Guest Lecture 30th May 2012 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)  Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) students
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Guest Lecture 30th May 2012 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) students






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Guest Lecture 30th May 2012 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)  Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) students Guest Lecture 30th May 2012 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) students Presentation Transcript

  • Neerav Bhatt Guest Lecture 30th May 2012University of Technology, SydneyMaster of Business in InformationTechnology Management (MBITM)
  • Neerav Bhatt - Who Am I?Portfolio Worker /Wannabe Polymath.Multiple contracts,industries, employers(Freelance Journalist,Research Librarian, Traveland News Photographer,Pro-Blogger, PoliticalCandidate …)DegreesUWS B Business(Computing & E-Business)and UTS Grad Dip(Information Management).
  • Continuous LearningConcentrate on learningtransferable principles morethan specific software,technologies and tools.“In times of change, learnersinherit the earth, while thelearned find themselvesbeautifully equipped to dealwith a world that no longer Photo credit: “Rich13” on Flickrexists.”- Philosopher Eric Hoffer
  • Career?“No more vertical. No more ladder. Thats notthe way careers work anymore. Linearity is out.A career is now a checkerboard. Or even amaze. Its full of moves that go sideways,forward, slide on the diagonal … A career is aportfolio of projects that teach you new skills,gain you new expertise, develop new capabilities,grow your colleague set, and constantlyreinvent you as a brand”- Tom Peters, Fast Company article
  • Flexibility & Diverse SkillsJobs / Self Employment in thefuture will require diverseknowledge and skills.To survive and succeed you’llneed a flexible mind, keennessto learn new things and gainspecialist knowledge in morethan 1 area so you arentcaught unprepared by shifts inthe economy or workforce.
  • Don’t Be A Commodity PersonCommodity people areeasily replaced, theirwork outsourced oreventually automated.White Collar jobs are notprotected from this trend.What are your uniquecharacteristics?
  • Be AudaciousMotto: Don’t Ask,Don’t Get.The strongest forcestopping you achievinggoals is often yourself.Be audacious when theworst that could happenis someone saying “No”– low downside risk.
  • Avoid Complacency, Level Up In LifeStrong temptation to stop innovating whenyou’re at the top of your game.Better approach – every success is leveraged swiftlyto generate future success. “Levelling up” Ingaming terms. Read more at
  • Entrepreneurship Isn’t Easy
  • Neither Choice Is Perfect
  • Weasel WordsBe wary of companies and peoplewho use weasel words.Avoid dealing with people whosespoken or written communicationcontains crimes against theEnglish language. from book “The 21st Century Media (R)Evolution: Emergent CommunicationPractices” by UTS Professor Jim MacNamara
  • Build Your Brand & Reputation“Beat The Drum”. No one will doit for you … stand out from theflock.Register tocreate online Hub.Use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.Perhaps even Flickr, Youtube orVimeo. Link or embed contentfrom all these on your online Hubsite.For Branding & SEO try to usesame avatar photo andusername on all sites.
  • Online Hub yourname.comSetup Wordpress blog onwww.yourname.comPublish content regularly such asyour best Ideas, Thoughts,Photos, Audio, Video.Your site has 5 seconds toimpress. If it looks abandoned,that reflects badly on you. Photo credit: Wordpress creator Matt Mullenwegg
  • Micro, Photo and Video BloggingBlogging isn’t just about writing articles. It’s alsocomplemented by the quality of your micro, photo,video blogging & how professional these are.
  • Be Yourself & Be Sensible• There are lots of “rules” about social media. Be yourself but also sensible because it’s really easy for people to take a screenshot and quote you later.
  • Patience Grasshopper• most people want to get everything done now. They want to start from nothing and they expect to be ranking highly in Google or popular on Twitter etc within six weeks. It doesn’t really work that way. Because it takes time to build up a genuine profile and for people to trust you and know what you’re on about, unless you’ve got a huge profile already, you can’t just parachute in and expect to dominate search results if people put your name into a search engine– Neerav Bhatt on Future Tense, ABC Radio National, 5th May 2011
  • Technology changes, Humans dont• Social Media and Blogging are only the latest iterations of ways to tell stories and communicate.• They are not new. Before Twitter was SMS, before that was letters, before that was telegrams and Morse code …
  • Contact