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  • Reliable Up to DateNo Advertisements or EndorsementsEasy to UseInformation on Health Topics, Drugs & SupplementsEnglish and SpanishInteractive Tutorials, encyclopedia, dictionary, and directories
  • NCompass Live: Health Information for Your Community

    1. 1.
    2. 2. WHY?From MedlinePlus – Health Day News
    3. 3. • Over 900 health topics• In English/Spanish• Drug and herbal supplement information• Videos• Health check tools• Magazine• Multiple languages• Medical dictionary & encyclopedia• Health news• Easy-to-read page
    4. 4. • The home page• And how you can find Training Materials
    5. 5. • Brochures in English and Spanish• Tutorials in English and Spanish• Understanding Medical Words tutorial (scroll down)
    6. 6. This tutorial also hasaudio so you can hearthe pronunciations!
    7. 7. • Brochure for you to print • Easy to hand to patrons • Make as many copies as you want!
    8. 8. By clicking on the Español button, thesite turns to Spanish Other language resources can be found here.
    9. 9. Not all information in all languages isavailable here, but it’s a start!
    10. 10. OVER 900 HEALTH TOPICSSearch by enteringa topic in thesearch boxORBy these differentgroupings
    11. 11. A typical page with…• A description• A picture• And a list of other links to search
    12. 12. If you had clicked on the first link, this is what you would see.Each link gives you …• the url• and the information on where it comes from.
    13. 13. If you hadsearched forLipitor – a muchprescribedcholesteroldrug, this is whatyou would see.Atorvastatin is thegeneric name.
    14. 14. Interactive TutorialsEach blue bar is a chapter.Advance at your own speedwith arrows.It also has audio so you canlisten, too!
    15. 15. Calculators and Quizzes Assess your risk for health conditions. Learn more about your health.
    16. 16. m.medlineplus.govGet a mobile version on your phone!
    17. 17. A quarterly publication . Get a free subscription!
    18. 18. To build and share your family health history, eitherprint a copy, or create it online to share with others. A good Thanksgiving activity….
    19. 19. An example…The Kennedys
    20. 20. This can help you find an organization.
    21. 21. A good place for information on Medicare, insurance options, and community services.
    22. 22. Tips for Providing Health Reference to the Public1. Every patron has the right to freely access any medical information in the library.2. Counsel patrons on the limitations of the information you provide.3. Always tell patrons the source of provided information4. The privacy of the patron should be respected at all times.
    23. 23. A referenceresource toremember!!
    24. 24. Links to many useful NLM databases are posted onthe UNMC web page, too!
    25. 25. Forquestions… Marty Magee 402-559-7076 And now… More on how to find information with a personal touch from the McGoogan Library of Medicine!
    26. 26. Locating Quality Health Information Partnering with your public library
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Complete all theboxes with a red *asterisk.
    29. 29. Only include if theinformation is essential.
    30. 30. Consumer Health Disclaimer
    31. 31. Remember: you can request the table-top display for free CHIRS pays the postage both waysUse it to showcase your library’s access to health information at the next health fair, blood drive, pancake feed, etc.
    32. 32. Excellent sources of training foryour staff and customers
    33. 33. Additional resources will be createdand added throughout this finalyear of BTOP .
    34. 34. Contact us for more information Phone: 402-559-6221 or Toll-free: 1-866-800-5209 Email: