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Computer Brain Power


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How a computer can get human intelligence and can simulate human behavior

How a computer can get human intelligence and can simulate human behavior

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  • 1. Collect Information Screen Information Store Them Analyze Data Retrieve relevant Information And Finally Takes Decision
  • 2. Structured decision – processing information in a specified way Unstructured decision – one for which there may be several “right” answers Recurring decision – happens repeatedly Nonrecurring (ad hoc) decision – one you make infrequently
  • 3. Geographic information system (GIS) DSS designed specifically to analyze spatial information Spatial information is any information in map form Businesses use GIS software to analyze information generate business intelligence make decisions
  • 4. Expert (knowledge-based) system Artificial intelligence (AI) system Applies reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion Used for
  • 5. An expert system can Reduce errors Improve customer service Reduce cost An expert system can’t Use common sense Automate all processes
  • 6. Neural network (artificial neural network or ANN) – an artificial intelligence system that is capable of finding and differentiating patterns ANN can Learn and adjust to new circumstances Function without complete information Cope with huge volumes of information
  • 7. Fuzzy logic Mathematical method of handling imprecise or subjective information Used to make ambiguous information such as “short” usable in computer systems Applications Google’s search engine Washing machines
  • 8. An AI system that deals survival-of-the fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions to a problem Principles of Genetic Algorithms Selection - or survival of the fittest Crossover – combining portions of good outcomes Mutation – randomly trying combinations
  • 9. Intelligent agent Software that assists you, or acts on your behalf, in performing repetitive computer-related tasks Types Information agents Monitoring-and-surveillance or predictive agents Data-mining agents -personal agents
  • 10. Southwest Airlines – cargo routing P&G – supply network optimization Ford – balance production costs & consumer demands Edison Chouest – deploy service and supply vessels
  • 11. Computers are the center of attraction from the origin, the AI has made Computers more lively. So in future machines may replace Humans if they will have emotional aspect.