Tracy Her - Moby Dick


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Tracy Her - Moby Dick

  1. 1. Moby Dick By Tracy
  2. 2. Lets Start Sailing!
  3. 3. Moby Dick (book)genre: fictionRomanticism time periodWritten by Herman Melville
  4. 4. Herman Melville  Born in New York City on August 19, 1819  Educated himself because of the Death of his father  Sailed to many places during his young years  Romanticism author  Wrote Moby Dick from his sailing experiences
  5. 5. Interesting Facts• Sinking of the Nantucket ship, Essex (rammed by a large sperm whale)• Killing of Mocha Dick (a very ferocious whale)
  6. 6. Story Plot• Ishmael is a teacher whos goes on a whaling trip. Along the way, he meets the crew. He and the crew later find out that their captain wants to get revenge on Moby Dick. Their captain pushes the crew to help him kill the whale for taking his leg off.
  7. 7. There she blows!
  8. 8. Main CharactersQueegqueg, Ishmael, Captain Ahab, Tashtego, Starbuck, Fadellah
  9. 9. Main Character Descriptions• Ishmael: a teacher who aboards the Pequod, doesnt play a major role, but is the narrator.• Quegqueg: a harpooner on the pequod, Ishmaels friend, and was a prince from where he came from.• Captain Ahab:captain of the Pequod, had his leg cut off from Moby Dick, cares for his crew, manipulated his crew to help him kill Moby Dick.• Tashtego: another harpooner aboard the Pequod, performs important tasks on the ship.• Starbuck: is the first mate on board, is a quaker, and tries to stop Captain Ahab on getting revenge.• Fadellah: wears a turban made out of his own hair, makes predictions on how Ahab will die, keeps his distance from the crew.
  10. 10. Major Theme #1: REVENGE• "Your time has come! My harpoon is ready! The boats stand-by!• "No, Starbuck, I will never be content unitl I have killed the evil Moby Dick!"• "Drink, ye harpooners, drink and swear death to Noby Dick! God hunt us all if we do not hunt Moby Dick
  11. 11. Major Theme #2: SURVIVAL• "The boy drowned with the rest of them last night,"• "God help you then,"• "Ive lost five spendid men to that cursed white whale! You are sailing on thier tomb!"
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  13. 13. • The end!