PÖFF 17 (2013) Report


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PÖFF is World Top 50 Film Festivals and Estonian biggest annual culture event.

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PÖFF 17 (2013) Report

  1. 1. 1 17th Black Nights Film Festival Introduction 1 Main Program 4 2 Guests 6 3 Bnff in Tartu 7 4 Marketing Communication 9 5 Ticket Sales and Information Centers 11 6 Suporters 13 7 Financing 14 8 Organization and volunteers 16 9 Summary and future plans 20 10 Sub-festivals 10.1 Children and Youth Film Festival Just Film 21 10.2 Animated film festival Animated Dreams 23 10.3 Industry@Tallinn2013 – Bnff International Film Industry Program 25 10.4 International Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers 27 10.5 Film and co-production market Baltic Event 31 Appendix 1 The Development of the festival in numbers (1997-2013) 33 Appendix 2 Statistics 36 Appendix 3 The Festival Cinemas 37 Appendix 4 Festival Production in Numbers 38 Appendix 5 Awards 39 Appendix 6 Special Events 44 Appendix 7 Guest list 45 Appendex 8 Meeting at the Cinema 52 Appendix 9 Press Coverage and Press Releases 54 Appendix 10 Bnff Press Screenings 2013 56 Appendix 11 Financing 57 Appendix 12 Gallery 58
  2. 2. 2 17th Black Nights Film Festival INTRODUCTION The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (BNFF, until 2001 the Black Nights Film Festival) was first held in 1997. The Festival’s present extent was reached in 2002 (appendix 1). BNFF is an international film festival that consists of the Main Program, three sub-festivals and special events related to the film industry. The Main Program consists of competition programs and themed programs: - The International Competition Program EurAsia (since 2004); - Tridens Competition of Feature Debuts from the Baltic Sea and Nordic Countries (first and second fea- ture films from of the Baltic Sea region and Nordic countries; from 2008-2011 Tridens Baltic Feature Film Competition; in 2012 Tridens Herring Debut Film Competition); - HEAVE(i)N Estonian Film Competition (in 2005–2010 Scottish Leader Estonian Feature Film Competi- tion); - North American Film Competition (in 2009–2012 US and Canadian Independent Film, in 2013 Mexican cinema was added). In addition to the competition programs, the Main Program includes sub-categories such as Panorama, Fo- rum, BNFF Vitamin Boost, Selected Titles, documentary program and special programs that cover the filmmakers’, studio’s or genre’s retrospective and focuses on the film production of at least one country. The program’s main emphasis is on European film (appendix 2); • The Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams (AD, since 1999) – includes a competition program for short animations that have been released in the last two years, filmmakers’ retrospectives and a special program for one country’s animation films; • Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers (SW, since 2000) – the international competition program includes student and short films from the last two years (fiction, documentary and animated films), the national competition for Estonian short films; in addition, special programs and a film school is organized. Since 2012 the official partner for organizing SW is Baltic Film and Media School. • Children and Youth Film Festival Just Film (JF, since 2001) – comprises of the children and youth film programs and a retrospective of a filmmaker or genre. • The International Film Industry Program Industry@Tallinn assembles the BNFF international film industry panel discussions and trainings (since 2009) as well as the Baltic Event film and co-production market events (BE, since 2002). The aim is to extend relations between filmmakers from Estonia and neighboring regions as well as the general international film industry, to promote co-production and distribution pos- sibilities and to expand the knowledge of local filmmakers by top professionals via meetings, screenings, trainings and seminars. Baltic Event presents the newest Baltic feature films to international film and tele­ vision professionals to develop cooperation projects, whereas the BNFF Industry Program has recently focused on the American and Asian markets, the most notable accomplishment being the signing of a cooperation memorandum between the Estonian and South Korean Film Institutes during the festival in 2013. • Black Market Online (BMO, since 2010) is a supporting web site for Industry@Tallinn and is targeted mainly at film professionals and possible buyers, giving an overview of the regional film production, work in progress, film distribution and film industry contacts in the Baltic and Nordic countries, Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asian regions all year round. The works are safely accessible for watching on the web page. The mission of BNFF is to introduce the world’s film culture to the Estonian audience and thereby populariz- ing film culture in Estonia, developing communication between film and cinema professionals on national and international levels and presenting Estonian film culture in other countries. The main supporters to BNFF are The Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Tartu City Government, Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department, Unitas Foundation, Council of Gambling Tax, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, City Enterprise Department, Sports and Youth Department of Tallinn, Estonian Film Institute and foreign funds and embassies.
  3. 3. 3 17th Black Nights Film Festival The enterprises that were the greatest supporters in 2013 are Nordea Bank Estonia (main sponsor of the festival season), Ava Kosmos – Manometer Entertainment (presenter) Nordic Hotel Forum (golden sponsors) Starman (golden sponsors) Toyota Baltic (golden sponsors) Tridens (golden sponsors) Tallinna Vesi (golden sponsors) Unison (golden sponsors) Tartu University Hospital’s Children’s Clinic – partner in charity work The patrons of BNFF are in rotation foreign ambassadors that are residing in Estonia. The patron in 2013 was the Ambassador of Canada to Estonia H.E. Mr. John Morrison. In international networking BNFF is a supporting member of Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC), a member of The Alliance of Center and Eastern European Film Festivals (CentEast) and recog- nized as an associated film festival by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) since 2006. The 17th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival was held in Tallinn and Tartu from 15th November till 1st December in 2013 (appendix 2). • Main Program (15th November – 1st December) • Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams (27th November – 1st December) • Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers (19th – 23rd November) • Children and Youth Film Festival Just Film (15th – 24th November) • Industry@Tallinn (25th – 29th November)
  4. 4. 4 17th Black Nights Film Festival 1. Main Program The Main Program consisted of 257 films, from which some were screened in multiple programs. The Main Program includes four competitions programmes (appendix 5). The director of the competition programs was Tiina Lokk and the selection committee was composed of Helmut Jänes, Jaan Ruus, Maria Reinup, Tiina Savi, Mikk Granström, Laurence Boyce, Javier Garcia Puerto, Intishal al Timimi, Raman Chawla, Helen Saluveer, Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Sergei Zemljanuhhin, Antonio Bordallo. 1 International Competition Program EurAsia (22) – feature films from Asia and Europe; 2 Tridens Competition of Feature Debuts from the Baltic Sea and Nordic Countries (12) – feature films produced or co-produced in production companies from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ger- many, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland. 3 HEAVE(i)N Estonian Film Competition Program (6) – Feature films produced or co-produced in Estonian film production companies. 4 Competition of North American Film (13) – Feature films produced or co-produced in production com- panies from the USA, Canada and Mexico. The Main Program films not included in the competition programs were divided as follows: • 17 Selected Titles (17) – works from directors who are already familiar to the audience, selected by the BNFF team; • Panorama (41) – films recognized at other acclaimed film festivals; • Forum (20) – films that have raised discussions or disputes and works that analyze traditional values from a different angle; • Focus on Canadian Cinema (9) – in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada and the Canadian Film Institute, new Canadian feature films and documentaries released from 2012-2013 were screened; • Inuit and Arctic cinematography in Canada (6) in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada and the Canadian Film Institute; • Screen International Critics’ Choice (7) – best films of the year, according to the critics of multimedia film magazine Screen International; • doc@poff (8) – best documentaries from the world today (including film and music themed culture docu- mentaries); • Nordic Lights (4) – Nordic films; • Special Program Fashion Cinema (7) – feature films and documentaries that take a look into the back stages of the fashion world; • Human Rights Special Program (9) – program for feature films and documentaries concerning human rights; • BNFF´s Vitamin Boost (13) – films with the most positive effect, selected by the BNFF team; • Goethe Institute Presents: New German Film (25) – 12 new feature films and 13 new short films, that best describe the course of German cinema today; • European Parliament’s Lux Award (3) – the award is for feature films and documentaries produced or co-produced by production companies in Europe. These films concentrate on European problems, beliefs, identity and help us understand how different yet similar we are. • Mexico Bronco (6) – concentrated on how violence is discussed while telling stories in film. The program explored the impact that recent Mexican films have had on Europe and focused on their influence. • New Voices in Armenian Cinema (6 programs, 17 films altogether) – the program was curated especially for introducing a selection of Armenian films, that have been released during the last ten years; • Developing Countries in Focus (9) – the purpose of the program is to raise awareness concerning the role of development cooporation in the world. • BNFF Lifetime Achievement Award – István Szabó (3); • A Tribute to Koji Wakamatsu (3); • The Estonian Olympic Committee Presents (4) – sports films in this program often discuss the sport hero’s struggle in-between success and failure; • Sleepwalkers Presents (3 programs, 25 films altogether) – short film programs within the Main Program; • Special Screenings (6) – screenings with special events Translation and Subtitles – BNFF Main Program and Just Film • 91 films were translated for the Main Program and Just Film, 74 of which were translated into Estonian (42 of them for the Main Program) and 16 were translated into Russian. • English subtitles were provided for 14 films. • films were translated into Russian (out of 26 films were represented in the EurAsia Competition). There were 26 films in total with Russian translations.
  5. 5. 5 17th Black Nights Film Festival • 197 screenings were comprehendible in Estonian (272 screenings including Just Film), 9 screenings, (6 films), had dialogue in Estonian. • 25 screenings had permanent Estonian and Russian subtitles, these are were films (7) that were on will be or are distributed in Estonian cinemas after the BNFF ended; • Estonian and Russian subtitles were also provided at screenings in Tartu. • Information about translations was provided with the information about each film on the BNFF home page and also in the BNFF handout schedule. International Transportation 2013 BNFF Main Program screened feature films from the following storage devices and the average cost 1 of their transportation. Format Number of films Average cost (EUR) 35mm 7 180 DCP (Digital Cinema Package) 168 101 Blu-Ray 22 89 HDCam 7 62 DVD/DVCam 3 45 File 4 0 DigiBeta 0 0 In 2013 the average cost (1) of film transportation considering all the formats was 94 euros. 10 imported films needed to be declared in the customs, 6 for temporary import, 4 had to be tolled. The cost of declaring the films varied from 12–95 EUR for one film. Due to technical reasons 14 films were screened from backups, usually Blu-Ray. Collaboration with other festivals was as follows: 92 films were received from festivals and 45 were sent to festivals. BNFF partners included: American Indian FF, Abu Dhabi, Arras, Amiens, BFI Festival, Bergen, Black Bear, Bengaluru, Camerimage, Chicago, Cottbus, CHP:Dox, Cairo, Cartagena, Chennai, Camerimage Poland, Denver, DocPoint, Fancine, Gijon, Groeningen, Goteborg, Iverness, Kerala, Kolkata, Kyiv Molodist, Ljubljana, Luxemburg, Lübeck, Leeds, Leiden, Minsk Listopad, Mumbai, Mannheim, Mar Del Plata, Malaga, Montreal Nouveau Cinema, Night Vi- sions Helsinki, Oslo, Palm Springs, Rome, Regiofun Poland, Sao Paulo, Scanorama, Sevilla, Sitges, Spain Valladolid, Stockholm, Taipei, Golden Horse, Thessaloniki, Teheran, Tokyo, Tofifest, Tübingen, Ulaanbaatar, Viennale, Zagreb. The rest of the films arrived through film distribution companies or directly from film production companies. A table for comparing feature films from previous years according to format: Format 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 35 mm 174 147 130 78 40 7 DCP - 3 12 51 113 168 HDCam 5 9 11 41 24 7 DigiBeta 20 35 51 40 4 - Betacam 7 4 3 1 - - Blue-Ray - 1 6 17 35 22 DVD/DVCam - 22 5 3 - 3 File - - - - - 4 1 – The average cost is calculated considering the final cost (including VAT and customs). Backups are also added.
