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This is the Vibha Atlanta Youth presentation from the meeting on August 18th, 2013

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  • Neeraja
  • Dream Mile Publicity Lead Kishore Krishnan and Booth Coordinator Devaki to talk the group
  • Vibha Youth 2013 0818

    1. 1. DREAM MILE 2013 V I B H A Y O U T H M E E T I N G – A U G U S T 1 8 , 2 0 1 3
    2. 2. AGENDA • Introductions • Vibha Youth Overview • What has been done in 2012-2013 so far • Current Club Updates • Dream Mile Planning
    3. 3. Who We Are? A US-based non-profit, non-religious, non-political volunteer organization that seeks to restore the promise of a future to underprivileged children Our Vision Ensure that every underprivileged child attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity Our Mission Educate, empower, and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference to the life of an underprivileged child
    4. 4. VIBHA IN NUMBERS 15 Number of Vibha Action Centers 90+ Cents from every dollar raised that goes to child development projects 190+ Number of projects supported to date 800+ Number of volunteers 190,000+ Number of children positively impacted 6,000,000+ Dollars raised by Vibha for the cause of child development
    5. 5. What we do? Support child development organizations executing projects with these primary focuses: • Education • Vocational and livelihood training • Care for physically and/or mentally challenged children • Rescue and rehabilitation of children in vulnerable conditions
    6. 6. Y O U T H C O O R D I N A T O R N E E R A J A S A R D A
    7. 7. WHY VIBHA YOUTH? • Developing Leadership Quality by taking up the challenging tasks, which will help in area of the life • Getting Volunteer hours for the school and earning credit while doing something for the community • Youth are full of energy, full of new ideas, capable of taking up the challenges and completing them well, while juggling a ridiculous amount of homework and many other activities. It’s time for the adults to see of what we’re capable • Start with Youth Group, go to College Group, and be part of Vibha core group, take Vibha with you wherever you go (corporate life) • Be ready to do smaller jobs when you join. It gets better and more fun • Enjoy volunteering with same age members, and make new friends
    8. 8. VIBHA YOUTH ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 2 ways to form a group – Vibha Youth Club in High School, or neighborhood Vibha Youth Group  High School Club  Get 20 interested students  Get teacher mentor  Existing group would help you with further action of conducting meeting, designing charter, arranging programs, etc.  Neighborhood Group:  Start with group of 10-12 youth members of Middle and High school students  2 students leader (preferably of different grade level) with 1 parent mentor  Advantage of Neighborhood club:  When faced with hurdle at opening the club at the school, this will serve the same purpose without having to follow school’s rigid regulations.  Bring in diversity by inviting other friends.  When the group becomes larger, split it into 2 with 2 more leaders taking charge of it.  Leaders can communicate, and motivate their members easily.  Different grade level leaders would help in easy transition and survival of the group  Mainly managed by youth members, with a parent stepping in if required
    9. 9. OVERALL VIBHA YOUTH STRUCTURE • 2-3 Main Youth coordinators – take over all control of the Youth Organization, and work with Vibha core group as well as with Junior/Senior high school students – who are generally club leaders, or in general have leadership quality • Junior/Senior – would be president, vice president of the of the club, will take charge of their group, and coordinate with them at the time of Vibha events • Freshman/Sophomore - follow Junior/Senior, and get training to take charge of the Club eventually • Middle school students - Get trained by helping High School Youth members Leaders are not limited by numbers – everyone who puts in the effort to make Vibha Events successful, is a leader, no matter which grade they are in. When required, Vibha Youth should not be the last on their list after all other extra curricular activities.
