NEDMA14: Using Content Marketing to Generate High-Quality Leads - Jane Buck


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Content marketing and lead nurturing are all the buzz... but how do you get started, increase the lifetime value of your content and develop more content? Once your content is in the marketplace, what's the best view to analyze results? This presentation explores these two questions and much more.

This presentation was given by Jane Buck, Director of Customer Acquisition at Dyn, at NEDMA's Annual Conference on May 14, 2014.

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  • So, who are we?
  • If a crawler takes longer to index your site because your initial DNS response is slow, you may as well just start telling your customers that you’ll be found on Page 2 when they google you.
  • In dollar terms, this means that if you site typically earns $100,000 a day, this year you could lose $2.5 million in sales.
  • Let’s make it better – Build the trust fenceCall from Sales is Brand and Sales – If we were all right staffed to call every lead what a world this would be
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • Build your content calendar to support your product announcementsWe plan a webinar for the 3rd Wednesday of every month – very predictableOther written assets support the webinar topic to deploy in driving and nurturing the webinar leads Content ideas come from EverywhereWhere does this idea fit in the Sales Process – Early – Mid – LateDon’t miss the easy winsUse Design to educate – terminology/graphs/pictures – our story right nav on White paper
  • Plan your social as you write and share with the Social team the tweets and the link2 min, 5min, 10 min and don’t forget the out-takes – People love out takesBuild a photo library to show diversity and breadthSEO – place articles with links at the edgeThere is an infographic hiding in almost every asset
  • If you don’t support sharing all the information you have with your Media partner…they make up what they think you want to say. Give them support for the assets you are using.
  • IDG Connect conducted extensive buyer preference research among enterprise organizations. At that time, buyers stated that a asset was considered too old if it was 14 months or more past its offering or publication date. It’s important to note that once an asset went beyond 18 months, buyers stated that it negatively affected their perception of the vendor. The benchmark was clear, and content management required keeping content fresh enough for buyer needs
  • Here’s how we are going to build our database to provide feedback on content to the Content Team – First touch and Last touch before the opportunity is created.
  • NEDMA14: Using Content Marketing to Generate High-Quality Leads - Jane Buck

    1. 1. Using Content Marketing to Generate High Quality Leads @janebuck
    2. 2. Jane Buck @janebuck power You may not know us, but we the some of biggest companies on the internet
    3. 3. Jane Buck @janebuck
    4. 4. Jane Buck @janebuck Slow is the new downtime.
    5. 5. Jane Buck @janebuck A 1 second delay in page load time equals 7% loss in conversion, 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
    6. 6. Jane Buck @janebuck - 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales. - 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance. - 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to Sales - 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel - 65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing - 79% of B2B marketers have not established lead scoring Marketing to Sales – Is this a good lead?
    7. 7. Jane Buck @janebuck
    8. 8. Jane Buck @janebuck What does this mean for marketers? -Companies have the chance to meet their prospects earlier in the process than ever -Marketing must keep the relationship moving forward: - for a longer period - synchronizing their communications throughout the buying process - with multiple parties who have different agendas - through a wide variety of media -Set yourself up to respond to buying signals in real time
    9. 9. Jane Buck @janebuck Content Marketing generates better leads! Content moves the buying process from inquiry through to the purchase with evaluation points in between. Deploy content by mapping content into 3 main stages of the decision making process. #relevant Awareness Consideration Purchase
    10. 10. Jane Buck @janebuck Content Types White Papers Webinars Case Studies Photos/Images Blog Comparison Charts Video Tech Articles Infographic Analyst’s Research Product Sheets Tools/Calculators FAQ/How to Buyer’s Guide Website Surveys
    11. 11. Jane Buck @janebuck Develop Testimonials Listen to Sales & Customers Listen to Social Media Incorporate Feedback Repurpose Content Blog Daily Start ANYWHERE!! Start EVERYWHERE!
    12. 12. Jane Buck @janebuck
    13. 13. Jane Buck @janebuck Content Build Process Editorial Calendar - Webinar – 3rd Wed - White Paper - Case Study - Video - Social - Blog Know where it slots in Sales Process Interview Expert(s) or Repurpose Content Design/Layout
    14. 14. Jane Buck @janebuck One asset – Many uses!! Pull 5-10 tweets out of each asset Film and Edit video footage for multiple formats Plan product shots for many angles Rewrite for article links Look for the infographic opportunity
    15. 15. Jane Buck @janebuck Who said a White Paper had to be vertical??
    16. 16. Jane Buck @janebuck This slide left blank.
    17. 17. Jane Buck @janebuck Clearly Define Targets – Personas Provide Synopsis – Preview Image Set Naming Conventions for Data Delivery Align with Marketing Automation Communicate with Sales Provide detailed feedback
    18. 18. Jane Buck @janebuck Listen to Vendors for Optimization Ideas
    19. 19. Jane Buck @janebuck Content has a shelf life - Avoid Unnecessary Dating - Review assets early and often – Use external thought leadership or internal talent - Set responsibility for who tracks an asset through its lifecycle - Require that assets be evaluated to make sure they are still relevant to current realities and needs. - Change gated content to FREE range content for SEO
    20. 20. Jane Buck @janebuck Get Granular – Think Unique Lead Source - FEW, align with budget or org Lead Source Type – MANY , timestamp, tactical Asset Type - FEW Asset Type Description – MANY, versions, revisions
    21. 21. Jane Buck @janebuck Where to next?? Content Build and Review - get on the Calendar Reach out to Media Vendors for review and feedback Apply Scoring mentality to Media and Content Deployment More Infographics and Video (try animation) Scale Webinars
    22. 22. Jane Buck @janebuck Questions?? @janebuck