  6. 6. 6 17th Black Nights Film Festival 2. GUESTS The 17th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival was attended by 566 guests from 53 countries (appendix 7). The number includes accredited guests (national and international film industry professionals, representatives of distribution companies, film organizations, press, etc.) of the main program, Animated Dreams, Just Film, Sleepwalkers, Industry@Tallinn and Baltic Event Coproduction Market. The number of international guests was 452 with Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and France having the largest representation. The farthest guests arrived from USA, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil and Japan. 100 guests were related to the films screened in the BNFF main program, among them were 35 film directors. Guest Information Desks were located in Nordic Hotel Forum (main program, Industry@Tallinn, Baltic Event) and Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (Sleepwalkers). The guests were provided with the access to the extensive video library in Nordic Hotel Forum. BNFF also issued 66 accreditation to film and media students from Baltic Film and Media School. Jury members of the 17th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival BNFF competition programs were judged by 6 international juries with 20 members in total. Official Competition EurAsia Jury: Mr Christian Berger (Austria) Mr Matthias Esche (Germany) Ms Franziska Petri (Germany) Mr Harutyun Khachatryan (Armenia) Mr Tambet Tuisk (Estonia) Tridens Competition of Jury: Mr Michael Pärt (Estonia) Mr Miroljub Vuckovic (Serbia) Ms Katia Filippova (Russia) North American Film Competition Jury: Ms Katre Valgma (Estonia) Ms Nathalie Jeung (France) Mr Frederick Tsui (Hong Kong) FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury: Mr Klaus Eder (Germany) Mr Jan Kaus (Estonia) Ms Amber Wilkinson (Scotland, UK) NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Jury: Mr Toomas Hussar (Estonia) Ms Esin Kucuktepepinar (Turkey) Mr Hauvick Habéchian (Lebanon) FICC (International Federation of Film Societies) Jury: Ms Katarina Persson (Sweden) Ms Kristi Aimla (Estonia) Mr Jacek Dziduszko (Poland)
  7. 7. 7 17th Black Nights Film Festival 3. BNFF in Tartu General Information Date: 15.11.2013 – 1.12.2013, advance ticket sales in Tartu Shopping Center (Tartu Kaubamaja) from 8.11.2013 Location: Cinema Center Cinamon (2 screening halls), Cinema Ekraan (2 screening halls), Cinema Tartu Electric Theatre (Tartu Elektriteater), information and ticket sales at Tartu Kaubamaja (Tartu Shopping Center) Ticket prices: BNFF Main Program Full ticket 6.50 EUR; discount ticket 4.50 EUR BNFF special group package 15+ Buying 15 or more tickets at once the price of one ticket was 5 EUR Animated Dreams Full ticket 4 EUR; discount ticket 3 EUR Sleepwalkers Full ticket 5 EUR; discount ticket 3 EUR Program Altogether 102 films were screened at BNFF in Tartu (2 screenings at Cinamon Screen I, including the opening screening; 44 screenings at the Cinamon Smart Screen Hall; Ekraan Hall I had 17 screenings; Ekraan Hall II had 33 screenings; Tartu Electric Theatre had 6 screenings). 96 screenings were with Main Program films, 5 of which were also in the Just Film program. In addition, 3 Sleepwalkers screenings and 3 Animated Dreams screenings were held. Special Events 15.11.2013 – Installation near the “Father and Son” sculpture in reference to the opening of BNFF. 21.11.2013 – A book presentation in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland at the Tartu City Library hall: winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Czesław Milosz’s “Selected Poems”. Tartu Shopping Center workshops for children and youth 8.11. 15:00 workshop: Sticky Sticker (Kleepekas Kleeps) – sticker design workshop 12.11.15:00 workshop on hand writing and fonts 21.11.15:00 experimenting with pastel sticks 25.11.15:00 painting and drawing on textile 30.11.15:00 workshop for recycling film posters The meeting point for BNFF wolves – Naiiv 15.11 BNFF Tartu opening after party 19.11 19:00 “Semiosalong” – a discussion on “Worthy Cinema and Cinema’s Worth“ with Katre Pärn and Martin Oja 21.11 20:00 Tartu Music Quiz BNFF special round 23.11 19:00 film quiz WHAT FILM? Live (facebook.com/groups/what film game) 26.11 19:00 discussion night “A Person Meeting with a Person”, Piret Simson and Heleri Kaasik FEEL GOOD Music café (From 15.11 – 1.12, the entrance fee was half price when showing a BNFF ticket) 8.11 LIVE: Jarek Kasar & Tõnis Mägi 16.11 LIVE: Curly Strings 20.11 LIVE: Songs of Urmas Alender 21.11 LIVE: Blueshound – unplugged 22.11 Kivi Paber Käärid: Command Strange & Intelligent Manners live 23.11 Ott Lepland duo live 27.11 LIVE: Sonimuusikud 28.11 Feel Good Music: Diggin 29.11 Bashment 33.11 LIVE: Kali Briis album presentation Club Genialistide Klubi 29.11 at 21:00 Tartu BNFF closing event/party In collaboration with Tartu Indie Fest (Tartu Indifest) and Indiroonik performances by Chalice, Multiphonic Rodent (album presentation) and Forest Kamp were organized. DJ’s from Indiroonik were in charge of the music downstairs.
  8. 8. 8 17th Black Nights Film Festival In the period from 15.11 – 1.12.2013 showing a BNFF ticket from the same day gave a discount in the follow- ing venues Culture bar NAIIV (Vallikraavi 6) –10% off all drinks. Special BNFF cocktails offered in the menu. Café WERNER (Ülikooli 11) – 10% off the main menu, a special BNFF cake offered in the menu. FEEL GOOD music café (Rüütli 12) – 15% off the menu and half off the entrance fee of the concerts. Frequency of Attendance The number of audience at screenings was altogether 6533 (Cinamon Screen I 362; Cinamon Smart Screen 2707; Ekraan Screen I 1804; Ekraan screen II 1505; Tartu Electric Theatre 155). The number of visitors at special events was around 700. Marketing Communication In addition to BNFF general marketing: Outdoor media: JCDecaux outdoor advertisement; outdoor banner on the façade of Tartu Shopping Center (8.11 – 29.11); stickers on the front doors of TASKU (15.11 – 1.12); advertisement on street posts (10 pcs, 14.11 – 1.12); BNFF and New German Cinema banner on Küüni street (4.11 – 24.11); posters for BNFF, An- imated Dreams and Sleepwalkers at Tartu Electrical Theatre (“New Theatre” building) poster boxes; posters all over town (A2, ~100 pcs). Indoor media: Indoor digital screens with advertisement for BNFF and Sleepwalkers at Tartu Shopping Center and TASKU Center, posters at cafés and schools in Tartu. Internet marketing: sitehat banner design on the web page of Cinamon Cinema Center (15th Nov. – 20th Nov.), web banners (cinamon.ee, tartu.ee, kultuuriaken.tartu.ee); posts at Kultuuriaken kultuuriaken.tartu.ee, on the web page for Erasmus international students at www.esn.ee/tartu, Tartu Electrical Theatre web page www.elektriteater.ee. Social media: The number of followers on Tartu BNFF Facebook page at the end of the festival was 2081 (growth comparing to last year’s results was 392 users) and 175 Twitter followers. Daily film introductions and also other posts and picture galleries concerning the festival´s main and sub-pro- grams were shown on these pages. These posts were also shown on the Facebook pages of our partners (City of Tartu, Tartu Shopping Center, Forum Cinemas, Tartu Electric Theatre, Cinamon). Additionally, posts in BNFF’s other social media channels (tARTuFF, Animated Dreams and BNFF main Facebook page). Sales promotion: BNFF teaser clips prior to the screenings; BNFF trailer on the screens prior to the film screenings; discounts at cafés and bars when showing a BNFF ticket (Naiiv, Werner, Feel Good music café); cakes with BNFF-flags at café Werner. Direct marketing: Information and ticket centers at Tartu Shopping Center (from 8.11), Cinamon and Ekraan (from 15.11; festival schedules, catalogues and special film introductions at Oskar Luts City Library; sched- ules at information centers, cafés (Werner, Naiiv, Feel Good, Tarty New Theatre café, Club Genialistide Klubi); Cinamon and Tartu Electric Theatre newsletters. Web page: using the www.poff.ee/tartu address in Tartu BNFF communication. Referring to BNFF Tartu’s web page on BNFF’s web page in the Estonian and also in the English version. Sub-pages with Tartu BNFF screening schedules, ticket sales and information about the cinemas and about the project “BNFF outside of the cinema”. Media coverage Newspaper article in Müürileht No 29 and on the newspaper’s web page (published 4.11.2013) “A Glimpse at the Future BNFF” Newspaper article about Sleepwalkers in Tartu Postimees (published 20.11.2013) An opinion article by Johannes Lõhmus “Utopia as an unachievable dream?” on the Müürileht web page along with the BNFF project manager’s thoughts on the development of cinemas and festivals in Tartu (pub- lished 6.11.2013) Tartu BNFF supporters and partners Supporters: City of Tartu, Cultural Endowment Tartu Expert Group, Cultural Endowment of Tartu, Dedi LLC, A le Coq Partners: Indiefest, café Werner, culture bar Naiiv, Feel Good music café The Tartu BNFF team Project Managers Mihkel Riis and Eneli Luts Marketing Assistant Triin Kand Production Assistant/Logistics Kaur Maran Production Assistant Hans Kristjan Pikani Subtitles by: Kai Kaljumäe, Elo Vilks, Norman Kuusik, Anneli Kurm, Annika Kupits Volunteers (38): Andra Seepter, Anna-Maria Metsa, Annely Albert, Anu Salumaa, Brita Kaasik, Britt Rose
  9. 9. 9 17th Black Nights Film Festival 4. MARKETING COMMUNICATION Publication • catalogue – 1200 pcs, 306 p, 205x205 mm, in Estonian and English, selling price 8 euros • schedule brochure – the program in Tallinn: 20 000 pcs., 44 p., 210x150 mm; the program in Tartu and other cities: 4000 pcs., 16 p., 210x150 mm, staple binding, distributed free of charge. Included a sched- ule of screenings and special events • Stickers – 2000 pcs, distributed free of charge at information centers • posters A2 (300 pcs), B1 (15 pcs) • the Armenian program booklet: 1000 pcs, A5 size, two-sided, distributed free of charge. Included the schedule of the films that were screened in the Armenian program and an introduction to Armenian cine- ma. Print advertisement • Advertisement under the weather section in the daily Postimees, (EST, 2x, 126x60 mm) • A BNFF page in the daily Eesti Päevaleht, in collaboration with Nordea Bank (8x) • Tallinn In Your Pocket • KesKus BNFF special editions • A special newspaper with the daily Postimees (8 pages, A3, EST circulation 72 000, RUS circulation 22 000, free range EST 1000 and RUS 1000) • Special edition with the magazine Mood in collaboration with Nordea (32 pages, A5, circulation 11 000). Outdoor media • Nordic Hotel Forum – banners near the entrance (2100x3500 mm, 2 pcs, week 45–48) • cinemas – Sõprus (façade banner 2120x3000 mm, week 45–48), Coca-Cola Plaza (façade banner 6950x10000 mm + the Hobujaama entrance, week 46–48) • Large outdoor LED-screens – Solaris Center (week 45–48) • Solaris Center – in-store radio clip, week 45–48 (approx. 13 times per day), Indoor TV and LED-screens (BNFF promotion clip, week 45–48) • 42” / 50” LCD/plasma television screens at cinema halls and foyers and at BNFF information centers – showed the BNFF film program trailers, changes in schedule, film recommendations and sponsor adver- tisements. Outdoor • JCDecaux – 117 surfaces all over Tallinn, a total of 224 surfaces together with the sub-festivals (week 45–48, 1200x1800 mm) Audiovisual media • Cinema trailer – length 1 min, included logos of the festival’s presenters, main sponsors and media sponsors; showed prior to all of the Festival and sub-festival sessions • Advertisement clip (20 and 30 sec) – on all of the screens at the cinemas and the cinema’s foyers (week 45–48), ETV, SiseTV, Public TV • Indoor TV – Tallinn Bus Station, Viru Center, Solaris Center, Kristiine Center, Ülemiste Center, Järve Center, Tasku, Tartu Shopping Center, Eeden Center, Lõunakeskus, Astri Center, Fama Center. The aver- age number of repetitions in these centers was 25+. An estimated number of contacts during the Festi- val was 37 500 • Public TV – covered auditorium was 227 850 people and the number of presenting the clips during the campaign was 1680. The Festival’s visual, video clip and film trailers were displayed • BNFF special in every “Ringvaade” broadcast on working days – 15.11 – 28.11.2013 • BNFF news on TV3 news programm “Seitsmesed uudised“ during the period of the Festival • BNFF award gala live on ETV (Estonian Television), viewed by 53 000 people • BNFF press conference live broadcast on Delfi TV • Free film screenings on Delfi TV, where 2 films were screened, an average of 800+ viewers for both films, the films were launched 5400+ times. 30 sec advertisements of BNFF and sponsors on TNT Film (240 replays) and Silver (200 replays).
