Organic Farm Visit 2013 09 28


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Article written by the Telstar Scouts on their visit of an organic farm

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Organic Farm Visit 2013 09 28

  1. 1. On 28 September 2013, the natur&ëmwelt English-speaking Section organised a visit to a bio dynamic farm, Kass-Haff, at Rollingen with families and a group from Telstar Scouts. Authors: Zoe Upton and Marie Coveliers (Telstar Scouts) First of all, the farmer Mr. Kass talked to us about his organic farm and what bio means. He explained that on organic farms, they don’t use chemicals. We asked him how old the farm was and he said it had been established sometime between 1650 and 1700 so it is very old! It’s been in his family all that time. Then we went to look at the guinea pigs and rabbits in their hutches and we petted them. They were lovely  After that we all went and played in a big barn area where there were lots of hay stacks and a swing. It was great fun in there, jumping around! Even the grown-ups enjoyed it. We also met the cows... and we saw bulls, pigs and a horse... One of the loveliest things we saw were the little piglets, all piled on top of each other. There was a different pen for each mother and piglets and the piglets were pushing each other to get to the warmest spot.
  2. 2. Mr Kass talked about all the different animals on the farm and explained about the different products we get from them. They sell their milk to Luxlait and the meat to private clients, and eventually they will open a Naturata shop in November 2013. Then we all had a ride in the tractor trailer... After the really fun tractor ride, we arrived at the new extended part of the farm (which was still being constructed). It was huge! The new farm was all made out of wood and was beautiful. There was a different farm building for each use, and even a house for the farmer to live in. The farmer showed us all the different parts of the farm and their use: There was a stall, a feeding place and a beautifully elaborated milking machine for the cows,
  3. 3. a whole barn just for the round bales, a goat area and many more wonderful things... The farmer explained things about the new farm and about the animals. And we even got to see a calf that was born that morning! We saw it stand up for the first time…
  4. 4. We scouts were very interested in his explanations. We certainly learnt a lot and also had lots of fun! We had a wonderful time! We hope that we will be able to go there again and we hope you will go there too! If you would be interested to come to our next visit of an organic farm, please contact For our upcoming events, please consult: