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Bally Chohan IT Solution is an UK based IT Service Company. Bally Chohan is an IT Professional.

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Bally Chohan UK

  1. 1. Bally Chohan
  2. 2. By Bally Chohan What is In-Game Advertising? ∗ Put simply, in-game advertising is serving ads into a game environment, but the nuances vary dramatically. For some 3D games, in-game ads appear as posters or billboards in the virtual world. For online 2D casual games, in-game ads can replace an object in the game with a branded product, or even serve a branded quest into the game for a week long run.
  3. 3. By Bally Chohan The World of Gaming ∗ With advancing technology, videogames have become increasingly interactive, common and addicting. ∗ Videogames are now accessible in our homes, at work, and on our cell phones ∗ The internet allows players to interact with other players around the world
  4. 4. By Bally Chohan Industry Facts ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ 72% of American households play computer or video games The average game player age is 37 58% of players are male and 42% are female 19% of most frequent game players pay to play online games ∗ 55% of gamers play games on their phones or handheld device ∗ In 2010, consumers spent $25.1 billion on the games industry ∗ Gamers spend on average, 8 hours a week playing games
  5. 5. Sales Growth By Bally Chohan
  6. 6. By Bally Chohan Types of In-Game Advertising ∗ In-Game ads can either be “dynamic” or “static.” ∗ Static ads stay the same every time the game is played. They are typically hard-coded during the development and appear as billboard or props, like vending machines. ∗ Dynamic ads can be changed over the internet for online players.
  7. 7. By Bally Chohan Main Categories Featured in IGA ∗ Automotive ∗ Beverages ∗ Fast Food Companies
  8. 8. By Bally Chohan Significance for Advertisers ∗ Videogame industry is huge and it keeps growing ∗ DFC, a research company that specializes in the video game industry, predicts that in-game advertising spending will double from $3.1B to $7.2B by 2016 ∗ 53% of players are ages 18-49, so if this your target in a campaign, in-game advertising could be very beneficial
  9. 9. By Bally Chohan In-Game Advertising: Example 1 ∗ McDonald’s Campaign
  10. 10. By Bally Chohan Advantages of In-Game Advertising ∗ Easy to target a particular market accordingly with a videogame genre ∗ Quickly reaches consumers, ex: (Farmville, which launched on June 19th 2009, reached 50 million users by October 1 st of the same year) ∗ Effective in increasing brand awareness, and especially effective at priming audiences for engagements and sponsorships within associated gaming environments
  11. 11. By Bally Chohan Advantages Continued ∗ According to Microsoft’s Massive (an in-game ad serving company for Xbox & PC), in-game advertising has been found to increase purchase intent by 24%, brand recommendation by 23% and, overall brand rating by 32% ∗ In-game advertising also has a greater advantage over TV since, TV spots only feature 30-60 seconds of commercials & a typical in-game advertisement exceeds 300 seconds!
  12. 12. By Bally Chohan Advantages Continued ∗ New medium to reach consumers ∗ Ads are unavoidable in a virtual environment ∗ High reach due to the growing popularity of video games
  13. 13. Disadvantages of In-Game By Bally Chohan Advertising ∗ High game repetition creates a negative brand attitude ∗ Difficult to plug a product on an alien planet in the year 2553 in Halo, or do the same in a fictional medieval world filled with dragons and orcs in Skyrim
  14. 14. By Bally Chohan In-Game Advertising: Example 2 Obama’s 2008 campaign