  10. 10. 10 17th Black Nights Film Festival Electronic media • Cultural news on Estonian Television (ETV) – TV clip, 20 sec, presented on ETV Cultural News twice per day (week 45–48) • Estonian radio cultural news – radio clip, 20 sec, on air on all of Estonian Radio channels at least twice per day (week 45–48) • Nisimazine blog – international web based magazine, which focuses on film festivals and its events, 4 issues • BNFF mobile video blog on YouTube – film reviews and video reports • Free screenings on Delfi TV • Advertisement clips on ticket office Piletilevi screens (30 sec) • Advertisement slides on ticket office Piletilevi screens in Statoil service stations. Internet marketing • Internet banners – Tallinn cinemas’ internet environments (Solaris Cinema, Coca-Cola Plaza, Artis, Sõprus, Cinamon, Cinema Ekraan); • www.delfi.ee pop-up window for the beginning of the ticket sale 08.11.2013 on the home page of Delfi news site; • a news column on Piletilevi.ee TicketPost’s right side column (week 45–47) and BNFF TicketPost special 8th Nov. 2013; • BNFF weekly newsletters (week 40–48) directmarketing synopses, information about tickets and cine- mas; • On website 1182.ee environment banners in the beginning of ticket sales and during the Festival Guerilla marketing • An interactive sculpture of a wolf made of film strips at the Solaris Center’s atrium • A light blue wolf sculpture made of concrete in front of Nordic Hotel Forum Social media • Facebook – as of 15.01.2014 the number of fans was 16 247, in total including the sub-festivals 36 141 • BNFF sponsors advertised BNFF films on their Facebook pages – Viis tärni***** (Five Stars, Nordea), EMT (Estonian Mobile), fashion magazine Mood, Toyota, Vapiano, Starman and others. • Twitter – 738 followers • Instagram – 87 followers • YouTube – film recommendations were viewed 3896 times. Newsletters • The BNFF mailing list has 14 185 members as of 15.01.2014. The percent of opening the newsletters during the Festival was 20, 91%. Home page The Festival home page is at www.poff.ee and www.kinofestival.ee. The web page in Estonian, English and Russian included the Main Program and Just Film film synopses, schedules, festival and film news. On the web page one could compose their personal schedule. 1762 people put their own schedules together on the web page, they added 28 441 screenings in total. The beginning of an active visitation of the home page coincided with the beginning of the pre-sale of the tickets 8.11.2013 and lasted until the closing of the Festival, the number of visitations of the Festival’s home page in the period of 1.11 – 1.12.2013 in total was 246 766, together with the sub-festivals 263 633 visitations. On the Piletilevi home page www.piletilevi.ee the film synopses and schedules were presented, also the BNFF logo at the header, which directed the visitor to the films of BNFF. Overview of media coverage Coverage on TV 41 times; Coverage on the radio 23 times; Coverage on the online news environment 349 times; Coverage in print media 161 times.
  11. 11. 11 17th Black Nights Film Festival 5. TICKET SALES AND INFORMATION CENTERS Ticket sales information • The advance sales of the tickets of the BNFF sub-festivals started on the 5.11.2013 at Piletilevi. • The advance sales of the tickets of the 17th BNFF Main Program started on the 7.11.2013 on the Piletilevi web store to partners with privileged rights to purchase tickets. • From the 8.11.2013 the BNFF tickets were sold in all Piletilevi offices all over Estonia, and also in the BNFF information and ticket offices in Tallinn Solaris Center and Coca-Cola Plaza and Tartu Shopping Center and on the internet at www.piletilevi.ee and at www.poff.ee. • From the beginning of the BNFF Main Program on 15.11.2013 the tickets were also sold at screening fa- cilities, where the BNFF tickets sales and information points were opened 1 hour before the screening of the first film. • The internet store offered the possibility to buy festival passes, discount tickets and all of the discount packages and with the BNFF card number it was possible to print out free tickets or “friend” discount tickets for companions. • Children, students and pensioners were offered discounts upon presenting the corresponding documents. • Buying the ticket from the Piletilevi sales points, the ticket included Piletilevi’s extra charge. • The Festival catalogues were sold in all of the BNFF information and ticket centers and, during the Festival also at the screening facilities. Ticket prices BNFF Main Program Tallinn, Tartu • Full ticket 6.50 EUR • Discount ticket 5 EUR (in Tallinn) and 4.50 EUR (in Tartu) • BNFF Pass 30+ (neck card with a photo) 100 EUR • The holder of the pass could take out 30 tickets in total in Tallinn and/or in Tartu for the BNFF Main Pro- gram, Animated Dreams and Just Film screenings (one ticket for each of the desired session), with which they could buy a “friend” discount ticket for a companion paying 5 EUR for each screening. • BNFF discount package 15+. Buying 15 or more BNFF tickets at once, the price of one ticket was 5 EUR. • Special offers for EMT DoublePlus clients 5.20 EUR. The purchase of the tickets was based on using the EMT Live app through the purchaser’s smart phone. • Tallink Club One special offer 5.20 EUR. Only by showing the Tallink Club One card. • Special offers for clients of Nordea Bank – when showing the Nordea Bank card (Nordea Stockmann credit card, Nordea Gold, Nordea Platinum) and in addition, by paying with the same card the client also got BNFF tickets with a 10–30% discount. Animated Dreams • Ticket 4 EUR • Discount ticket 3 EUR • Pass (neck card with a photo) 30 EUR Just Film • Ticket 3.50 EUR • Discount ticket 3 EUR • ISIC ticket 2.60 EUR • Just Filmi discount package – when purchasing 6 or more tickets at once, the price of one ticket was 2.60 EUR Sleepwalkers • Ticket 5 EUR • Discount ticket 3 EUR • Pass (neck card with a photo) 25 EUR • With the pass one could take out 1 ticket to each Sleepwalkers screening and also purchase an extra ticket to each of the visited screenings with a special “friend” discount paying 3 EUR. The pass also gave free access to all of the Sleepwalkers special events.
  12. 12. 12 17th Black Nights Film Festival Information centers • The information centers of the 17th BNFF were open from 8.11 – 1.12.2013. • This year’s BNFF had 7 information centers, of which 2 of the largest ones were opened from the start of the pre-sale of the tickets until the closing of the festival (the information centers at Solaris and Coca-Cola Plaza). The rest of the information centers were open during the Main program (Cinema Sõprus, Cinema Artis, 2 information centers at Tallinn University and the guest information center at Nordic Hotel Forum). 35 volunteers worked at the information centers of the 17th BNFF. • The BNFF information and ticket sales point at Solaris Center was opened daily from 10:00 until 22:00 and the center at Coca-Cola Plaza from 11:00 until the start of the last session. • The information center at Nordic Hotel Forum was mainly for the foreign guests and for serving special events during the Main Program. During the festival, the information centers at Solaris and Coca-Cola Plaza had BNFF information phones, through which people were able to get answers for questions concerning the festival.
  13. 13. 13 17th Black Nights Film Festival 6. SUPpORTERS The biggest contributors to the 2013 Festival were: Estonian national and municipal organizations: The Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department, Estonian Film Institute, The Cultural Department of Tartu City Government, Council of Gambling Tax, Unitas Foundation, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, City Enterprise Department, Sports and Youth Department of Tallinn and the Estonian Olympic Committee. International Organizations: European Commission MEDIA Program Companies: • Biggest sponsors: Nordea Bank Estonia (the festival season main sponsor), AvaKosmos – Manometr Entertainment (presenter), Nordic Hotel Forum, Starman, Tridens, Tallinna Vesi, Toyota Baltic and Unison (festival’s golden sponsors); • Biggest partners: TNT World Express, café Wabadus, restaurant Vapiano, Tallink, Viru Center, Piletilevi, Pariisi Vesi, Valio; • Media partners: ERR, Delfi, TNT Film, magazine Mood. Foreign Representatives in Estonia – embassies and cultural representatives: Embassy of Canada (the Festival’s country in focus, the biggest supporter), Embassy of the United States, French Institute, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Netherlands, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Norway, Em- bassy of Spain, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Germany, Goethe Institute, Hungarian Institute, Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Poland, Danish Embassy. In addition to financial support, the embassies and culture representations gave considerable non-financial support (e.g. Embassy of Georgia, Embassy of Turkey and Armenian Estonian Community) that does not reflect in the BNFF income budget, due to the reason that they were mainly in form of help in transporting film copies and materials and events organized for the Festival’s guests. The supporters of the Festival were promoted in the catalogue through one or two page advertisement, the Festival presented the supporting enterprises’ logos in all of the printed materials (catalogue, schedule brochure, posters), the companies’ web banners and logos were shown on the BNFF web page and a longer introduction of the presenters and golden sponsors was brought out with a link directing to their web page on a sub page of the festival internet home page. In addition to the print and internet advertisement, adverti- sement clips were shown on LCD screens in cinema foyers and BNFF information points during the Festival. For additional coverage in advertisement the presenters and golden sponsors were offered special solutions for the Festival areas during BNFF. Excellent solutions were worked out by the season’s main sponsor Nordea Bank and gold sponsor Starman, who linked their marketing message directly with BNFF prior to and during the festival. In order to fixate loyalty of clients and workers, the partners were offered to host closed scree- nings and receptions for clients and partners and they had the exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets one day before the official ticket sale started. In addition to financial support, there were a large number of non-financial supporters, who were categorized as follows: • the Main Festival Program and sub-festival awards; • services for the Festival’s guests (hotels, transport, treatments); • transport of film copies; • advertisement (electronic media channels); • audio and video technics and computer supply; • catering (catering for the team, jury members, voluntary workers and guests); the Festival’s club program.
