holistic view of the environment. Hence, VisualCloud was needed. • VisualCloud provides a real-time diagrammatic representation of the various environments in a project with information on count and size of servers, stacks running, load balancing among many others. • It is user-friendly with a drag and drop interface and is Open Source.
  • 5. VisualCloud - Features • Creation of different environments for testing, production, etc within a project • One-click provisioning of designed architecture on AWS • Environments can be duplicated in just two clicks • Easy creation of Java, PHP & RoR stacks and application deployment from GIT • Different environments can be pointed to different GIT URLs For more information: • VisualCloud Home • VisualCloud on GitHub • VisualCloud Video Demo
  • 6. VisualCloud - Screenshot
  • 7. FieldSurveyHQ • It is a new approach to conducting field surveys for teams in geographically dispersed locations • On-the-go solution for audits, compliance checks and surveys • Uses Android smart phones and tablets • Overcomes errors caused as a result of employing manual methods, thus improving productivity
  • 8. FieldSurveyHQ - Features • • • • • Online survey questionnaire builder Almost real-time offline storage of responses with geographical mapping of its origin User management and visibility of surveys provided at the discretion of admin Overcomes errors caused by paper audits Provides reports as CSV or Excel files that make them compatible with a large number of software and systems For more information: • FieldSurveyHQ Home
  • 9. FieldSurveyHQ - Screenshot
  • 10. Radr • A real-time brand management tool • Monitors conversations around products, individuals, competition and ideas across social media. • Enables organizations to listen and converse with its stakeholders. • This kind of engagement can be a crucial metric to gauge market sentiment, response to initiatives, etc
  • 11. Radr - Features • Real-time monitoring on social media • Allows geographical sorting of responses • Compare to find patterns and trends using historical data, competitor information, etc • Helps identify opinion leaders in a conversation group so that the businesses can directly engage with them and nurture the relationship favorably • Collaboration features enable team mates to see Radr reports by tagging and saving content as files in PDF/ CSV formats For more information: • Radr on Slideshare
  • 12. Radr - Screenshot
  • 13. PulseGRC • A Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool • Allows a business to monitor its risk and control universe • Identifies business process related risks, prioritizes them and evaluates response
  • 14. PulseGRC – Features • Key Risk processes are identified and workflows are built around it • Real-time data and notifications enable tracking responsibilities and processes within set deadlines • Security is ensured by means of logs, mandatory sign-offs and access controls. The SaaS instance is hosted on a secure cloud environment • PulseGRC offers scalability in terms of functionality and number of users For more information: • PulseGRC Home • PulseGRC Presentation
  • 15. PulseGRC - Screenshots
  • 16. Cloudsites • An innovative cloud-based tool • Enables marketers to set up and manage high traffic sites economically • Easy and quick set up does not mandate technical knowledge • Sites thus managed are not plagued by the usual server outages that result in loss of business opportunities.
  • 17. Cloudsites - Features • High scalability that can handle more than a million hits a day while ensuring consistent performance • Availability of 99.9% in a year • CDN enabled high speed data transfers across 5 continents ensures low latency • Allows scheduled launching of microsites For more information: • CloudSites Home • CloudSites in news
  • 18. Cloudsites - Screenshot
  • 19. A few of our Clients
  • 20. Partnerships
  • 21. Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India - Bangalore India - Pune The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, #13 L’Square, 3rd Floor Dickenson Road Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Bangalore-560042 Pune – 411007. Phone :+91 80 25594416 Phone : +91-64103338 For more info on our offerings, visit