NCompass Live: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: ePublish or Bust

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In this month’s Tech Talk Michael speaks with Jim Blanton and Phyllis Floyd of the Chesapeake Central Library about their project ePublish or Bust. Two amateurs. One charmingly naïve attempt to write …

In this month’s Tech Talk Michael speaks with Jim Blanton and Phyllis Floyd of the Chesapeake Central Library about their project ePublish or Bust. Two amateurs. One charmingly naïve attempt to write the greatest vampire novel in the history of ever. This project aims to follow their project from inspiration to e-publication and everything in between. It will also chronicle the dynamic services the Chesapeake Public Library will be launching to help out budding authors. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to write a novel, what’s involved in epublishing today, and how public libraries fit into the mix, this is the episode for you.
NCompass Live - May 30, 2012.

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  • 1. ePublish or BustTwo amateurs.One charmingly naïve attempt towrite the greatest vampire novelin the history of ever.Follow the adventure as theyboldly forge a new future forpublishers, authors, and libraries.
  • 2. The Librarian Jim is the manager of the Chesapeake Central Library. He is responsible for several unconventional programs at the Library including the award-winning programs Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion and Scanversations, as well as $ave $teve, for whichhe was recognized by Library Journal as a 2012 Mover & Shaker.
  • 3. The Reader Phyllis is a longtime Chesapeake Public Library volunteer, voracious reader, and co-conspirator withJim. She and her husband Rob (co-creator of Fantasmo) coordinate the yearly Monster Fest program at the Library, which is regularly featured in the nationalpublication Scary Monsters, and has been nominated as Best Convention in 2011 for the coveted Rondo Hatton Awards.
  • 4. THE PLAN Frustrated with the lack of answers tothe challenges posed to libraries in the dawn of the ePublishing age, Jim hasconvinced Phyllis to join him on a quest to redefine what it means to be apublic library in the 21st century, forge a new bond between publishers, authors, and libraries, and solve the ebook crisis once and for all.
  • 5. Part I: The Book Jim and Phyllis, extreme novices in the area ofauthorship, will write the greatest vampire novel in the history of ever. In so doing they will provide alive how-to for other budding authors who need to know what it takes to write a book, get itpublished, and most importantly see that it reaches readers.They’ll interview authors, publishers, and others in the know along the way, as part of the development of a rich tapestry of sageadvice. And, for the sake of pure entertainment at their own expense, they’ll make every mistake in the book so everyone else doesn’t have to.
  • 6. Part 2: The Library StuffJim will spearhead an initiative at the Chesapeake Public Library to pull together a set of resources for authors to use in creating their masterworks featuring: computers, writing/publishing software, and inspirational spaces.
  • 7. Part 2: The Library Stuff But that’s not all! The ambitious plan alsoincludes developing a means to work directlywith authors and publishers to get their works into the Library catalog without purchasing through a middle man.
  • 8. Part 2: The Library Stuff But that’s still not all! Most radically the plan calls for developing a system for independentauthors and publishers to come into the library and promote their works, with help from the our expert reader’s advisory staff and programming team.
  • 9. Part 2: The Library Stuff Taking all this into account means an author can come into the Library and create their book, get it in the catalog,and do a promotional push all in one spot!
  • 10. Part 3: The Event The final piece of the equation is a yearly writing/publishing event at the Library, bringing in authors and publishers to talkabout happenings in the publishing world andnew books in the works. The goal would be to educate budding authors about options available to them on a grand scale, and as always to connect readers with books!
  • 11. The ePublish orBust Guarantee! 1 – We embrace simplicity at everyturn, and promise never to overwhelm you.**Never is a really strong word isn’t it? Let’s just say we’ll do our best : )
  • 12. The ePublish orBust Guarantee! 2 – We will fearlessly* seek out thecheapest, easiest way to get you (and us) published! *Within reason, we’re doing this for free remember : )
  • 13. The ePublish orBust Guarantee!3 – We will create a revolutionary new way for authors and publishers to shamelessly* promote their works! *There is never any shame in self-promotion : )
  • 14. Voila! That’s the grand scheme in a nutshell! Our journey, nay our adventure, will be chronicledonline at a variety of fine media outlets. To getto them all in one convenient spot (remember we promised simple) just go to: Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!