  14. 14. 14 17th Black Nights Film Festival 7. FINANCING BNFF enables employment for 14 people all year round. In addition, 40 extra employees are hired on a per project basis. In addition to paid employees, around 300 volunteers work for the Festival. In addition to creating new employment opportunities, BNFF shares most of its profit it and support to Esto- nia’s own small and medium sized enterpreneuers, who meet the Festival with favourable terms and help in every way organize the biggest annual cultural event in Estonia. The total sum of 296 000 euros was granted as support for BNFF from the state budget. During the year, BNFF will repay over 180 000 euros through direct state taxes. INCOME As a positive development, it can be noted that ticket sales and sponsor income were higher than predicted. These developments can be directly connected to the effective work of the BNFF team (ticket sales are di- rectly influenced by the quality of the program and by marketing). The sponsor income is directly influenced by constant well-keeping of sponsor relations, by attracting new sponsors and improving the attractiveness of the Festival for marketing partners). The support of embassies and foreign representational offices/cultural centers were substantially larger, reaching up to the results of 2010, after the decrease in between. Support from the State Budget and from the Cultural Endowment stayed the same. Unexpectedly, the support from the City of Tallinn decreased, which is the main reason for the Festival’s un- successful attempt to decrease the negative profit in the desired volume. Embassies and Cultural Centers 3% Income from Sponsors and Donations 21% State Budget 20% Ticket Income 18% Cultural Endowment 10% Estonian Funds 18% Other Income 5% Foreign Funds 4% City of Tallinn 2%
  15. 15. 15 17th Black Nights Film Festival INCOME DIAGRAM COSTS The cost budget underwent a further cut back prior to the Festival, which was inevitable due to the emer- gance of information of the decrease in financial support by the City of Tallinn. Unfortunately, it was impossi- ble to go through with all of the cut backs within the context of rising general prices. One of the biggest costs was connected to the closing ceremony of the Festival, which was broadcasted on Estonian Television for the first time. In order to create a broadcast with good quality, many additional expens- es were inevitable, especially for creating a basis for future television broadcasts. Constant Expenses 7% Program 29% Workforce expenses 24% Rent of Technology and Cinemas 13% General Costs and Other Costs 12% Marketing 10% Special Events 6%
  16. 16. 16 17th Black Nights Film Festival 8. ORGANIZATION AND VOLUNTEERS Organizers Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is organized by NGO Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival that was founded in 1998. Black Nights Film Festival was initiated in 1997 by: Tiina Lokk (Estonia), Jan Erik Holst (Norway), Eva Lille (Fin­land), Kirsi Tykkyläinen (Finland), Mona Jensen (Denmark), Jesper Andersen (Denmark), Svend Roed Nielsen (Denmark), Anne-Marie Overbye (Denmark). The members of the NGO Pimedate Ööde Filmi Festival general assembly Tiina Teras, Endel Koplimets, Mati Sepping, Tiina Lokk, Helmut Jänes, Ilmar Raag, Karlo Funk, Jaan Ruus, Madis Tramberg, Riina Sildos, Jaak Kilmi and Jaak Lõhmus As of 26 September, 2013 the board members of MTÜ Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival are: Tiina Lokk Sten-Kristian Saluveer Mikk Granström (since October 2013) Neeme Kari (until October 2013) Program Selection Committee Helmut Jänes, Tiina Lokk, Helen Saluveer, Laurence Boyce, Maria Reinup, Jaan Ruus, Mikk Granstöm, Sten-Kristjan Saluveer, Tiina Savi, Sergei Zemljanuhhin, Antonio Bordallo, Intishai al Timimi, Raman Chawla, Javier Garcia Puerto Administration Tiina Lokk Director of the Festival, Director of Programming Caspar Lootsman Head Producer Neeme Kari Director of Development Sten-Kristian Saluveer Member of the Board Külli Lõpp-Elmeste Head of Finance / Accountant Kadri Vaas Office Manager Ragne Mandri Office Manager Assistant Program Department Triin Tramberg Program Coordinator Saara-Brigitta Vahermägi Program Assistant Marianne Reimal Logistician of film copies Mart Rummo Coordinator of translators from Estonian Kristjan Saks Coordinator of translators from Russian Children and Youth Film Festival Just Film Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams Mikk Granström Head of Festivals Maarit Männama Program Coordinator Kairi Välling Marketing Manager Kärt Vainola Marketing Assistant Hannes Haava Programmer Peter Stumbur Festival Programmer, Coordinator of Special Events Jürgen Peil Festival Assistant Mari-Liis Rebane Animated Dreams Program Director Helene Vetik, Karl Saluveer Just Film Graphic Design, Publications Anne Vetik, Martin Veisman Animated Dreams Graphic Design, Publications Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers Peter Murdmaa Festival Director Laurence Boyce Program Coordinator Kadri Kiigema Director of Development Liina Paakspuu Baltic Bridges Project Manager Gretlyn Kangro Baltic Bridges Project Manager Assistant Siiri Häidma Internal Communication and Coordinator of Guests Liisa Koppel Coordinator of Special Events and Ticket Sales Sandra Pihlak Coordinator of Special Events
  17. 17. 17 17th Black Nights Film Festival Grete Nellis Coordinator of Technology and Logistics Henryk-Johan Novod Program Assistant Ra Ragnar Novod Program Assistant Kadri-Liis Rääk Production Designer Ramona-Riin Dremljuga Festival Assistant Kadri Penjam Manager of Cross-Media Panel Rain Juhkam Webmaster Beàta Baranovà Festival Assistant Kätlin Hallik Communication, Press Elisa Avik Communication Ragnar Roostalu Advertisement, Sponsors Karl-Joosep Kaasik Advertisement, Sponsors Madis Kivistik Advertisement, Sponsors Industry@Tallinn Sten-Kristian Saluveer Director Heili Jõe Event Manager Heidi Koppel Hospitality Manager Black Market Online (BMO) Heili Jõe Project Manager Sten-Kristian Saluveer Platform Developer Baltic Event Marge Liiske Managing Director Riina Sildos Baltic Event CEO, B`EST Manager Eda Koppel Event Manager Leana Jalukse Co-Production Manager Anu Ernits POWR Manager Kadri Kask Guest Coordinator Guest Department Dagmar Raudam Manager of the Guest Department Karolin Mägi Assistant of the Guest Department Marketing and Communication Department Marek Metslaid Project Manager of Marketing Eva Luigas Manager of Ticket Sales Maarika Jaaksoo Coordinator of Volunteers Tauno Türner Manager of Information Services Berit Burmann Information Services Assistant Marek Unt (Communication bureau JLP) Communication Manager Helmut Jänes Catalogue, Publications, PR Olga Grigorjeva (Communication bureau JLP) Communication Manager for the Russian speaking audience Julia Tomberg Assistant for the Russian Speaking Audience Maris Hellrand Project Manager of International Media Mari Kareda Marketing Assistant Liis Sinisaar Coordinator of Ticket Sales Kadri Raigo Coordinator of Ticket Sales Anne Vetik, Martin Veisman Graphic Design Joosep Volk, Raino Mardo / TOLM Stuudio Trailer Andre Poolma / Euroweb Design, Visual, Layout, Catalogue Andres Jakovlev / Futulabs Website Production and Technics Mikk-Mait Kivi Production Manager Tõnis Filippov Production Assistant Rasmus Puksman Video Manager Maido Mõttus IT Manager Maria Jõela Coordinator of Subtitles Valter Nõmm Video Editing Vallo Pooler Video Projection
  18. 18. 18 17th Black Nights Film Festival Karlis Jaunzems Video Projection Madis Kirkmann Video Projection Subtitlers Evelyn Kulbas, Hanneleele Kaldmaa, Johanna-Maria Värgården, Kadri Paul, Kreeta Käeri, Külli Kruus- pak, Lea Soorsk, Maarja Vihmann, Marika Kesler, Orvi Käsper, Siiri Häidma, Sofia Oršits, Sophie Dra- gunevitš, Triin Hallas Logistics Siim Vahter Manager of Logistics Marianne Reimal International Logistics of Film Copies Kristofer Piir Guest Logistics Martiina Putnik Logistics of Film Copies in Estonia Mikk Saarepere Film Storage Partner Relations and Special Events Elina Kask Manager of Partner Relations and Special Events Kätlin Jensen Special Events Producer Andreas Kask Special Events Producer Hannes Paldrok Festival Club Co-producer Mart Koldits Closing Ceremony Director Janek Reimal Closing Ceremony Producer BNFF in Tartu Eneli Luts Manager of Tartu BNFF Mihkel Riis Manager of Tartu BNFF Triin Kand Tartu BNFF Marketing Assistant Kaur Maran Tartu BNFF Production Assistant/Logistician Hans-Kristjan Pikani Tartu BNFF Production Assistant Kai Kaljumäe Tartu BNFF Coordinator of Subtitles INFORMATION WORKERS Aale Pihlak, Anna-Lisa Rink, Barbara Kaarus, Darja Sapovalova, Egle Puhk,Eliisa Pass, Helin Kliimann, Helo Irik, Ivo Kändla, Janett Birk, Jüri Käosaar, Kadri-Ann Kertsmik, Kaija-Liisa Koovit, Karolin Veinman, Kristel Kolberg, Liina Koitla, Liis Reiman, Loona Riia Kasemets, Madli Ehasalu, Mairi Kikkas, Mari Randmäe, Maria Helen Känd, Mari-Liis Sits, Merilin Liuktkevicius, Nele Volbrück, Reelika Tuulik, Tiina Soopa, Triinu Pärnapuu, Diane Banhard, Hanna-Liis Sillar, Johanna Saar, Kristiina-Maria Ploom, Maarja Kruus, Marina Lohk, Mark Sepp, Triin Peetsalu, Triin Sokk TICKETS SALES ASSISTANTS Adeele Tähemaa, Andree Paat, Anna Leena Raud, Anna-Mai Männik, Elise Lõõbas, Gerli Sildam, Helina Trepp, Inga Aalde, Katrina Helstein, Kristel Aija, Kristi Kruusel, Kätlin Luht, Laura Vesi, Lilika Võsu, Liis Lõhmus, Margit Urva, Mariann Tiirik, Mariliis Parve, Merilin Aare, Sigrid Veiderpass, Tiina Tartes, Tõnis Lusmägi, Ulla Tõniste, Ülle Viinapuu
  19. 19. 19 17th Black Nights Film Festival VOLUNTEERS Aavo Kubja, Ailan Daniel Mark, Aime Makke, Alari Rammo, Aleksandr Ess, Aleksandra Kirikal, Alena Korosteleva, Anette-Johanna Kadakas, Angeelika Põldaru, Ann Vool, Anna Kaarma, Anna Maria Koppel, Anna Teele Orav, Anna-Liisa Tiismaa, Anna-Liiza Izbaš, Anni Konsap, Artur Aukon, Artur Väli, Barbara Brigita Oja, Birgit Pajust, Darja Lematško, Doris Hallmägi, Egerli Adamson, Elari Lend, Elina Pihlapuu, Elisabeth Lauton, Epp Kuslap, Erko Valk, Eve Salumaa, Eveli Raja, Evelin Steinberg, Georg Treufeldt, Hannes Veskimäe, Hele-Mai Viiksaar, Helen Saar, Helena Pass, Helin Pungas, Helle Rudi, Ilnur Hairullin, Ilo-Ann Saarepera, Inga Aalde, Ingrid Kivi, Irma Põder, Ivo Pottsepp, Jaanika Punison,Jana Churkina, Janek Jõgisaar, Jarmo Raidsalu, Jette Aus, Jevgeni Krasnosjolov, Joanna Veeremaa, Johann Sander Puustusmaa, Julia Voinova, Jürgen Pallo, Kadi Nõmm, Kadri Raig, Kadri Kont-Kontson, Kadri Liho, Kadri Paul, Kadri Vahar, Kadri Jaansalu, Kadri Tolsberg, Kairi Kallas, Karmel Ekker, Karmo Velling, Katrin Kullo, Katrin Viil, Kertu Viira, Ketter Sarapuu, Kirke Asandi, Kreete Mi Rand, Kristelle- Liis Ahone, Kristiina Varimets, Kristin Ehala, Kristjan Valgur, Kristjan Klemets, Kristo Herzmann, Laura Sarv, Laura Linnap, Laura-Liisa Veiler, Lauri Sibul, Lembit Lehtla, Liina-Kai Raivet, Liis Mägi, Liis Rätsep, Liis Vahter, Liisa Hansen, Liisa Pormeister, Liisi Püss, Liisi Hint, Linda Vainomäe, Linda Ümera, Maarika Org, Maarit Eerme, Madis Raudpuu, Madli Keerd, Mai Triin Puström, Maire Kuusksalu, Maire Selgmäe, Margaret Muilas, Margit Lõhmus, Margit Tintso, Mari Kangur, Maria Reinup, Maria Elisa Huul, Maria Elise Remme, Marie Leisk, Marie Kanarik, Marika Kütt, Mari-Liis Dobrjanski, Maris Reintal, Marit Murd, Marite Hannes, Marleen Kedars, Marlen Veiler, Martin Meitern, Meleene-Liis Zelmin, Mihkel Põldoja, Mikk Tuija, Mikk Saarepera, Mirjam Rünkaru, Nele Suvi, Nils-Eerik Vesberg, Oliivia Oengo, Paula Rõuk, Pavo Kaelas, Piret Peensoo, Piret Pent, Priit Järveots, Rael Siim, Raido Jaan Rei, Rebeka Vaino, Regina Laasmäe, Regina Sulu, Reigo Mägi, Saara Mildeberg, Signe Reinumägi, Sille Luiga, Sofja Zdanova, Sophie Dragunevitš, Susanna Mildeberg, Taavi Tiirmaa, Tenno Viiding, Tiit Taimla, Toomas Tammaru, Tormi Torop, Triin Kordemets, Triin Rutens, Triinu Välja, Veigi Vesman, Virko Vesman VOLUNTEERS IN TARTU Andra Seepter, Anna Maria Metsa, Annely Albert, Anu Salumaa, Brita Kaasik, Britt Rosenberg, Els Kaev, Evelina Nõmme, Hedvig Sultson, Helen Aasa, Helen Räim, Juuli Puusepp, Kadri Allese, Kadri Miller, Kaija Rumm, Kaimo Kukk, Karet Eesmäe, Karoliine-Lisette Kõiv, Kristiine Kukk, Kristina Silaškova, Kristjan Soo, Kristjan-Julius Laak, Kärt Petser, Lagle-Marie Tamm, Laura Kabonen, Laura Pormeister, Liina-Mai Kaunissaare, Liis Vikerpuur, Liisa Tulvik, Maali Pruul, Maarja Aug, Martin Nõmm, Merit Kuldkepp, Piret Tamm, Sten Otsmaa, Toomas Muuli, Triinu Eesmaa, Tšeslav Nikitin, Ülli Tõnissoo
  20. 20. 20 17th Black Nights Film Festival 9. SUMMARY AND FUTURE PLANS The 17th BNFF had in total more than 77 500 visitors. • Showing films in DigiBeta and DVD format was finished • Using Blu-Ray as a film-carrying device was minimized at all of the Festival’s cinemas. More than 99 % of the films were shown in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format • The BNFF marketing communication was refreshed. An unitary vision between BNFF and the sub- festivals was created. A fresh and daring marketing direction • The number of the highly popular Gourmet Cinema screenings was raised • A new logistic and back-up system in correspondence with the DCP format was worked out in cooperation with the Estonian Digicentre • Subtitles were made available in all of the screening halls. Future plans • Making BNFF even more attractive to foreign guests, so that it would be a good reason to travel to Tallinn • Attracting even more sponsors and partners for BNFF as well as sub-festivals • Analyzing the organization’s structure and making the necessary corrections in sharing the tasks between the members of the team • To further develop marketing and communication activities through the channels of sponsors and partners • To complement the BNFF festivals’ activities through developing the „BNFF Outside of the Cinema Halls“ concept • Raising the average attendance at screenings and box office income through better planning of the screenings of films • Marketing BNFF and sub festivals as one unit more than they have been up till now • Finding new and fresh mediums in marketing to reach more specific targets, which demands upgrading the marketing and communication team • Concentrating even more on covering the festival in social media • Developing a system for managing the DCP format • Creating a cinema coordinator position in multiplex cinemas for the festival period • Creating the Festival’s opening and closing as an event in Tallinn for regular visitors of the Festival • Working out a new subtitling solution for the 2014 BNFF • By means of new solutions, raising the number of screenings with subtitles by at least 2/3 • Continuing developing the Festival’s domain software Eventival emanating from the needs of BNFF
