NCompass Live: Digital Resources of the National Library of Medicine


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This session focusing on National Library of Medicine Digital Resources, will be presented by Marty Magee, Education & Nebraska Liaison, National Network/Libraries of Medicine. It will include such resources as Turning the Pages, and History of Medicine Resources, tutorials and much more!
ncOMPASS lIVE - mAY 2, 2012.

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  • Books before 1914
  • Cottage physician
  • Wash U.
  • 1995
  • 9
  • Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
  • 4 min 40 sec.
  • Check the brochure….” Select your library”
  • Available – humor of it or henkel physians
  • You Tube - Joy of books
  • NCompass Live: Digital Resources of the National Library of Medicine

    1. 1. Spotlight! on NLM Resources NLM Digital Resources Marty Magee National Network/Libraries of Medicine Education and Nebraska Liaison McGoogan Library of Medicine Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center 986706 Nebraska Medical Center Omaha NE 68198-6706 402-559-7076 1-800-338-7657
    2. 2. Objectives
    3. 3. National Library of Medicine
    4. 4. LocatorPlus
    5. 5. Why would you use Locator Plus? To find records for journals, books, reports and audiovisuals in the NLM® collection To find records for serials and books not in the NLM collection, but owned by regional libraries To see records for journals, books, reports and audiovisuals on order, on loan or in process at the NLM
    6. 6. Images from the History of Medicine
    7. 7. How could you use these images?
    8. 8. History of Medicine on topic for more choices What is the first entry under Books and Journals?
    9. 9. Online Exhibitions and Digital Projects
    10. 10. Digital Collections
    11. 11. Read books online or on your Kindle….
    12. 12. What it may look like….
    13. 13. Books….
    14. 14. Films and Videos Recognize this guy?
    15. 15. Oral Histories
    16. 16. Oral Histories In a search for Estelle Brodman, at what university might would you find her oral history?
    17. 17. Oral Histories
    18. 18. Visible Human In what year was the Visible Human Female data set released?
    19. 19. Turning the Pages How many “books” are Now a in this Mobile collection? App!
    20. 20. – Anatomy Videos There is a video for PTCA – What does that mean?
    21. 21. MedlinePlus – Surgery Videos
    22. 22. - tutorials could use this? How can youpromote this to them?
    23. 23. NIH SeniorHealth How long is the video ”Cognitive Test for Alzheimer’s?”
    24. 24. PubMed Tutorials What’s the first step for registering for a Loansome Doc Account?
    25. 25. The Cell: an Image Library
    26. 26. Traveling Exhibitions ons.html Name one of the first two “Available” exhibitions
    27. 27. Further Resources in History of Medicine Is your resource library listed?
    28. 28. Directory of History of Medicine Collections Is your resource library listed?
    29. 29. Access to Audiovisual Materials
    30. 30. The future… Digital Public Library of America – Discussion about what needs to be digitized
    31. 31. Contribute to “New Media” i.e. Horizon Report
    32. 32. Crowd Sourcing For example … – local publications of more than 50 World War I hospitals in U.S. – Held by a national institution, with local roots – Connect collections to locales of their origins, map them? By RML?
    33. 33. What can you do? Promote these resources in your institution in a printed or online publication Lead a “class” or brown-bag session Use the resources in your own presentations (and be sure to give credit to NLM!) Sign up for a traveling exhibition!
    34. 34. Contact Information After 175 years of the National Library of Medicine… Shouldn’t you be celebrating? The answer is YES!Marty MageeNational Network/Libraries of MedicineEducation and Nebraska LiaisonMcGoogan Library of MedicineUniv. of Nebraska Medical Center986706 Nebraska Medical CenterOmaha NE