Online media planning & strategy


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The presentation provides you a basic understanding and roadmap for digital initiatives for your brand planning/marketing plans...

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Online media planning & strategy

  1. 1. Online Media Planning & Strategy
  2. 2. Evolution of Internet Access Find Share Info & Emails Participate User generated Collaborate User created Co-Create
  3. 3. And its still….
  4. 4. Well the future might look like this…
  5. 5. So what am I sharing with you? Why online? Types of internet advertising ? Ad Formats of Internet advertising Online planning & strategy Metrics
  6. 6. But do I need to go online for my brand Contd Web is the first brand interaction for consumers who want to know about you ,24 X7. Consumers get to know you at their own pace @ leisure Build awareness for your product /Service Promote your products and services Create and build engagement with your consumers
  7. 7. Customer feedback ,queries and resolution Low cost reach model Customised and niche communication Multiplier effect Since my competition is online But do I need to go online for my brand
  8. 8. Some stats Why Online? 52 Million people present Online * Source :IAMAI Indian Internet Population has been growing Steadily. Growth rate to increase with emergence of Broadband and Rural Connectivity especially from Tier 2 cities.
  9. 9. One important thing Online communication, unlike traditional advertising is not one way it is engaging thus making it two way . The most important thing is consumers talk about your brands in the online space. They PARTICIPATE
  10. 10. Ok that’s enough, now where do we begin
  11. 11. Lets understand what kind of advertising happens on the Net? Brand led advertising Increase website traffic Lead generation
  12. 12. Well ads happen everywhere
  13. 13. So how do we plan? Identify your Goals Brand awareness URL promotion Increase site traffic Lead generation/Sales Online reputation & management
  14. 14. Online approach roadmap
  15. 15. Situation analysis = Relevance Situation Analysis Determine Relevance of online presence & marketing for the brand Do we need an online strategy? Are our consumers online? Do we need just brand presence online? Do we need to defend our online reputation? Is competition online? Are the consumers searching ,talking about us?
  16. 16. Consumer = Insights Consumers Insights & digital behaviour Define my target audience? viz. demographics Time spent by them online Online consumption of my digital audience Determine brand /sales transaction approach Specific geographies? What feedback have our consumers given about us online?
  17. 17. Competition = Up the ante or.. Competition Insights & digital behaviour What’s my competition doing online? Competition digital reputation ? Is it brand led / transaction or engagement? Increased presence or year long ? Determine their investments? Determine digital weights ?
  18. 18. Strategy = Roadmap Strategy Execute & review Determine engagement models? Determine positioning & value Segmentation & targeting? Integrate in Marketing Choose platforms i.e. display ,email etc Metrics?
  19. 19. To summarize Digital Roadmap Conclude and execute & Review Finding Relevance of Internet Defining online consumers Comp. digital bench mark
  20. 20. Now lets look at the digital advertising ecosystem
  21. 21. The digital advertisement eco system Websites Banners Games Blogs SEO Email Instant Messaging Social networking Pre Rolls Text links Videos RSS Wikis Mashing Podcasts
  22. 22. Now lets look in detail
  23. 23. Display ads Banner advertisments Oldest & first type of advertising on the net Standard ad shapes with images (static/dynamic) Typically not related to content but audience Linked to a microsite or landing page Sold by impressions or click thrus
  24. 24. Formats of display ads
  25. 25. Banner on
  26. 26. Peel Over Banner on
  27. 27. Leader Board on
  28. 28. Monster Banner on
  29. 29. XBOX 360 on - Interstitial
  30. 30. 300x250 ROS
  31. 31. Lenovo Popunder
  32. 32. Shoshkele on
  33. 33. IAB guidelines for banner sizes
  34. 34. Contextual Ads Contextual advertisements(Also search engine led) Use keyword matching engine to pick ads related to content on the page Hyperlinks in an article typically sponsored by the advertiser ,when the user follows the link ,they are sent to a sponsors site Typically used by search engines Highly targeted Sold by CPC or CPM
  35. 35. Formats of contextual ads
  36. 36. Contextual /Search – Loans eg.
  37. 37. Contextual – Used cars eg.
  38. 38. Contextual – used cars Puneeg.
  39. 39. Contextual - Checklist Keyword choice and selection CTRS ROI Geo Targeting Dynamic
  40. 40. Video Ads Advertising served either before during or after the video stream on the internet Similar to a banner ad ,Actual moving clips instead of static/animated banners TV and online clips are usually the same Demonstration of product/service Complementary to other forms Less clutter as few advertisers adopting Option to share and promote
  41. 41. Formats in video advertising Pre - Rolls Pre roll is seen by the user before the video begins Typically click based (relevant to the video) Interruptive format Mid – Rolls Ads played during the video which is being played Post – Rolls Post video ads being played Video take overs Ticker based Additionally banners are also used in video advertising
  42. 42. Examples – Video Banners
  43. 43. Example – Video pre roll Hulu
  44. 44. Social media marketing(SMM) Well lets keep this simple Encourage conversation ,that allows your consumers to participate, create and develop and share your brand with their friends So its pure engagement with your brand
  45. 45. Types of social media Blogging Twitter (micro blogging) Blogs Social networking Facebook,orkut,myspace,HI5,Frienster,Linkedin,Plaxo Bookmarking,Blogmarks,Digg Photo/Video Flickr, youtube Virtual reality Second life, world of warcraft(WOW) Groups Google,Yahoo
  46. 46. Snapshot Facebook Part blog, part community Play with apps,take and share surveys Networking Follow fan sites Follow annoucements Links
  47. 47. Snapshot Youtube Share and upload videos Find videos about companies, products and people Linkedin Professional networking Special interest groups Find people whom you want to meet
  48. 48. Snapshot Twitter Follow people whom you want to know (opt in) Micro blog Blogging Where you speak your mind and create your stuff Loosely A dairy A View A commentary
  49. 49. SMM Strategy Broadly Understand brand conversations (Listen) Establish contact and define engagement Goals Education Awareness Leads/Transactions Buzz Create brand evangelists Facilitate convsersations Deliver content Monitor and review
  50. 50. Metrics
  51. 51. Thanks