  21. 21. 21 17th Black Nights Film Festival 10.1. CHILDREN AND YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL JUST FILM The thirteenth children and youth film festival Just Film (JF) took place 15. – 24.11 at Coca-Cola Plaza and Solaris Cinema. Altogether 108 screenings took place during the festival. Film program The program was divided in four sections: children’s films (14 films), youth films (17 films), street culture (9 films), children’s rights special program (7 films). Two films were screened as a part of the vocational education day and one film was screened as an United Motors special screening. 50 films were scheduled altogether. The Jury The films were judged by three juries: The International Jury: Janno Põldma, Maryanne Redpath, Oskari Sipola The Children’s Jury: Helena Köösel, Jaanika Jänes, Julius Välja, Lotte Triin Ugandi, Triin Aadma The Youth Jury: Anne Ott, Eva Ikkonen, Janno Rasmus Dreger, Jelizaveta Žatkina, Pille-Riin Eiskop Events • 15.11 JF Festival opening with the French children’s film “Oggy and the Cockroaches”. This was also the Estonian premiere of the film and it took place at Coca-Cola Plaza. • 16.11 Just Film’s “Big Dance Day”, during which groups of different age from Dance Act dance studio performed at Solaris Center. • 17.11 film-making workshop “Don’t bully the Other/him/her”, which was directed towards 13-18 year-old youth who are interested in film. The event took place at Telliskivi Creative City (Telliskivi Loomelinnak). • 22.11 Just Films and Sampler street culture party at club Sinilind, where DJ ANONYMOUS from Helsinki, Drummie & Orav, Sander Mölder, Peeter Ehala performed. • 23.11 Vocational Education Day during which two films were screened at Solaris Cinema’s Nokia hall. • 23.11 Just Film closing with the film “Kill Your Darlings” at Coca-Cola Plaza. • 23.11 Film competition “Once in our village…” official closing, awarding of the winners and showing of the best films. Guests The festival’s honoured guest and also one of the members of the international jury was Maryanne Redpath, the director of Berlin film festival Berlinale’s children and youth film program Generation. The festival was also visited by Vladimir Alenikov, the director of the film “The Princess’ War”. Communication • Catalogue – 5000 pcs, 64 pages, in Estonian, English, Russian, was handed out for free in schools, youth centers, cafés, Piletilevi ticket centers, cinemas, BNFF information centers; • The Just Film newspaper – Just Newspaper (Just Leht), 2 numbers, which were published along with the Postimees newspaper (15.11 and 19.11) and were handed out for free at BNFF information centers. The first newspaper had 8 pages, the second one 4 pages and the circulation was altogether 48 000; • Posters – 150 pcs (with the schedule and without), format A2, handed out at schools and youth centers in Tallinn and Harju County, BNFF information centers and at the Dance Act dance studio. • Large posters at Cinemas – 5 pcs, format B1, which were on display at Solaris Cinema and Coca-Cola Plaza; • Flyers – 1000 pcs of United Motors flyers, in which the Just Film schedule and United Motors information was provided. Handed out at the BNFF information centers; • Flyers – 2000 pcs of children’s rights special program flyers, which included information about the program and screenings; • Roll-up – at the Solaris Center • Souvenirs – Just Film candies, stickers, crochet wolves “Hundu” in two sizes, Just Film balloons; • Stickers – 3000 psc, with three different color combinations, handed out at the BNFF information centers and schools; • Direct marketing – catalogues, newsletters on e-mail accounts, information for schools, children’s daycare centers, youth centers, hobby groups, teachers, and the members of the Teachers Club (30). In addition, the ISIC/IYTC and Nordea newsletters; • Film introductions – in the Just Film catalogue, home page, BNFF home page, Just Film’s Facebook page, Coca-Cola Plaza’s home page, internet forums, BNFF information centers, Delfi Young Voice page, on the home pages of Netiemme and Perefoorum; • Logo – on BNFF prints, sub festival catalogues; • Trailer – 15 sec, before every screening, on Solaris center’s screens and public transport screens; three longer trailers with the film program for the school tour, which were shown in schools in Tallinn. • Commercial clip – 15 sec, shown on public transport screens for 3 weeks and 2 weeks on television (TV6, Tallinn TV ja channel 3+)
  22. 22. 22 17th Black Nights Film Festival • Radio clip – 15 sec, Spin FM, Power Hit Radio, ERR radio channels (Raadio 2, Vikerraadio, Klassikaraadio); • Public Broadcast – 15 sec, at Solaris Center; • Television clips on programs – OP, Terevisioon, Kinominutid, Maahommik; • Web page – www.justfilm.ee; • Web banners – poff.ee, facebook.com., netiemme.ee, perefoorum.ee, lastekaitseliit.ee, Delfi’s Youth Voice (Delfi noorte hääl) at publik.delfi.ee; • Press conference – 07.11.2013 Press conference for BNFF and sub-festivals at Nordea Bank headquarters; • Press releases – “The advance sale of Just Film tickets has begun!” (5.11.2013), “The holder of a new record of visitors Just Film handed out awards” (25.11.2013); • Promotion tours at schools – visiting schools, where the festival program was presented, the ongoing video competition “Once upon a time in our village…” was introduced and information materials were handed out. In addition to the schools, youth centers were visited (40 altogether): Haapsalu “Vesiroosi” Secondary School, Tallinn 32nd Secondary School, Järvakandi Secondary school, Tallinn Nõmme Basic School, Järve youth center, Rahumäe Basic School, Tallinn 21st secondary school, Harku Youth Center, Tallinn Laagna Secondary school, Keila Coeducational secondary school, Tabasalu youth center, Tallinn Pelgulinna Secondary school, Pääsküla Yourh Center, Tallinn Õismäe Secondary School, Ristiku Basic School, Jakob Westholm Secondary School, Rapla Secondary School, Pääsküla Secondary School, Tallinn Lilleküla Secondary School, Kalamaja Basic, Tallinn 37th Secondary School, Tallinn English College, Rahumäe Basic School, Tallinn Sikupilli Secondary School, Tallinn Südalinna School, Tallinn Kristiine Secondary School, Nõmme Basic School, Tallinn Humaritarian Secondary School, Rocca Al Mare School, Tallinn Secondary School of Art, Pirita High School of Economics, Lasnamäe Secondary School, EBS High School Gymnasium, Kivimäe Basic School, Nõmme Private School, Järveotsa Secondary School, Kadrina Secondary School, Õismäe Secondary School, Tallinn Secondary School of Technology, Kambja Basic School; • Teacher´s Club information day – the members of the club were presented with the upcoming program, methods of how to analyze films with students was discussed; The Young Critics Club – a 10 member young critics club was active during the festival, who wrote film reviews for the JF web page and Just Film newspapers; • Video competition “Once upon a time in our village …” – a video competition organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, which was comprised of teaching children how to make films.The films that participated in the competition are available at the Delfi Estonian Life web page (Delfi Eesti elu portaal), on which the audiences favorite was selected. The winners were awarded on the 23.11.2013 at Solaris cinema; • Advertisement in newspapers – In Postimees, under the weather report section 12.11. and 15.11.2013; • JCDecaux outdoor surfaces – a week before and during the festival Just Film advertisement posters with the scheduls were represented around schools in Tallinn and in popular gathering points (83 pcs); • Just Film feedback questionnaires – 2500 pcs, handed out after screenings in order to select the audience’s favourite film. • Ticket contests – Delfi Youth Voice (Delfi Noorte Hääl), Just Film Facebook, opening screening prize game, Netiemme.ee, Sebe ticket contest, ticket contest of Federation of Estonian Student Unions; • Car wrap advertising – 2 Just Film themed cars; • Newsletters – weekly newsletters for teachers, schools, hobby groups, youth centers and feedback contacts; • Coverage in printed newspapers – BNFF special newspaper, magazine Mood, newspaper Sirp; Feedback The JF number of visitors (with accredited guests) was 14 550. Additional information All of the JF films were screened with Estonian subtitles (excl. the street culture special program). The films targeting the youngest audience had dubbing in Estonian (8 films). The Films were dubbed by Hans Kaldoja. Supporters The Council of Gambling Tax, Sports and Youth Department of Tallinn, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ombudsman for Children, Estonian Union for Child Welfare, National Foundation of Civil Society. Organizers Mikk Granström – executive manager Maarit Männama – festival’s program coordinator Kairi Välling – marketing director Kärt Väinola – manager of the guest department, marketing assistant Peter Stumbur – coordinator of the school tours and organizer of special events Helene Vetik, Karl Saluveer – design Hannes Aava – compiler of the catalogue texts Jürgen Peil – festival assistant
  23. 23. 23 17th Black Nights Film Festival 10.2 ANIMATED FILM FESTIVAL ANIMATED DREAMS Celebrating to fifteenth birthday, the Animated Film Festival Animated Dreams (AD) was held from 27.11 – 1.12.2013 at cinema Sõprus (15 screenings), cinema Artis (28 screenings and a comis fair) and Solaris cinema (1 screening). There were altogether 44 screenings during Animated Dreams. Film Program Altogether 166 short films and 6 feature films from 29 countries were screened. This year’s focus was on Canada. The four competition programs had altogether 35 short films. The jury comprised of Malcolm Sutherland from Canada, Eija Saarinen from Finland and Anu-Laura Tuttelberg from Estonia. Winners of the Competition Programs Animated Dreams Grand Prix – the Wooden Wolf award went to the film “The Banquet of the Concubine”. “Koukou” was noted as the best abstract animation, and the award for best sound went to “Electric Soul”. The jury also gave out two special awards that went to “Tongue-tied” and “Plug & Play”. For the fifth time the award “Ajukraan” (“Brain Tap”) by the Estonian Academy of Arts was given, it went to “But Milk Is Important”. Special Programs • Opening day screening – at the celebrative opening of the Festival’s 15th birthday animated birthday cards were screened together with two Estonian short films “Sünnipäev” (“Birthday”) by Janno Põldma and “XYZtopia” by Martinus Daane Klement; • Animated feature films (6 films) – the best feature films of the last two years; • Panorama (2 programs) – the world’s best animated films, which were close to making it to the competition program (20 short films); • New Estonian Animation – the best Estonian animation in the last two years (9 short films); • Animated Dreams 15 – the best Estonian animations since the year 2000 (10 films). The films were also released as a separate DVD compilation; • Canada in Focus – 11 short films; • Malcolm Sutherland’s Special Program – the best of the renowned Canadian animator (13 short films); • Flatpack Festival presents – The UK short film festival’s selection of the best British animations in the last three years (10 films); • Futurescope Special Program – special program for contemporary animation (12 short films); • Night Program: Vive l’Amour – the late-night program for adults, that discussed love and human relationships (11 short films); • Night Screening: Oh the Horror! – a selection of the most horrifying short films (5 short films); • The best of International Student Animation – the world’s best student films by students renowned such schools from as the Royal College of Art in the United Kindom or the Turu Art Academy in Finland (20 short films); • Children’s Animation Program (Mudilaste Multilaegas) – animations without dialogue, the best films by students from renowned animation schools (11 films); Events • 27.11 AD opening at Sõprus cinema and the following opening party at salon Shahmatt • 29.11 Industry Days at Nordic Hotel Forum, presentations and discussions under the headline “Animation 15 years ago and 15 years from now”; • 29.11 AD after party at Kanala. Performances by Rain Tolk, Kristopher Luigend, Erki Pruul, VÄLK DJs (Tõnis Hiiesalu & Madis Ligema). Visuals by VJ Kashel; • 30.11 comics fair at Artis cinema; • 30.11 AD formal closing ceremony along with the closing of BNFF; Guests In 2013, Animated Dreams festival had 6 foreign guests, among them the members of the Jury Malcolm Sutherland (Canada) and Eija Saarinen (Finland); AD offered a chance to get accredited to all Estonians and foreigners interested in animation. All of the directors, jury members and presenters of the festival had the possibility to be fully accredited by AD festival and were offered free accommodation at Nordic Hotel Forum.
