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Improving the political information efficacy by creating illustration of primary information
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Improving the political information efficacy by creating illustration of primary information


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Introduction of Policy Illustration Project …

Introduction of Policy Illustration Project

Gogami Shunichi
NECO Lab. Political Communication Research Group Leader
(Policy Illustration Project Manager)

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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  • 1. Keio SFC NECO Lab.Political Communication Research Group Jun,6,2013
  • 2. Key Concept of My ResearchExtent to which one has confidencethat they have the informationnecessary to participate in politics orto vote.(Kaid, Mckinney, & Tedesco, 2006)• Political Information Efficacy is closely related to internal efficacy*1 but differs in that it focuses solely on thevoters confidence in his/her own political knowledge and its sufficiency to engage the political process (andto vote).• Focuses on the Cognitive Elements of EfficacyCited from a Kaid’ Slide*2
  • 3. Research Theme
  • 4. Background1. Knowledge is an important determinant of electoral anddemocratic participation (Deli Carpni & Keeter, 1996).• A strong relationships between young voters’ perceptions orconfidence in their political knowledge and the likelihood that they willexercise their right to vote. *22. Sufficient Political Information Environment : We can easilyget various information of politics and policy from theInternet.3. Low voter turnout and political efficacy of Japanese Youth• Some Reasons: Difficult to understand policy, especiallyprimary information. Political apathy caused by secondaryinformation.
  • 5. Research Question
  • 6. TranslationNotAdd MeaningNotSubtract MeaningNotChange Meaning
  • 7. PoliComi GroupSymposium @ORF 2012Project ManagerGogami ShunichiAdvisorShimomura KenichiAdvisorOkada KenichiPolicy IllustratorKato Nami From April 2013, we’reworking mainly at SFCwith Shimomura KenichiGuest Professor.(From March 2012 to January 2013,we performed a project at Cabinet PROffice.)Research Group at NECO Lab,Focusing on Political Communication in the InternetPerforming various project
  • 8. Policy Illustration Project高年齢者が継続して働けるよう、継続雇用制度(現に雇用している高年齢者が希望するときは、定年後も引き続き雇用する制度)の対象者を限定できる仕組みを廃止します。*3DifficultEasy-to-Understand
  • 9. ProcessArchitectWEB DesignerPolicy Illustrator(1) Making blueprint(2) Explain the meaningsof policy to illustratorCreating web page withpolicy IllustrationAnalyze access data toimprove the page andpolicy illustrationTranslate policycontent into illustrationEasy-to-understand page with policy illustration(3)(4)(5)
  • 10. Example : Policy Illustration【健康長寿社会の実現】厚生労働大臣は、再生医療の迅速な実現を図るとともに、医療機器の開発スピードを引き上げるため、薬事法改正法案、再生医療安全性確保法案を今国会に提出すべく、作業を進めること。Illustrated by Kato Nami / Architected by Gogami Shunichi
  • 11. Pattern Mining1. Mining pattern from “Kasumigaseki Literature”2. Create templates that can be used by a third party
  • 12. Creating a web service1. Comparable the originalinformation and PolicyIllustration2. User can Submit policyillustration using petternwe made.3. Accumulate KnowhowPlatform of Policy Illustration(Still thinking about function of the service…)
  • 13. Problem of My ResearchHow examine an effect of illustration on the my service?⇒ Study experimental procedures in associated research(By end of July, I prepare the experimental design.)
  • 14. Associated Research• Examining Internet Interactivity Effects on Young Adult Political InformationEfficacyJohn C. Tedesco. (2007).• The Research of the Effects of Illustrations in Textbooks.Shumura Yuri. (2009).•Kobayashi Tetsuro.• Political Information Efficacy and Internet Effects in the 2008 us PresidentialElectionJohn C. Tedesco. (2011).• The Efficacy of News Browsing: The Relationship of News ConsumptionStyle to Social and Political EfficacyDavid Tewksbury, Michelle L. Hals and Allyson Bibart. (2008).
  • 15. Significance of My Research"Information" is a key component for democratic nation andparticipation politics. Political Illustration will contribute it.I create the worldwhoever canparticipatepolitics to theextent possible.
  • 16. Latest InformationKeio University SFCNECO Laboratory introduceour activity, event,news to you.つむぎくんにっきBlog that memberswrite about research,activity, and event.ねころぐ!Twitter that providelatest news of usじゅんくんのつぶやきContact us
  • 17. Summary1. My Research Theme• Improving the Political Information Efficacy of Japanese youth by creating web service which provideillustration of primary Information in the Prime Minister’s Office WEB site.2. Background• Knowledge is an important determinant of electoral and democratic participation (Deli Carpni & Keeter,1996).• Sufficient Political Information Environment : We can easily get various information of politics and policyfrom the Internet.• Low voter turnout and political efficacy of Japanese Youth Some Reasons: Difficult to understand politics or policy, especially primary information. / Politicalapathy caused by secondary information.3. Research Question• If Japanese youth can get reliable and easy-to-understand primary information, their PIE will beimproved?4. Policy Illustration Project• Translate difficulty primary information to illustration.5. Problem of my research• How examine an effect of illustration on the media? (Task) Study related works
  • 18. Annotation*1 : internal efficacyPolitical Efficacy is divided into two concept : Internal Political Efficacy and External Political Efficacy.• External Political Efficacy relates to “beliefs about the responsiveness of governmental authorities andinstitutions to citizens’ demands.”• Internal Political Efficacy ,is manifested in “beliefs about one’s own competence to understand, and toparticipate effectively in, politics”(Niemi, Craig, & Mattei, 1991, p.1407)*2 : Kaid’ Slide*3 :