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TNAU Seed portal-An online database for Indian Minimum Standards,varietal characters,Seed production,seed processing,seed testing and seed legislation's,marker data etc...

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TNAU Seed Portal Updated

  1. 1. TNAU Seed Portal A.Dineshwaran BTI-09-030 TNAU Genomics –
  2. 2. Introduction • Seed play an important role in any technology embedding and we have to produce pure, quality, resistant, healthy seeds for production of healthy food to satisfy our needs. • The vast variety of information regarding seeds is scattered and no such organized one stop database available at present • Hence information regarding quality seed production, maintenance of seed quality and purity, minimum seed standards of the crop, Varietal characters, DUS characters and many are incorporated in the user friendly interface. • To provide the search based on SSR Marker fingerprinting in ten major cultivated paddy varieties in TamilNadu. TNAU Genomics –
  3. 3. Review on Seed Certification • Available Seed Certification Database such as SeedNet India, ( and Database provided by TamilNadu Seed Department, ( provides the details on Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards and Quality Control. • These databases are not equipped with an user-friendly search option to enable the users to access the information in a easier manner. • With a view to provide a user friendly interface for users, TNAU Seed Portal has been developed. TNAU Genomics –
  4. 4. Varietal Identification • There are many varieties of crop available. • Growers take advantage of these differences and choose the specific varieties that best suit the requirements and conditions of their farm and the market. • Market forces are increasingly demanding pure (or single) varieties of grains for specific purposes. • This means varietal testing must become a standard practice in order to guarantee the sale of grain. TNAU Genomics –
  5. 5. Marker Fingerprint Identification • Conventionally, morphological descriptors are routinely used for establishing the identities of varieties. • But these morphological descriptors suffer from many drawbacks such as influence of environment on trait expression. • To overcome these defects , Marker Fingerprint Identification has been adopted. TNAU Genomics –
  6. 6. SSR Marker Fingerprinting • The Morphological and DUS Characters of 62 varieties has already been integrated in the database. • In a view to distinguish the varieties on the molecular basis level SSR marker fingerprinting has been done. ( Ms.Vigneshwari , Genomics Lab, CPMB). • DNA was extracted from ten major varieties cultivated in TamilNadu such as ADT37, ADT43, ADT46, ASD16, Bhavani, CO43, CO48,CO49,CO50, CR1009, IR20, IR50 and White Ponni. • The SSR Primers used are RM5638, RM3515, RM231, RM252, RM163, RM225, RM6728, RM8226, RM219, RM228, RM144 and RM511. • The PCR products are run on agarose gel and then result is documented. • For the easy access to the documented data , an database has been developed which can be updated. TNAU Genomics –
  7. 7. Database Architecture • Three layers – Web page-User Interface – Interface-Intermediating Platform – Database-Data Storage • User Interface is designed using HTML/CSS. • PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) acts as an Intermediary Platform. • MySQL database serves as an data storage server. • PHP is an server side scripting language which enables us to maintain an dynamic database. TNAU Genomics –
  8. 8. Database Schema HTML PHP MYSQL TNAU Genomics –
  9. 9. Page View – Search Page TNAU Genomics –
  10. 10. Page View- Result TNAU Genomics –
  11. 11. Page View – Marker data page TNAU Genomics –
  12. 12. Future Development • TNAU Seed Portal is an is an organized database that provides the information about all crops seed standards, Varietal characters, DUS characters seed production, processing, testing techniques and seed legislations. • Since, SSR Marker Fingerprinting data enables the researchers to classify the various types of cultivars in a efficient way. It can lead to seed purity. • Due to recent developments in IT, steps has been taken to make the database available to the users in the form of Android application so that data can be accessed using mobile phones. • The dynamic nature of the PHP enables us for the further updates in marker data. • More SSR markers for each chromosome of paddy will be added in the days to come. TNAU Genomics –
  13. 13. Reference • Tunwar N.S. ,Singh S.V .Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards ;The central seed certification board July 1988. • Mario Latendresse and Peter D. Karp (2010). An advanced web query interface for biological databases. Database, Vol. 2010. • Brad Bulger, Jay Greenspan and, David Wall (2004). MySQL/PHP Applications. Wiley Publications. • • • TNAU Genomics –