  24. 24. 24 17th Black Nights Film Festival Marketing • Catalogue – 200 pcs 56 pages, in Estonian and English, handed out for free • Posters – 50 pcs, posters A2 format were put up at schools and at BNFF information centers, at Tallinn Art Hall (Kunstihoone) and at Nukufilm. In addition there were 50 posters that the visitors were able to draw designs on themselves; • Poster – 5 pcs format B1 was exhibited at cinemas • Stickers – 1000 pcs, many different designs, handed out for free • Roll-up – cinema Sõprus • JCDecaux outdoor advertisement surfaces – 50 surfaces all over Tallinn • Large outdoor poster – on cinema Sõprus façade • Trailer – 15 sec on public transport screens during one week • Advertisement clip – 15 sec. Shown on three television channels during one week (TV6, TV3, Channel 11) • Home page – www.anima.ee • Social media – 3000 fans on Facebook, ticket competitions on Facebook • Target group marketing information – newsletters and information on the cinema Sõprus home page and in social media. • Press conference – 7.11 the BNFF and sub-festivals’ press conference at the Nordea building • Information centers – posters, stickers, catalogues at the BNFF information centers Souvenirs Stickers, canvas bags, pencils, pillow cases. Foreign marketing The advertisement for the festival appeared in the ReAnima International Animation Film Festival catalogue. Cooperation with Flatpack Festival and FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival. The number of visitors of AD (including visits with a accreditation) was 2960. Organizers Mikk Granström – executive manager Maarit Männama – the festival program coordinator Kairi Välling – marketing manager Mari-Liis Rebane – compiler of the program Kärt Väinola – manager of the guest department, marketing assistant Peter Stumbur – compiler of the program Hannes Aava – compiler of the program Jürgen Peil – festival assistant
  25. 25. 25 17th Black Nights Film Festival 10.3 INDUSTRY@TALLINN2013 – BNFF INTERNATIONAL FILM INDUSTRY PROGRAM 25.–28.11.2013 Industry@Tallinn events consist of the Black Nights Film Festival international film industry program and Baltic Event. Held for the fifth time, the purpose of Industry@Tallinn to build relationships between Estonian filmma- kers and filmmakers from neighboring countries as well as with the international film industry, in order to pro- mote co-production and distribution and develop local knowhow through meetings, screenings and works- hops with top film industry professionals. The event takes place in co-operation with Estonian Film Cluster. For the second year the BNFF film industry program focused on Asian & North-American markets. Due to Estonia’s unique geographic location in the crossroads of North-American and Asian flight travels and BNFF’s good reputation among independent film makers in both regions. The program introduced co-production possibilities for professionals in the Baltics as well as presented production possibilities in the region to fo- reign producers and filmmakers. Industry events The Industry@Tallinn event started with location scouting for foreign producers to the Tallinn Open Air Mu- seum and Haapsalu City on 25th November (in co-operation with Haapsalu City and SA Haapsalu & Lää- nemaa County Museums). In addition to excursions, the foreign guests were presented trailers of Estonian production studios and location photos from all over Estonia. The opening event of Industry@Tallinn took place in the restaurant HETK in the evening. BNFF film industry program followed on the next day in Nordic Hotel Forum with panel discussions and mee- tings about Asian and American markets. Several acclaimed producers from Hollywood attended the events: the producer of the film “Drive” (Nicholas Winding Refn) Garrick Dion; the Vice President of Production and Development at Mosaic Media Group Gloria Fan from the production company of films like “Batman: The Dark Knight” (Christopher Nolan) and “Season of the Witch” (Dominic Sena); and TJ Park (South Korea), who produced “Snowpiercer” (Joon-ho Bong), the highest grossing Korean film of all time, shot on location in Prague, Czech Republic. He is also the representative of Korea’s Producers Guild (PGK), which includes over 200 Korea’s production houses. The goal was to mediate the expectations of Korean producers to European partners as well as create a contact with PGK to present co-operation info about Estonia and Estonian Film Cluster to 200 Korean producers. One of the most significant events during Industry@Tallinn was the signing of a co-operation memorandum between the Estonian Film Institute and Korean Film Institute on 27th November. The agreement is significant in Europe as a whole, as it (Estonians after France Estonia) sets a way for other member states in creative industries. The memorandum assures Korea’s producers and film policy makers that Estonia and Estonian Film Cluster are reliable partners. The signing of the agreement was preceded by a panel discussion about co-production possibilities with Korea by the Korean delegation, a representative of Producers Guild and many producers. As a new initiative, a co-operation between programmers of established film festivals were advanced through a new set of panels – Film Festival Programmer Talks. Established film festivals like Venice, Cannes, Toron- to, Nippon Connection (Germany), Pusan (South Korea), Puchon (South Korea), Karlovy Vary participated in those discussions. Tallinn has the potential to become an end-of-the-year meeting place for festival program- mers. The goal was to establish a networking platform and create contacts between major festivals and local producers and thereby enhancing the better distribution of local films in major festivals. For the second year the focus of Industry@Tallinn was targeted again on Estonian film music. In cooperation with Tallinn Music Week, Estonian Film Music Showcase was held on 26th November in Von Krahl Theatre, together with a pitching session from the musicians to the producers. The event was preceded by a pitching training session by leading musical agents Graham Walker (UK) and Chris Douridas (US). Estonian Film Music Showcase was also introduced by Estonian film music website (www.filmmusic.ee) for both locals and inter- nationals, for enthusiasts and professionals. The website that was opened in 2012 introduces over 30 active composers of film music together with examples of their work and contacts of their managers. A detailed program of Industry@Tallinn is available on the web-page at: www.blackmarketonline.eu/demo/ program-schedule. The profiles of panelists can be found at: www.blackmarketonline.eu/demo/speakers
  26. 26. 26 17th Black Nights Film Festival Participants There were 300 film industry representatives accredited to the Industry@Tallinn events, including the BNFF film industry program and Baltic Event, of whom 243 were foreign guests from 39 different countries. Pro- ducers, film institutions, festivals, film critics and journalists were represented among all of the accredited guests. Tallinn Black Nights Film festival was attended by 29 foreign press members (journalists, panelists, film cri- tics). In addition, the event was covered by young film critics of Nisimazine (16) and Young Tallints (5) as a new initiative. An overview of the international coverage is enclosed to the report. Online film market Black Market Online (BMO) Black Market Online (BMO – www. blackmarketonline.eu) – the regional film market website for all accredited guests – was opened in 2010. BMO is mainly directed to film professionals and potential buyers, giving an all-year-round overview about film production, projects in work, film distribution and film industry contacts in the Baltic and Nordic countries, Russia, Central and South-East Asia region. It enables to watch new films in a secure online environment. Marketing & Media All industry events in Tallinn were gathered under common name – Industry@Tallinn – emphasizing the region were industry forum takes place in, the goal is to increase the international visibility of Tallinn and Estonia as a place for filming locations and production. During 2013, the international promotion of the program increased considerably through communication with foreign press and through media coverage. Weekly online newsletters were sent out to film industries, introducing the Festival’s and industry’s program, the panelists, and Tallinn in general as a good place to visit. Facebook page can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/TallinnIndustryDays). BNFF and Industry@Tallinn reached main film industry press forums mainly because of the signing of the international memorandum by Korean and Estonian film institutions (covered by Cineeuropa, Hollywood Re- porter, Screen Daily, filmfestivals.com, Twitchfilm.com).  In addition, the festival was largely covered by newspapers/portals in Germany (Spiegel Online, Südwest Presse), Finland (YLE TV), Russia (CTV TV), France (Radio France) and Mexico (El Diario). The Industry@Tallinn 2013 BNFF film industry program team Sten Kristian Saluveer – Head of the Film Industry Program Heili Jõe – Production, BMO Manager Heidi Koppel – Hospitality Manager Maris Hellrand – International Press & Communication Industry event’s volunteers: Helen Lõhmus, Hanka Hanga, Anu Uibo, Kristi Rimm, Elina Litvinova.
