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A$4 ( a dollar for ) is a innovative software product that helps HRs to manage their budget according their employees needs.

Your employees make a "wish" with virtual money set by you and when the amount of money is reached you know what they want and use the real budget to fulfil their "wishes" .

For a trial, product demo or packages please contact us on :

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Solution for your employees satisfaction - A$4

  1. 1. A$4 Nedyalko Nedyalkov Business Development Dreamix
  2. 2. About Dreamix Dreamix Ltd is established in 2006  The agile approach combined with technical skills allowed us to work with leading companies from Switzerland, Germany, UK to USA  We are also member of BASSCOM - a professional association of development companies  Your logo here
  3. 3. About the product A$4 is internal HR system that allows you to set your budget accordingly to your employees needs  Provides a full reporting system that helps you on daily basics  Perfect overview of your employees needs with the “wish” system  Helps your team motivation with bottomup approach.  Your logo here
  4. 4. How our product works ? You (the HR) set monthly money to be added to employee profiles  Both you and employees can create a “wish” or join already existing one  The employee wishes are approved by you or other supervisor  Wait until the desired amount of money is reached  You see that “wish” and use the real budget to fulfil the need of the employees  Your logo here
  5. 5. Why to use our product ? Satisfy your employees needs and increase productivity  Spend your budget wisely  Easy to use friendly user interface  Start pack with predefined “wishes”  No software installation needed  24/7 service provided  Free 15 day trial  Your logo here
  6. 6. What is included in the product?  Manuals › Manual for the HR, Project manager or CEO › Manual for the users › Manual for the IT if hosted locally  Ready to use system › With inline help › Direct contact with the developers › Customized for your company needs  Support and trainings Your logo here
  7. 7. Is it expensive ? Three different packets to fulfill all your needs  Pay-per-user and Monty subscription  Licence if hosted on your servers  Packet Basic Silver Enterprise Hosted on our server 7,5 euro/month 2,5 euro/user 10 euro/month 4 euro/user 15 euro/month 4 euro/user - 10 euro/month 500 euro (licence) Hosted on your server - For more information please contact us :
  8. 8. For more information about the product:
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