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Display advertisng 1.2

  1. 1. Display Advertising Ecosystem
  2. 2. Its not that complex, Lets make it simple
  3. 3. Simpler Look Platforms Sellers Buyers DSPs SSPs Retargeting Publisher Tools Creative Optimization Ad Servers Marketers Exchanges Ad Networks Publishers Agencies Media Management SystemsAgency Trading Desks Ingredients Data Suppliers DMPs/Data Aggregators Tag Management Verification/Privacy Media Planning and Attribution Measurement and Analytics
  4. 4. Lets explain every vendors @ each Step of Media buying
  5. 5. Marketing Creative Plan/Camp Place and Buy Implement Package Develop Dev/Plan & aign goals Optimize & Optimize and Price AudienceM etc Media Sell Pa Creative u Publisher Direct Tools Measureme Optimizat Ad Server Sales DMP Sharingr Agency nt Analytics ion Exchange Ad Ops Data Tools b & Marketers Media Retargeti s Media Mgmt Suppliers Search ek r Planning Tool ng DSP Ad Network Analytics SSP Engines Social l Networks re i Nielson Adwords Google Omnicom WPP Comscore AdRoit Tumri Doubleclic Dart AdSense Yahoo Yahoo s Atlas k OpenX FB Havas Dapper Microsofte Invite Agency Trading Fetchback Admeld Appnexus Google Admeld Sharepoin t h Media Rubicon Desk Twitter Demand Supply
  6. 6. Key- Offer an Integrated solution
  7. 7. Marketing Creative Plan/Camp Place and Buy Implement Package Develop Dev/Plan & aign goals Optimize & Optimize and Price AudienceM etc Media Sell P Establish Plan Media Place Buy Implement Package Package Develop Campaign and Develop and and and and Audiencea Goals Creative D Optimize Creative S E Sell N Optimize Price Audience Publisher u i x e Ad Server Tools Measureme Categories: OptimizataCategories: g DMP Categories: Sharing Pr Categories: M Agency • Agencies • Marketers Categories: • Measurement & • Creative Analytics ion c nt Analytics Optimizationr • Exchanges A • AdtOps • Direct Sales e • Retargeting/BT l• Ad Networks Categories: k Categories: • Ad Servers Ops • DMPs Ad • Data Suppliers • Publisher Tools/ Data CMS ToolsU b C A & RMarketers • Media Planning Media • DSPs e Tools Retargeti h Media • SSPs • Media Mgmt d • Analytics w Mgmt • Sharing Tools Suppliers Engines B • Search Search • Social Networks O N ek K r Planning Tool ng e DSP s c a s o Analytics SSP Engines Social L l S E t n r Networks S I U re T H i M E E E R s R R Solution: Integration. Automate buying/selling process and cut out middle men.e h Demand Supply
  8. 8. Marketing Creative Plan/Camp Place and Buy Implement Package Develop Dev/Plan & aign goals Optimize & Optimize and Price AudienceM etc Media Sell Pa Creative D S E N Publisher u i x e Ad Server Tools Measureme Optimizata g DMP Sharingr Agency nt Analytics ionr l c e A t Ad Ops k Data Tools b & Marketers Establish Campaign and Retargeti hBuy d Implement Media Develop Place Plan Media e and and Media Package Package w Mgmt and and Suppliers Develop Audience Search Audience ek r Goals PlanningCreative Optimize Tool ng e Sell DSP s c a s Optimize o Analytics Price SSP Engines Social l Categories: M •• Agencies Categories: • Measurement & Categories: • Creative t Categories: n • Direct Sales Categories: • r Servers Ad Categories: • DMPs Networks P Categories: • Publisher Tools/ C re A Marketers Analytics • Media Planning Tools Optimization • Retargeting/BT • DSPs • Exchanges • Ad Networks • Ad Ops • Media Mgmt • Analytics • Data Suppliers • SSPs CMS • Sharing Tools • Search Engines i U B O R • Social Networks N L K S E s I S U T M He E R • Invite Media • teracent • DoubleClick Ad Planner • AdWords • DoubleClick • AdSense • Admeld • Dart • Google Search • Google Analytics • Google h E E R • Ad Words Ad Planner • Admob News R Demand Supply Who will mount credible competition?