  27. 27. 27 17th Black Nights Film Festival 10.4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL SLEEPWALKERS The Black Nights Film Festival’s sub-festival Sleepwalkers (SW) was held on 19 – 23.11.2013 at Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University (BFM). The festival was held for the 13th time, the partner of the last two has been BFM. What makes the festival unique, is that it is organized under the leadership of BFM by Tallinn University as a whole, with the involvement of students and teaching staff as volunteers or crew members. An important aspect of Sleepwalkers is cooperation – between film schools, film students and the film industry. During the festival, Tallinn University was transformed into a state-of-the-art campus for experiencing film, the new Nova building at the heart of it. A total of 16 screenings were held at the SuperNova film theater and at the TV studio that was redesigned as the Sleepwalkers Cinema for the festival. In addition, the Festival’s films were shown at the Tallinn University Europe Hall and as a part of the BNFF program in Tallinn at Artis cinema and at Tartu Electrical Theatre (Tartu Elektriteater) (5 screenings in total). The Mission The name Sleepwalkers is based on the idea of sleepwalking, in which the story passes as a short film of the same length as a dream. In the given context the filmmaker is the sleepwalker. The Festival’s mission is to once a year recognize the short film makers, whose visions are the most professional. Sleepwalkers bring together a diverse selection of world-class student and short films. In addition, the festival week fits workshops and special events. Film program This year the Festival received over 1600 films from 66 countries. 113 short films from 28 countries made it to the main program. 14 film schools were represented in the student film competition program. SW consisted of four competition programs: 1. The International Short Film Competition Program (3 screenings, 16 films) Winner: MYSTERY (misterio, dir. Chema García Ibarra, Spain) Prize: 1000 EUR Prize given out by: Starman 2. Estonian Short Film Competition Program (2 screenings, 11 films) Winner: PHOTO (Foto, dir. Katrin Maimik, Jan Erik Nõgisto) Prize: gift card worth 1000 EUR Prize given out by: Canon Overall 3. International Student Film Competition Program (3 screenings, 14 films) Winner: THE MASS OF MEN (dir. Gabriel Gauchet, United Kingdom) Prize: 1000 EUR Prize given out by: Levira Honorable mention: THE FOURTH (“Neljas“ dir. Liis Lepik, Estonia) 4. The Baltic Sea Region Competition Program (3 screenings, 16 films) Winner: MONEY BACK, PLEASE (dir. Even Hafnor, Norway) Prize: 1000 EUR Prize given out by: ERR Honorable mention: THE WHISTLE (dir. Grzegorz Zariczny, Poland) Honorable mention: EMERGENCY CALLS (dir. Hannes Vartiainen, Finland) Special Programs In addition to the main programs there were also traditional (e.g. Vitamin Pills program) and new (e.g. night cinema) special programs. • Screen Academy Scotland – a retrospective of the film school • Vitamin Pills – (2 screenings, 11 films) • Sleepwalkers@BNFF: SHORT Matters! – the tour of the European Film Academy short film nominations 2013 ( 3 screenings, 14 films) • Sleepwalkers@BNFF: Sleepwalkers presents: the best European documentaries (1 screening, 5 films) • Best of Sleepwalkers@BNFF (1 screening, 5 films)
  28. 28. 28 17th Black Nights Film Festival The films were assessed by two juries • The jury of the International Student Film Competition Program and the International Short Film Competition Program: Louis Savy (United Kingdom) London Sci-Fi festival Sirkka Möller (Germany) Berlinale Talent Campus Anna Hints (Estonia), director of “Free Land” („Vaba maa“) and winner of 2012 Sleepwalkers festival International competition Program • The jury of the Baltic Sea Region Competition Program and Estonian Competition Program: Ulla Bergström (Finland) DocPoint Film Festival Alexei Dmitriev (Russia) Director’s Lounge Aivar Laan (Estonia) Tallinn Rooftop Cinema (Tallinna Katusekino) The Grand Prix The juries submitted one film from each program, which was nominated for the Festival’s Grand Prix.The jury’s selection was based on the festival’s concept, in which a short film focuses on one memorable event, like a dream. The main prize was a pair of Sleepwalkers glasses by Karl Annus. Competing films were: • Baltic Sea Region Competition Program: “Money Back, Please” (dir. Even Hafnor, Norway) • Estonian Short Film Competition Program: “Mai” (dir. Maria Reinup, Estonia) • Student Film Competition Program: “Fourth” (dir. Liis Lepik, Estonia) • International Short Film Competition Program: “Mystery” (dir. Chema García Ibarra, Spain) • The Final Selection was made by the audience of three Grand Prix screenings. The audience voted “Money Back, Please” as the winner (dir. Even Hafnor, Norway). There was a lottery between the voters for winning a box with products by Saku Brewery. Special Events The idea behind Sleepwalkers is to bring film students, professionals and film enthusiasts together to share experiences, to create together new solutions and increase networks for communicating. For this purpose, workshops, a conference and open lectures were held in addition to the film programs. For the first time, in collaboration with Unitas Foundation, the Baltic Bridges seminar as well as the cross me- dia conference and workshop under the leadership of Baltic Film and Media School were held. Brian Palmer and Louis Savy held open lectures, in order to speak about civil courage and how to organize evocative grand events with practically no means. Special Events Schedule • 19.11 The opening ceremony of the Festival at the Tallinn University Astra Forum, opening screening at the European Hall. • 20.11 Baltic Bridges Workshop • 20.11 Brian Palmer’s open inspirational lecture – The heroes we carry with us, at the Astra auditorium A222 (in English) • 20.11 Louis Savy (London Sci-Fi Film Festival) open lecture – “How to make impossible possible”, Astra auditorium A222 (in English) • 20.11 After party at club Hetk • 21.11 Baltic Bridges Workshop • 21.11 After party at club Het • 22.11 Cross Media Conference and workshop at Nova building, room N207 • 22.11 Baltic Bridges Workshop • 22.11 Sleepwalkers Tram Party • 22.11 After Party at club Hetk • 23.11 Closing Ceremony at Tallinn TV Tower • 23.11 Festival closing party at club Lucky Luke Participant statistics • Ca. 500-600 people visited the screenings • Ca. 500 people took part of the special events • Ca. 1500 people took part in the marketing events
  29. 29. 29 17th Black Nights Film Festival Marketing and Communication This time the SW marketing strategy was focused on the environment that the festival took place in – Tallinn University (TU). SW main objective in 2013 was to achieve a level of awareness and familiarity in the TU stu- dent and staff cirlcles (ca 11 000 people), which, in the evaluation of the organizers, was achieved. In addition to targeting the students at Tallinn University, the aim was to acquaint SW to the students in Tallinn in general. For this purpose, the cooperation with the Federation of Estonian Student Unions was arranged, whose organizing of Tallinn Student Autumn Days included the first flashmob in Estonia, that had over 1000 participants. The flashmob was recorded by BFM students and was made into the festival’s trailer. Additio- nally a special event was held at club Rock Cafe, during which BFM student films were shown and SW was advertised. In 2014 even more attention will be given to the awareness about SW among Tallinn students and including them into the festival. The Festival’s home page: www.swff.ee (in Estonian and English) The Festival’s social media channels: www.facebook.com/SleepwalkersFF www.youtube.com/SleepwalkersOFFICIAL The Festival’s prints and textiles: • The catalogue – 86 pages, the festival’s catalogue gave an overview of the films of the festival • Table tents with the program – distributed at all the academic units, university cafeterias and other popular places • Posters (the main poster, poster for special events, posters with the program etc.) • Flyers • SW glasses (functioned as a voucher at the flashmob to get access into sponsor bars, invitations for closing events, souvenirs at partner events) • Business cards • Roll-ups (general, with sponsor´s logos) • Photo walls (2 pcs) • Team sweaters and T-shirts Marketing events for the Festival: • An Introduction for TU first-year students in the framework of the informational event “Stardipauk” • Rock Cafe film party • Flashmob at the Tallinn Student Autumn Days opening event • Festival’s videos • Festival’s trailer • Festival’s creative introductory clips • Advertisement clips (e.g. for Vipline and Hotel Viru) • Student TV news (tudeng.tv) • Video blog at the SW YouTube channel Channels of communication: • Press releases, articles, interviews and news at the TU, BFM, BNFF and SW web page (in Estonian and English) • Press releases at the BNFF press list and TU media networks • Press conference for the sub-festivals and BNFF main festival at Nordea Bank Ticket sales • Full price ticket 5 EUR • Discount ticket (for holders of a student card or an ISIC card) 3 EUR • Festival pass 25 EUR With a pass one could take out 1 pass ticket to each Sleepwalkers session, and buy an additional ticket for a companion with a special “friend” price. The pass ensured a ticket-free entrance for all the Sleepwalkers screenings provided there were free seats, and free entrance to all the Sleepwalkers special events. Sleepwal- kers screening had the total of 458 visitors. Supporters SW awards were given out by Levira, Starman, ERR and Canon Overall. SW main supporter was the printing company Vipline. The Baltic Bridges workshop was sponsored by the Unitas Foundation. The accommodation partner was Sokos Hotel Viru. The sound and lighting solutions were provided by EventCenter. The transport of the guests in the Baltic region was sponsored by Lux Express.
  30. 30. 30 17th Black Nights Film Festival The team In total, the team of the Festival included over 50 team members and volunteers. Among them were pupils, students, members of the staff of the University as well as other people interested in the project. In addition specialists of different areas were enrolled as consultants (e.g. in communication, cross media etc.). Orga- nizing the Festival is a good opportunity for the students to learn from and practice with the professionals. On the other hand, a new community of young students striving to be professionals was formed, who are an unique target group for sponsors and supporters. Most of the team members and volunteers have shown interest in continuing to organize the festival. PROGRAM Laurence Boyce – program manager Grete Nellis – technical and logistics coordinator Ra Ragnar Novod – program assistant Henryk Johan Novod – program assistant ADMINISTRATION Peter Murdmaa – festival manager Kadri Kiigema – development manager Siiri Häidma – coordinator of the guest and volunteer department Ramona-Riin Dremljuga – finance coordinator Beáta Baranová – festival assistant SPECIAL EVENTS Liina Paakspuu – Baltic Bridges project manager Gretlyn Kangro – Baltic Bridges project manager assistant Ramona-Riin Dremljuga – Baltic Bridges project manager assistant Kadri Penjam – cross media conference and workshop project manager Liisa Koppel – special events and ticket sales coordinator Sandra Pihlak – special events organizer COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING Tormis Laanisto – marketing and communication coordinator Kätlin Hallik – communication, press Elisa Avik – communication, StudentTV Ragnar Roostalu – advertisement Karl-Joosep Kaasik – sponsors Madis Kivistik – sponsorid Kadri Liis Rääk – festival designer Rain Juhkam – webmaster VOLUNTEERS Ragnar Roostalu, Joosep Kaasik, Madis Kivistik, Piret Liivik, Eliise Eimre, Kertu Vider, Kadi Hainas, Sandra Pikk, Aili Alber, Laura Ida Karoliina Koivisto, Mert Yarbaoglu, Heli Haav, Raiko Suits, Kulla Laas, Domenico Malcangi, Aleksandrs Okonovs, George Groshkov, Laurynas Gailius, Adriana Sandu, Pietari Timo Olavi Koskinen, Emils Skrivelis, Peep Plakso, Kätlin Luht, Helen Kauksi, Karilin Tammik, Cärol Liis Metsla, Andra Rotaru, Mariam Afrahi, Maarit Stepanov, Ra Ragnar Novod, Henryk Johan Novod, Helen Schasmin, Grete-Liisa Sihver, Grete Mai Keert, Francesca Lo Giudice, Kreeta Savet, Jana Kütt, Eliise Peelo, Siiri Sommer
  31. 31. 31 17th Black Nights Film Festival 10.5. FILM AND CO-PRODUCTION MARKET BALTIC EVENT The 12th international film and co-production market Baltic Event (BE) was held in Tallinn at Nordic Hotel Forum from 26 – 29 November in 2013 in co-operation with BNFF. BE is focused on three aspects – on co-production projects in the Baltic and Scandinavian region, also in Central and Eastern European count- ries and Russia BE, B’EST and POWR; on films that will be released soon Coming Soon and films that have already been released Screenings. In 2013 the Baltic Event in Tallinn was attended by 36 sales agents, film distributors, buyers from television, 25 film found financers/investors, 8 festival representatives/program selectors and 110 producers, which created a good environment for active sales. Altogether 229 international film industry representatives were accredited to the event. In the BE film program Baltic films, that were released during the last year or were being released shortly were shown in order to introduce new film productions to sales agents, film distributors, buyers from televi- sion stations and program managers of festivals. The films shown were – from Estonia, “Tangerines” (Zaza Urushadze, collaboration with Georgia, the Estonian production by Allfilm, was awarded with the BNFF best Estonian film award Heave(i)n and the International Federatiton of Film Societies (FICC) jury prize Don Quijo- te), “Living Images “ (Hardi Volmer, Exitfilm), “Kertu” (Ilmar Raag, Amrion) and “Free Range” (Veiko Õunpuu, Homeless Bob Productions, project participated in the 2011 BE co-production market), from Latvia “Gradua- tion Year” (Andris Gauja), “Mushroomers” (Ivars Tontegode), “Dream Team 1935” (Aigars Grauba) and from Lithuania “The Gambler” (Ignas Jonysas, in collaboration with Latvia), “Santa” (Marius Ivaškevicius, a partici- pating project of the 2011 BE co-production market) “Name in the Dark” (Agne Marcinkeviciute, a participa- ting project of the 2010 BE co-production market) and “The Excursionist” (Audrius Juzėnas, a participating project of the 2008 BE co-production market). The Coming Soon program presented Estonian (4), Latvian (2), Lithuanian (2) and Finnish (3) films that are in production or post-production. A special focus was on presenting the Coming Soon project from Kyrgyzstan. The co-production market BE and the training and promotion workshop B’EST In 2013, the 9th Baltic Event co-production market was held, which was opened to all fiction feature film pro- jects with a cinema distribution potential from the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. From the projects applied, 12 projects were chosen by international experts: including two films from Estonia and Fin- land and one from Latvia, Croatia, Rumania, Greece Denmark, Lithuania, Ukraine and – the country in focus – Kyrgyzstan. In addition, a project was presented from Kazakhstan, the country in focus at last year’s event. For the second time the training and promotion workshop Baltic Bridge East by West (B‘EST) was held, which is organized in collaboration with the St Petersburg Film Festival, Northern Seas Film Forum and EAVE training organization. 5 projects were selected from the European Union and 5 from CIS and Georgia. The first 5-day stage of the workshop took place in September, in st Petersburg, in the meantime the developed project was being worked on in Tallinn under the EAVE trainers’ eye for another two days and the event cul- minated with a public pitching for the Baltic Event guests. The projects selected for BE and B’EST were granted the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with film agents, distributors, festival representatives and co-production representatives. In total 360 meetings were arranged. For the 6th time POWR Baltic Stories Exchange workshop for screenwriters and presentation of fiction feature film projects in early stages of development was organized in the frame of BE. The purpose of the event organized in collaboration with Baltic and Nordic MEDIA Desks, Torino Film Lab, Estonian Cultural Endowment and Baltic Event is to develop the local screenwriting talent and fiction films that are in the early stages of development. The conductors or the workshop were the development manager of Torino Film Lab Valeria Richter and the screenwriter, editor, consultant and lecturer Antonia Piazza. POWR was attended by 8 screenwriters from Scandinavia and the Baltics. The BE/B’EST discussion panels and seminars consider the needs of producers on the film project basis. A lecture for sales agents was held (Frederic Corvez), a lecture on musical rights (Laurence Kaye), a round table discussion on film distribution in the Baltics under the name STEP-IN and the presentation and talk with Kyrgyzstan, the country in focus.
