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Exim policy project[2]

Exim policy project[2]






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    Exim policy project[2] Exim policy project[2] Presentation Transcript

    • Vishal Agarwal 01Karan Mehta 15Neeta Pai 18Kavita Shetty 27Kishori Sawant 38
    • Contents• Introduction• Exim policy ,objectives• General provisions regarding export import• Indias Foreign Trade policy 2009-2014• Export Promotion Measures• Reward / Incentive Schemes in DGFT• Duty Exemption & Remission Schemes• Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme• Special Focus Initiatives• Export and Trading Houses• Deemed Exports
    • Introduction•Export•Import•Balance Of Trade•Balance Of Payments
    • Indias Exports, Imports, and Balance of Trade from 2000-2010VALUE IN Rs.00 Crores Percentage GrowthYear Exports Imports Balance Of Trade Exports Imports Balance Of Trade2000-01 2035.71 2308.73 -273.02 27.58 7.26 -50.962001-02 2090.18 2452 -361.82 2.68 6.21 32.532002-03 2551.37 2972.06 -420.69 22.06 21.21 16.272003-04 2933.67 3591.08 -657.41 14.98 20.83 56.272004-05 3753.4 5010.65 -1257.25 27.94 39.53 91.242005-06 4564.18 6604.09 -2039.91 21.6 31.8 62.252006-07 5717.79 8405.06 -2687.27 25.28 27.27 31.732007-08 6558.64 10123.12 -3564.48 14.71 20.44 32.642008-09 8407.55 13744.36 -5336.8 28.19 35.77 49.722009-10 8455.34 13637.36 -5182.02 0.57 -0.78 -2.9Source:http://www.dgciskol.nic.in/annualreport/book_3e.pdf
    • Indias Exports, Imports, and Balance of Trade from 2000-2010Source:http://www.dgciskol.nic.in/annualreport/book_3e.pdf
    • Exim Policy and Its Objectives•It contains policies in the sphere of Foreign trade.Objectives•Globalization•Sustained economic growth•Improving Technology•International Standards•Quality Products
    • General provisions regarding export import• Exports and Imports free unless regulated• Compliance with Laws• Interpretation of Policy• Procedure:• Exemption from Policy/ Procedure• Principles of Restriction• Restricted Goods• Terms and Conditions of a License• Importer-Exporter Code Number• Exemption from Bank Guarantee• Clearance of Goods from Customs
    • INDIA’S FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2009-14What is Foreign TradePolicy? The Union CommerceMinistry, Government of Indiaannounces the integrated ForeignTrade Policy FTP in every five year.This is also called EXIM policy. Thispolicy is updated every year withsome modifications and newschemes. New schemes come intoeffect on the first day of financialyear i.e. April 1, every year. TheForeign tradePolicy which was announced onAugust 28, 2009 is an integratedpolicy for the period 2009-14.
    • INDIA’S FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2009-14Objectives of Foreign Trade Policy2009-14 1. To arrest and reverse declining trendof exports is the main aim of the policy.This aim will be reviewed after twoyears.2. To Double Indias exports of goods andservices by 2014.3. To double Indias share in globalmerchandise trade by 2020 as a long termaim of this policy. Indias share in Globalmerchandise exports was 1.45% in 2008.
    • INDIA’S FOREIGN TRADE POLICY 2009-14Objectives of Foreign Trade Policy2009-14 4. Simplification of the applicationprocedure for availing various benefits5. To set in motion the strategies andpolicy measures which catalyze thegrowth of exportsTo encourage exports through a "mix ofmeasures including fiscal incentives,institutional changes, proceduralrationalization and efforts for enhancemarket access across the world anddiversification of export markets.Source : Website: http://dgft.gov.in
    • Export Promotion Measures• Assistance to States for Infrastructure Developmentof Exports (ASIDE)• Market Access Initiative (MAI)• Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)• Meeting Legal expenses for Trade related matters• Towns of Export Excellence• Brand Promotion and Quality• Test Houses• Quality Complaints/ Disputes• Trade disputes affecting trade relations
    • DUTY EXEMPTION & REMISSION SCHEMES• Duty Exemption Schemes1.Advance Authorization scheme2.Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) scheme• Duty Remission Schemes1. Duty Entitlement Passbook (DEPB) Scheme2. Duty Drawback (DBK) Scheme
    • EXPORT PROMOTION CAPITAL GOODS (EPCG) SCHEME• Zero duty EPCG Scheme• Concessional 3% Duty EPCG Scheme• EPCG for Projects• EPCG for Retail Sector• EPCG for agro units
    • Special Focus InitiativesSECTORS INITIATIVESMARKET DIVERSIFICATION •27 New Countries have been included in FocusMarket Scheme.•The incentives increased from 2.5 to 3%.TECHNOLOGICAL UPGRADATION •EPCG scheme at zero duty have been introduced andhas been simplified.AGRICULTURE AND VILLAGEINDUSTRY•Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana.•Capital goods imported under EPCG will bepermitted to be installed anywhere in AEZ.•Import of inputs such as pesticides are permitted.
    • Special Focus InitiativesSECTORS INITIATIVESHANDLOOMS AND HANDICRAFTS •Duty free import of old pieces of hand knottedcarpets on consignment basis for re-export afterrepair is permitted.GEMS & JEWELLERY •Import of Gold of 8k and above is allowedunder replenishment scheme.• Duty free re-import entitlement for rejectedjewellery shall be 2% of FOB value of exports.•Duty free import entitlement of commercialsamples shall be Rs. 300,000.LEATHER AND FOOTWEAR •Finished Leather exports to be incentivized.
    • SECTORS INITIATIVESMARINE SECTOR •Duty free import of specified specialized inputsand chemicals is allowed to the extent of 1% ofFOB value of preceding financial year’s export.• Marine sector included for benefits under zeroduty EPCG scheme.ELECTRONICS AND ITHARDWAREMANUFACTURINGINDUSTRIES•Export of electronic goods to be incentivizedunder Focus Product Scheme.•Electronics Sector included for benefits underSHIS schemes.GREEN PRODUCTS ANDTECHNOLOGIES•Focus would be on items relating totransportation, solar and wind power generationand other products as may be notified, which willbe incentivized under Reward Schemes.INCENTIVES FOR EXPORTSFROM THE NORTH EASTERNREGION.•Notified products of this regionwould be incentivized under Reward Schemes.Special Focus Initiatives
    • Export and Trading HousesMerchant as well as Manufacturer Exporters, ServiceProviders, Export Oriented Units(EOUs) and Units located in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Agri Export Zones(AEZs), Electronic Hardware Technology Parks (EHTPs), Software Technology Parks(STPs) and Bio-Technology Parks (BTPs) shall be eligible for status and avail variousprivileges.SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES•Developed to enhance foreign investments and promote exports from thecountry.•Geographic regions where economic laws related to export and import aremore liberal as compared to rest parts of the country.•No license required for import made in SEZ units.•Exemption from central sales tax on the sale or purchase of goods andexemption from payment of service tax.• Kandla, Gujarat Multi product Mumbai, Maharashtra Electronics andGems and Jewellery, Noida ,Cochin Special Economic Zone Cochin, FaltaSpecial Economic Zone ,Visakhapatnam SEZ.•There are 114 SEZs in India.•Growth of 121.4% is achieved in 2009-10
    • Deemed Exports• What are Deemed Exports?• Categories of Supply• Benefits for Deemed Exports• Benefits to the Supplier• Eligibility for refund of terminal excise duty /drawback• Supplies to be made by the main / subcontractor