  9. 9. Marketing Creative Plan/Camp Place and Buy Implement Package Develop Dev/Plan & aign goals Optimize & Optimize and Price AudienceM etc Media Sell Pa Creative D S E N Publisher u i x e Ad Server Tools Establish Measureme Optimizata Buy g DMP Package Sharingr Agency Campaign & Goals Plan Media and Develop nt Analytics Creative Place ionr and Optimizel c and Sell e Implement A t and Optimize Package Ad Ops and Media Price k Audience Data Develop Tools Audience b Marketers Establish Campaign Media Media Plan and Develop Retargeti hBuy d Implement e Place and and w Mgmt Package Audience Search and and Suppliers Develop Package ek r Goals Categories: M •• Agencies Categories: Tool Categories: e Sell PlanningCreative Optimize Categories: • Measurement & • Creative ng c s a Sales DSP s •• Direct Optimize Categories: • Ad Servers Price SSP o Analytics Categories: • DMPs Audience Engines P Categories: Social l • Publisher Tools/ C Marketers A Categories: M •• Agencies Analytics • Media Planning Categories: Optimization t • Retargeting/BT Categories: Exchanges n Sales • Ad Networks Categories: • Ad Ops •r Categories: Media Mgmt • Data Suppliers • SSPs Categories: CMS Networks P • Sharing Tools Categories: U O C re B i • Tools Measurement & • Creative • DSPs • Direct • Ad Servers • Analytics • DMPs • Publisher Tools/ • Search Engines R Marketers Analytics Optimization • Exchanges • Ad Ops • Data Suppliers CMS U A • Media Planning • Retargeting/BT • Ad Networks • Media Mgmt • SSPs • Social Networks • Sharing Tools L N O Tools • DSPs • Analytics • Search Engines B K R • Social Networks L S N K • ??? I E E T • dapper • Interclick • Right Media • 5:1 • Interclick • In House • Homepage • Yahoo O&O s I S S U U S H M T M E H Ee E R •• aQuantive R Invite Media • teracent • Global Creative • DoubleClick Ad • Atlas • AdWords • AdCenter • AdSense • pubCenter • Dart • Atlas • Google Search • Bing h E E E R R Solutions Planner • Greenfield Ad • Ad Words • DoubleClick • AdECN • Admeld • Powerset • Admob • Google Analytics • Google • Rapt • MSN News R R Planner • ??? D e m a n •d • ??? ??? • ??? • Quigo S u p p l •y properties • pictela AOL Who will mount credible competition? • Tacoda • AdTech
  10. 10. Real Time Bidding
  11. 11. The ProblemFor Advertisers For Publishers• Buying Impressions in • 70% of their inv is left bulk is lacking because, unsold, or sold for next you are purchasing to nothing. impressions at same • For long tail publishers, price there isn’t sales team to sale their quality inv Display Advertising Needs a Shake Up to provide more Value.
  12. 12. The Solution: Real Time Bidding What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)It Allows Display Inventory to purchase by Individual Impressions throughbidding system that unfolds in milli second.The Targeting and cost efficiency opportunity presented by RTB is makingrevolutionary force in the online advertising space. Advt DSP Engine
  13. 13. How Does RTB Works There are 3 Prominent Players in RTB landscapeDSP The Publisher The Ad Exchange• Automates the • Provides Inventory • Connects buyer purchasing on • Originally, RTB was and seller behalf of advt. used for remnant • Facilitate the• Sets buying inv. Now it is used purchase of inv in parameter for Premium inv realtime through• Monitor also. auction in mili sec. performance • Some pubs use SSP to help better manage sell platform
  14. 14. RTB ProcessStep 1 Pub provide inv to Ad Exchange who is responsible for holding auctionStep 2 DSP, on behalf of advt, will place bid on each impressionStep 3 The value of bid is based on value of that impression, as determined by advt parameter.Step 4 Once bidding is complete, winner is chosen and winner is served on website
  15. 15. BenefitsAgencies Advertisers Publishers• Increased control • Enhanced • Deliver higher over campaign consumer revenues on• Increased targeting Inventory Spending capabilities • No need to have efficiencies • More cost huge direct sales• Better result effective reach force. delivered to and frequency • Auto campaign • Near elimination optimization of of wasted eCPM impressions
  16. 16. Difference in Display Advertising and Mobile Advertising
  17. 17. Difference Mobile DisplayScreen Size Small bigCreative Specs Smaller BiggerCTR 2%-5% 1%Privacy Allow opt out from certain Limited option in tradition content displayEngagement Highest LesserConversion Difficult to track Easy to TrackAd dollar Growing fast Matured stagePurchase Preferably CPC Mostly CPMmethodEcosystem Developing Developed
  18. 18. ThanksNeeraj K Kushwaha
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