  32. 32. 32 17th Black Nights Film Festival Supporters and Partners The Baltic Event supporters are the European Commission MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus programs, Estonian Film Institute Foundation, Estonian Cultural Endowment, National Film Center of Latvia, Enterprise Estonia and the European Regional Development Fund and Nordic Hotel Forum. The partners of Baltic Event are Cannes film market Marché du Film Producers’ Network, Sarajevo Film Festival co-operation market Cinelink, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Co-operation Market (Pitch&Feedback program), Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Commission, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and film industry publications Screen International and Film New Europe. The B’EST co-organizers are the European producers’ training program EAVE, CTB Film Company and RFilms from Russia and St Petersburg International Film Festival and film market Northern Seas Film Forum. The POWR co-organizers are Torino Film Lab and the Baltic and Scandinavian representatives of Creative Europe MEDIA. Organizers Riina Sildos – General Manager Marge Liiske – CEO Eda Koppel – Event Planning, Press, Marketing Kadri Kask – Coordinator of the Guest Department (transport, logistics, housing, accrediting etc.) Alice Aasmäe-Kahar – Assistant Coordinator of the Guest Department Leana Jalukse – Manager of Co-operation Market Liisi Jalukse – Assistant Coordinator of the Guest Department and Assistant Manager of Co-operation Market Helen Serka-Sanchez – Assistant Manager of Co-operation Market Anu Ernits – POWR Workshop Manager Lili Pilt – POWR Workshop Coordinator Liisi Puhk – B’EST Coordinator Katrin Remmelkoor – Marketing, Reception Organizing
  33. 33. 33 17th Black Nights Film Festival 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 Films in total (according to length) 551 540 526 676 475 465 403 536 444 553 429 392 327 259 184 65 28 Feature films 257 263 260 267 262 249 211 235 200 209 166 162 138 125 100 62 25 Short films 294 277 266 409 213 216 192 301 244 344 263 230 189 134 84 3 3 Films in total (according to genre) 551 540 526 676 475 465 403 536 444 553 429 392 327 259 184 65 28 Fiction 332 322 242 301 273 257 227 296 227 258 225 233 172 151 110 44 26 Documentaries 34 52 48 86 61 51 57 63 38 47 39 41 23 20 4 21 0 Animated film 173 155 232 236 134 136 119 177 179 144 165 118 132 88 70 0 2 Experimental film 12 11 0 21 7 6 104 Music videos 0 0 4 32 15 NUMBER OF VIEWERS 75779 66929 73106 68145 53030 56427 52330 48457 48871 47517 47473 39500 36200 36800 23600 9500 4500 CINEMAS AND SESSIONS 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 Coca-Cola Plaza 1. (Tallinn) 513 seats 1 Coca-Cola Plaza 2. (Tallinn) 303 seats 50 40 39 34 32 27 250 256 261 Coca-Cola Plaza 3. (Tallinn) 118 seats 11 Coca-Cola Plaza 4. (Tallinn) 112 seats 34 Coca-Cola Plaza 6. (Tallinn) 112 seats 46 Coca-Cola Plaza 7. (Tallinn) 178 seats 40 Coca-Cola Plaza 8. (Tallinn) 158 seats 53 Coca-Cola Plaza 9. (Tallinn) 116 seats 51 43 31 Coca-Cola Plaza 10. (Tallinn) 177 seats 52 1 16 7 Sakala Centre grand hall (Tallinn) 1 35 43 40 26 16 Sakala Centre small hall (Tallinn) 35 42 41 27 14 Cinema Kosmos grand hall (Tallinn) 848 seats 13 27 35 73 46 44 42 49 39 37 35 7 Cinema Kosmos small hall (Tallinn) 60 seats 22 31 29 65 43 47 32 39 30 36 35 Cinema Sõprus (Tallinn) 261 seats 65 48 50 54 60 85 82 66 72 43 45 45 15 6 4 Cinema House (Tallinn) 36 50 48 67 57 27 36 39 41 46 31 37 Russian Theatre (Tallinn) 1 1 31 31 45 24 21 7 Estonian Puppet Theatre (Tallinn) 9 22 33 28 28 22 Russian Culture Centre (Tallinn) 1 33 33 27 12 Sütiste House (Tallinn) 14 Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn) 120 seats 55 48 44 39 45 11 Von Krahl Cinema (Tallinn) 4 Kumu auditorium (Tallinn) 38 36 27 31 42 37 39 Theatre NO99 (Tallinn) 19 National Library of Estonia (Tallinn) 29 Linnahall (Tallinn) 1 Estonia Concert Hall (Tallinn) 1 Kanuti Guild Hall (Tallinn) 130 kohta 11 2 Viru Centre (Tallinn) 1 1 Solaris Kino 1 Kalevi hall (Tallinn) 525 seats 1 1 14 Solaris Cinema 4 (Tallinn) 183 seats 91 Solaris Cinema 6 (Tallinn) 76 seats 2 57 55 Solaris Cinema 7 (Tallinn) 86 seats 88 71 60 Solaris Cinema 2 Saku hall (Tallinn) 408 seats 55 47 39 41 40 Solaris Cinema 3 Nokia hall (Tallinn) 226 seats 69 60 57 66 Nokia Concert Hall (Tallinn) 1830 seats 1 1 1 1 Cinema Artis 1 (Tallinn) 181 seats 62 54 59 55 82 Cinema Artis 2 (Tallinn) 72 seats 58 41 49 38 Baltic Film and Media School (Tallinn) 92 seats 16 62 Seaplane Harbour (Tallinn) 150 seats 2 APPENDIX 1. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE FESTIVAL IN NUMBERS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE FESTIVAL IN NUMBERS (1997 – 2013) (excl. Baltic Event ja Black Market film fairs)
  34. 34. 34 17th Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn City Theatre (Tallinn) 3 Airplane Cinema (Tallinn) 118 and 96 seats 4 Cinema Illusion (Tartu) 36 41 52 53 46 34 Harbour Theatre (Tartu) 24 12 Cinema Ekraan grand hall (Tartu) 17 7 3 20 29 17 8 28 Cinema Ekraan small hall (Tartu) 33 20 29 Athena Centre grand hall’ (Tartu) - 253 seats 40 40 28 23 39 40 Athena Centre small hall (Tartu) 22 Vanemuise Concert Hall (Tartu) 1 1 Jaani Church (Tartu) 20 Luts Theatre House (Tartu) 15 University cafeteria (Tartu) 2 3 Club Trehv (Tartu) 1 Cinema Cinamon I (Tartu) 319 seats 2 11 41 Cinema Cinamon II (Tartu) 44 40 Cinema Cinamon III (Tartu) 90 seats 33 41 32 36 6 Cinema Cinamon IV (Tartu) 93 seats 5 42 32 9 Cinema Cinamon V (Tartu) 93 seats 11 13 Tartu Electrical Theatre 120 seats 6 Club Genialistide Klubi (Tartu) 2 2 Home of Theatre (Tartu) 150 seats 7 Theatre Ugala (Viljandi) 6 9 Cinema Rubiin (Viljandi) 12 9 11 6 7 9 Young City Gallery (Viljandi) 2 Viljandi Culture Academy Black Hall (Viljandi) 1 4 4 Viljandi Culture Academy Blue Gallery (Viljandi) 1 2 Folk Music Centre (Viljandi) 5 4 5 6 Puppet Theatre (Viljandi) 1 Cinema Mai (Pärnu) 7 Teater Endla Küün (Pärnu) 1 3 Pärnu Concert Hall (Pärnu) 1 Pärnu Central Library (Pärnu) 6 5 6 Rakvere Theatre Cinema (Rakvere) 7 4 4 Rakvere Northen Centre (Rakvere) 1 Rakvere Community House (Rakvere) 5 Culture Centre Rugodiv (Narva) 7 5 9 Culture Centre Energeetik (Narva) 3 Forum Cinemas Astri (Narva) 4 5 4 6 7 Kino Amadeus (Jõhvi) 5 5 6 5 5 12 7 4 Kärdla Cultural Centre (Kärdla) 4 5 5 7 8 12 9 Haapsalu Cultural Centre (Haapsalu) 3 Cinema Diva (Kuressaare) 6 Kuressaare Kuursaal (Kuressaare) 6 Kuressaare City Theatre (Kuressaare) 5 8 Valga Cultural Centre (Valga) 5 5 6 5 5 Paide Cultural Centre (Paide) 5 5 6 4 Viimsi School (Viimsi) 4 3 Kohila Secondary School (Kohila) 6 Põlva Hobby Centre (Põlva) 6 in total 760 730 697 777 600 584 488 502 498 549 457 328 337 252 173 88 68 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 FOREIGN GUESTS 452 424 446 431 320 327 251 235 210 163 103 98 51 47 53 32 18 countries 53 48 51 45 45 26 37 37 32 31 22 18 19 13 14 9 5 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 JOURNALISTS 103 95 96 93 83 97 113 136 133 111 89 110 80 90 81 50 25 incl. journalists from foreign countries 50 38 20 17 15 13 20 14 11 8 10 11 12 6 5 3 2