Eight ways to optimise your website

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Eight ways to optimise your website for people and search engines. Delivered by Ned Wells at IFSEC 2013

Eight ways to optimise your website for people and search engines. Delivered by Ned Wells at IFSEC 2013

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  • 1. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comEight ways to optimiseyour website for searchengines and people.
  • 2. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com2
  • 3. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comWhat is SEO?3
  • 4. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comSEO is an outcome ofdigital marketing.4 Taken from http://www.portent.com/blog/seo/wtf-is-seo.htm
  • 5. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comDigital marketing is…Making websites:•  Easier to find•  Easier to use•  Easier to measure5
  • 6. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com6 Image credit: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/554004 easy ways toimprove your SEO.
  • 7. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com1. STOP THINKINGABOUT SEARCHENGINES7
  • 8. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comA good wayto do this isby creatingcustomerpersonas….8
  • 9. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com9A CCTV customer?Image credit: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/156889
  • 10. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com10Image credit: http://news.cheapflynigeria.co.uk/air-nigeria-partners-ethiopian-airlines-to-enhance-travel-options/Access control customer?
  • 11. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com2.  Read around the subject.11 Image credit: http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/infobank/programs/html/training/IBDemo/rawjpg/ResearchLibraries.jpg
  • 12. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com12www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seoSearch for‘google beginners guide to seo’
  • 13. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com3. Check out the competition.13www.opensiteexplorer.org
  • 14. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com14
  • 15. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com15
  • 16. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com4. Create linksbetweenrelatedpages onyour website.16Image credit: http://www.picturescolourlibrary.co.uk/
  • 17. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comImage credit: http://scottmaydaredevil.co.uk/media/posterfmxphoto1/4 harder ways toimprove your SEO17
  • 18. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com1. Commit towriting regularly.Image credit: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20100520/greenwich-village/typewriters-run-dry-at-greenwich-village-writers-room18
  • 19. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com2.  Learn to dokeyword research.19
  • 20. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com20
  • 21. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com21
  • 22. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com3. Learn to use social media.Image credit: http://mashable.com/2013/04/12/social-media-demographic-breakdown/22
  • 23. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comDoing social mediaproperly means…23Being genuine…and generous
  • 24. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com4.  Develop meaningfulmeasures for yourwebsite….And then measure regularly.24
  • 25. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comStatus DescriptionNeeds immediateattentionStatus concerning, butactions are underwayStatus is good, no actionrequiredHat tip: smartinsights.com•  Plan•  Reach•  Act•  Convert•  EngageREDAMBERGREEN25A digital marketingmeasurement framework
  • 26. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com26
  • 27. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comJust to recap…Easy ways to improve yourSEO:1.  Spend more time thinkingabout your customers, lesstime about search engines2.  Read around the subject3.  Check out the competition4.  Create links between pageson your websiteHarder ways to improveyour SEO:1.  Commit to writing, regularly2.  Learn to do keyword research3.  Learn to use social media4.  Develop meaningful measuresfor your website… and thenmeasure regularly27
  • 28. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comwww.cicada-online.comNed Wells@nedwellscicada-online.comThank youned@cicada-online.com
  • 29. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comI’m a head teacher at a secondaryschool in Wolverhampton.I’m looking for a CCTV system for myschool, and I want a reputablesuppler… perhaps with a track record ofsupplying the education sector.I wonder what I can find online?29“”
  • 30. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comOr….I work for Air Nigeria. We’re interested in the latestsecurity solutions and we’d like to buy British.I wonder who would be a good supplier in the accesscontrol / close protection / physical security sector.They’ll need experience of exporting their product,and we’d like them to have a good track record.I wonder what I can find online?30“”
  • 31. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.com31www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seoGood reading
  • 32. May 2013@nedwellscicada-online.comFour places to find outwhat people want:•  ubersuggest.org•  soovle.com•  quora.com•  uk.answers.yahoo.com32