    10. 10. EXISTING LEADERS Youth Coordinator:  Neeraja Youth Leaders:  Rachana  Chhaya  Khushboo  Manasa  Vikash Upcoming Leaders:
    11. 11. EXISTING VIBHA YOUTH CLUBs  Alpharetta High School (2008)  Northview High School (2012)  ICE club @ Chattahoochee High School (2011)  Lakehill Neighborhood Club (2011)
    12. 12. WHAT DID YOUTH DO IN 2012-13  Summer volunteering @ Books For Africa  Vibha Youth got stronger at CHS through ICE club  Opened new Youth Group @NHS  Volunteering for Dream Mile (from Planning – to Event Day Execution)  Dream Play (Youth organized event, better than ever before, 400 registration)  Local volunteering @ Fostercare Support Foundation
    13. 13. S E P T E M B E R 2 1 , 2 0 1 3
    14. 14. BRIEF HISTORY • Idea put forward by Vibha GT • 5K Walk, 5K Run, Kids carnival • Started in 1998 • Known as Vibha Walk/Vibha 5K from 1998 to 2006 • Branded as The Dream Mile in 2007 • Organized in most Vibha Action centers in US • Raised over a million dollars over the years • Supported over 70,000 children in various projects over the past 14 years • 25,000 plus participants over the years all over US
    15. 15. DREAM MILE - ATLANTA • This is Vibha Atlanta’s flagship event. • With over a 1000 participants, Dream Mile is one of the bigger races in the Greater Atlanta area and one of the biggest Indian American events here. • It is a national event - organized in 10 different cities across the U.S. • This is our 15th consecutive year in Atlanta - It is a well recognized event in Atlanta and was recognized as 'one of 11 charities to run for across the whole of U.S.A by'
    16. 16. DREAM MILE 2013 September 21st 2013 Right here in Johns Creek, but new location Shakerag Park, Johns Creek, GA Events: 10K Run - 5K Run – 5K Walk
    17. 17. What Vibha Youth can do for Dream Mile? Every thing that the adults can do!! Except with more energy, newer ideas, and better ability with technology.
    18. 18. TENTATIVE TEAM LEADS Publicity: (spreading the word) - Vikash Registration: (gathering as many participants as possible) – Khushboo Volunteer Management: (gathering as many volunteers as possible) - Manasa
    19. 19. PUBLICITY  Help the publicity team with spreading the word around. Talk to the friends at school, classes, neighbors  Putting the posters at as many places as you can – Indian store, coffee shops, athletic store, clubs  Contact cross country club at school and see if they can send the students to walk/Run on that day  Sign up to distribute the post card at the Saturday races – it take an hour or so on Saturday morning – car pooling can be arranged if require  Mandate the booth when require.  Vibha Atlanta Youth on Facebook – spread the word through this, comment on the posts, which will encourage friend circles to get involved too
    20. 20. SPONSORSHIP  The businesses around the place you go – contact them if they would like to give some sponsorship  Explain it is in Johns creek and how it will help their business  If you are not comfortable talking, pass on the likely sponsorship details to the main team, and they can take it from there.
    21. 21. REGISTRATION  Encourage people to register for the event, online, offline whichever way it works.  If you know someone is likely to walk/run, keep reminding them till they register  Make them fill out the offline registration form and collect the dues (contact me, if you need the forms, keep couple of forms always with you)  Send emails to friend, neighbors, HOA, for reminding them to register  Put a poster at subdivision notice board  Encourage them to form a team and register – saying it will be fun to walk together, some quality time with friends
    22. 22. VOLUNTEERING  Contact Beta Club teacher and ask them if they can put our event on the list of volunteering for beta club  Reserve Sep 21st for Dream Mile, and no commitments to other activities – inform your parent, avoid planning anything for event day, and evening before that.  Sign up for Dream Mile Event Day Volunteering (name, email, phone, time)  Send to club leader (who will send it to Manasa) OR directly to Manasa (  Preferred time to volunteer – can select multiple/all time  Previous evening  early morning (setup, registration)  During the race – (on the course cheering, water table, kid’s corner, awareness booth, closing line team)  After race – (food counter, kid’s corner, awareness booth, price distribution)  Packing up  Whole event day
    23. 23. VOLUNTEERING HOURS  Collect whole of 1st semester volunteering hours, just by helping for Dream Mile.  Everything that you do for any of the above category is your volunteering, and can be counted for volunteering hours. Depending on the efforts put by you, and if your parents vouch for that, I would be able to sign whatever form require for Beta Club.  Those who have helped during summer for this event, please note down the hours spent, and task covered, and we can sign it for your summer volunteering hours.
    24. 24. COMMUNICATION CHANNEL We believe in less but effective mails – so please read the emails from Vibha Youth, and reply to email when asked for something. If you do not like lots of emails in your mailbox, follow this practice, take the email sent seriously, and do not wait for another reminder.  Need to inform something to the group – email to (group email)  If you need to inform something to leaders of the groups – email to (individual email) eg. If you want to inform you would volunteer, do not send to the whole group, and overload everyone’s inbox)
    25. 25. QUESTIONS?