NCompass Live: Reflections on PLA 2012


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Each year, the Nebraska Library Commission awards Continuing Education and Training Grants to Nebraska libraries to provide funding for staff to attend conferences and training sessions. In 2011, the NLC awarded grants to several librarians to attend the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia. Attend this session to learn more about the grants and to hear these librarians talk about their experiences at PLA.

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NCompass Live: Reflections on PLA 2012

  1. 1. March 28, 2012Reflections on PLA 2012
  2. 2. Robin ClarkSump Memorial Library Papillion 402-597-2042
  3. 3. PLA 2012• March 13 – Preconference – Dig Deep to Understand What your Community Needs and Wants.• On the move is good. Getting to where you need to go is best. This preconference introduced the basics of conducting a community needs assessment. Topics included trend spotting, GIS mapping and lifestyle analysis, benchmarking, and appropriate roles for Trustees and staff in a community needs assessment.• Presenters: Catherine Alloway, director, Schlow Centre Region (Pa.) Library; Nancy Davis, managing partner, The Ivy Group Ltd., Springfield, Pa.; Pam Fitzgerald, executive partner, The Ivy Group Ltd., Charlottesville, Pa.; Marc Futterman, CIVICTechnologies, Pasadena, Calif.; Rob Lesher (organizer), director, Adams County (Pa.) Library System
  4. 4. Additional Sessions Attended• March 15 –• Commando Diplomacy: Building skills and Tolerance for having Difficult Conversations and Making Real Progress• This session introduced finding the best path through the minefield of internal politics to help staff develop well-honed communication skills. Presented the art of navigating difficult conversations with ethical integrity and confidence. One of the presenters was a union negotiator and had some very interesting tips to take conversations to a more positive place.• Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Meaningful Community Engagement• Presented a look at practical, affordable, enjoyable techniques for garnering civilian input without surrendering professional judgment. How to reach the right stakeholders, ask the right questions, and elicit ideas that expand everyone’s thinking about our community and our library.• Creating a Vibrant Organizational Culture at Your Library• A comprehensive plan for developing a more innovative, resilient, positive and unified mindset for staff.• Saying Yes to the Community• A case study from Durham County, North Carolina. Presented a strategic planning process that began with staff visioning, progressed through best practices tours of libraries and the posting of those ideas online, culminating in a future search conference involving 150 community members and the whole staff.
  5. 5. Additional Sessions Attended• March 16• Black Belt Libraries: Maximizing your Building’s Effectiveness in Keeping Your Library Safe• Ideas to make our building safer by seeing it through the eyes of a library security expert who has seen it all.• Sustainable is the New Strategic• Programs and services must be sustainable. This presentation introduced a powerful four-step process to determine the long-term sustainability of any current or proposed library offerings. A plus for realigning services, initiating a planning process, or planning facilities.• With Friends Like These . . .• Libraries need Friends groups more than ever to raise money and to advocate for better funding. A panelist of librarians and a successful Friends group leader talked about how to do it right.• Losing My Religion: Crafting Meeting Room Policies that Keep You in Charge and Out of Court.• This workshop discussed the Frist Amendment principles and legal precedents that underlie these challenges and provide practical guidance on crafting meeting room and other library policies that keep the library in charge while preserving user’s access and Frist Amendment rights.
  6. 6. PLA Attendee: Cecelia Lawrence, North Platte Public Library Conver-Station, Thursday, March 15, 2012 8:15am Help! I am not a Social Worker by Carolyn Davidson BrewerAre you being asked more and more by your users for social service help? Wonder about best practices for dealing with mentally ill users? Lets talk about it! • Carolyn’s background: Masters degree in Social Work, Master of Library Science degree, Private Investigator’s license. Currently working as the executive director of the North Texas Library Partners (home of the North Texas Regional Library System) • National Association of Social Workers: Code of Ethics and the ALA Librarian Code of Ethics are extremely similar • Real Life at the Library pretty much boils down to dealing with the bulk of our regular library patrons without issue, and then there is the other 10-20% of our library patrons who cause libraries and their staff, nothing but grief. • For those who cause us problems, the solution to better interactions is to recognize which patrons are: The Angry; The Medicated or shall we say Non- Medicated; The Self Medicated; The confused; The Child and the Child-like; and The Truly Dangerous
