Google’s GCM Cloud Connection Server (CCS)


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Google’s GCM Cloud Connection Server (CCS)
Google, a prodigy of today’s mobile technologies, has announced improvements to its cloud messaging system in the Google I/O-2013 Keynotes session. Any third party server can now carry out bi-directional and asynchronous communications with android devices through the services provided by Google’s Cloud Connection Server (CCS). CCS uses XMPP protocol over a TCP connection for communications.

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Google’s GCM Cloud Connection Server (CCS)

  1. 1. Google’s GCM Cloud Connection Server
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  3. 3. Google’s Cloud Connection Server : A Brief Intro • Connection Server based on XMPP(Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) • Allows third party app servers to communicate with Android devices • Uses a persistent TCP connection for communication • Communication is asynchronous and bi-directional • This XMPP mechanism for sending messages can be used alongside traditional HTTP
  4. 4. More Info on XMPP • Founded and used by Jabber for instant messaging • Is an XML based communication protocol • XMPP is open source, which means any developer can customize its extensions to suit software requirements. • IM Services such as Google Talk and the chat feature in Facebook use XMPP in the back-end though not a native implementation • Initially, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which is native to XMPP was used for communications. Later, XMPP was developed to perform data transfers via HTTP for web clients and via web-sockets for real-time messaging. • The native design of the XMPP server component has an in-built entity called ‘transports’ or ‘gateways’ that aids the communication of messages between XMPP and non-XMPP systems.
  5. 5. How XMPP uses HTTP for communication XMPP uses HTTP in two ways : 1. Polling • Where data transfer is done through HTTP POST and GET methodologies • Is now deprecated 2. Binding • used for data PUSH methodologies • Implemented over Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) • This push model of notification is more efficient than polling, where many of the polls return no new data
  6. 6. How CCS has improved on GCM • CCS uses the XMPP protocol over a long-lasting TCP connection for communications • Now, CCS performs both device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communications (through XMPP) over the same connection (TCP) and thereby helps developers achieve a better device power management in their apps than GCM • CCS requires a Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection and Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)-based authentication. • CCS incorporates JSON-based payload messages into the XMPP-supported XML structure and uses it for communications. CCS could send up to 1000 such messages asynchronously before it receives any acknowledgement from the device. 7/8/13
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