  7. 7. PLA Attendee: Cecelia Lawrence, North Platte Public Library AM Session, Friday, March 16, 2012 8:15amTransforming Public Libraries from Institutions of the Industrial Age to Change Agents for the Networked Society by Rolf Hapel This session will focus on new models for developing the public library and innovativepractices implemented in Danish libraries will be presented. Also discussed will be the recent development of a Danish Digital library infrastructure, based on Service OrientedArchitecture and Open Source Software, and the impact of digitization on the physical space. Learn how the new main library was developed through a participatory process using co- creative and user-driven methodologies in engaging the community. Rolf Hapel has worked in four Danish cities as librarian, deputy manager and director; becoming director of Aarhus Public Libraries (AaPL) in 1994. He is since 2006 director of Citizens’ Services and Libraries (CSL). Rolf Hapel has been chairman of numerous steerings groups, committees and international advisory boards, is author of a number of articles published in the library press and frequently speaks internationally on library related issues.
  8. 8. PLA Attendee: Cecelia Lawrence, North Platte Public LibraryTransforming Public Libraries from Institutions of the Industrial Age to Change Agents for the Networked Society by Rolf Hapel You can view this 81 slide presentation (totally worth it!) off of the PLA conference website. The focus of the presentation were to look at these three topics of conversation: • A future for Digital Library Services • Innovation in Services • The Library as a Space
  9. 9. PLA CONFERENCE 2012 Mary Jo Mack John Stahl Library West Point, NE 402-372-3831
  10. 10. Being the Best: Stories from the Best Small Libraries in America• What does it take to be an innovative library without a big budget or staff?• Once you get there, how do you sustain that level of success?• The 2008-2011 winners of the Library Journal Best Small Library in America award share stories about the innovative programs, partnerships and services that helped their libraries rise to the top.
  11. 11. Winners of the Award• 2008 winner: Chelsea District Library, Chelsea, MI• 2009 winner: Union County Carnegie Library, Union, SC• 2010 winner: Glen Carbon Centennial Library, Glen Carbon, IL• 2011 winner: Naturita Community Library, Montrose, CO
  12. 12. Greg MickellsAssistant Library DirectorLincoln City Libraries
  13. 13. Getting e-Content to Your Customers Ebooks in 2011 • 35Million Checked out • 17 Million holds • Ebook sales exceeded physical paperbacks and hardcovers • 17% increase in eBook sales
  14. 14. eReaders 2009 - 2012 • 2009 Adult owned eReaders 2% • 2010 Adult owned eReaders 5% • Dec 2011 to Jan 2012 eReader ownership increase from 18%-29% • 16.6 M eReaders sold in 2011(up from 12M in 2010) • 44.6M tablets sold in 2011 (up from 18M in 2010)
  15. 15. Mobile is the biggest part of the revolution
  16. 16. Will publishers become obsolete? Will our new providers be Amazon, Apple or even Google
  17. 17. Matthew R. Williams Library Director Kearney Public Library Conference goals: In light of our wonderful new facility and programming spaces I wanted to learnmore about adult programming, brush up on meeting room policies, and become renewed and inspired about community service.
  18. 18. Sessions Covered• Reaching for the Future: You Got to Take the Risk to Get the Reward. Speaker: Shelley Walchak and staff from Colorado Anythink Libraries and the public library in Telluride. – Creativity and innovation to show our relevancy.• Maximizing the Impact of Programming: Getting the Most from Your Efforts. Speakers included one from the Tribeca Film Institute and the program person from Telluride. – Taking programming to the next level by using community partnerships.
  19. 19. • Young Adult Programs That Work.• Losing My Religion: Crafting Meeting Room Policies that Keep You in Charge and Out of Court. Speaker: Vicky Baker, Mid-continent Public Library
  20. 20. PLA pre-conference attended by Steve Fosselman, Grand Island Thank you NLC for helping me attend!(information cut/pasted from
  21. 21. Define the Problem
  22. 22. Data and Options