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NCompass Live: 23 Things: The Next Generation
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NCompass Live: 23 Things: The Next Generation


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The 23 Things concept is familiar to most of us in the library world. Some have tried it out, some have tried a version of it, some still have doubts about whether it works, and some think it's over. …

The 23 Things concept is familiar to most of us in the library world. Some have tried it out, some have tried a version of it, some still have doubts about whether it works, and some think it's over. Well, we’re here to tell you, it's still going strong! Nebraska's state-wide lifelong learning program, Nebraska Learns 2.0, started as a 16 week program in 2008-2009. The original program was so popular it has continued as an ongoing program, with one new Thing offered each month since April 2009. Starting in February 2012, a BookThing was added to the program. Program organizers Christa Burns and Michael Sauers will talk about the process they have laid out over the past few years, how they've responded to participant feedback, and how the program became what it is today. They will also show other current examples of self-directed online learning programs, such as Boston Public Library's Learning for Life Online and the UK-based 23 Things for Professional Development.
NCompass Live - January 2, 2013

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  • In 1562, at age 87.
  • Senior Room computer stations where the minimum age of users is 55. Many are much older. Takoma Park Maryland Library.
  • The original Learning 2.0 program was designed by Helene Blowers, PLCMC Technology Director, with the support and assistance of several staff and is loosely based upon Stephen Abram’s article, 43 Things I (or You) might want to do this year (Information Outlook – Feb 2006) and the website 43Things.
  • 11 - April 13, 20089 weeksParticipation voluntary – they were our guinea pigs.  There were49 NLC staff25 started – 50% of staff9 completed – 36% of the 25 who startedSelf-reported, but checked by us.Every NLC staff member who completed all 23 things was entered into a drawing for three donated MP3 players Director of NLC purchased with his own $. April 15 - Library Worker Appreciation Day Finale – Party and drawing of prizes
  • Went statewide that Fall. Open to all Nebraska library staff, board members. October 6, 2008 - January 26, 2009Business cards handed out at NLA, etc.:23 Things - 16 Weeks15 CE Credits - 9 MP3 Players to complete ALL Things to earn 15 CE and chance to win prize.Nine 8GB Creative Zen MP3 Players – Prize $ to purchase MP3 players donated by ITART(Information Technology and Access Round Table), NEMA(Nebraska Educational Media Association) and NLA(Nebraska Library Association).blogs created by participants: 165blog posts by participants: 2383 (2406)comments left on the NEL2 blog: 2257e-mails sent amongst 4 NLC staff running the program: 345Participants who finished: 83 – 50% - High complete rate due to CE creditNCompass Live – February 11, 2009 – “Nebraska Learns 2.0 Wrap-up” – prizes drawn
  • Current ongoing program - in April 2009. First Thing in May. October 2012– Thing #60!At the start (April-May)47 people set up blogs, told us they were going to do it18 from first program29 new people.As of June 2009 – 16 of those new 29 had completed new prerequisite.1 CE for each Thing completed. Do whichever ones they want, jump in and out as they like. If you aren’t interested or don’t have time for a thing during its month, skip it and see what we’re doing next month.
  • January 2012 - moved this blog in-house and onto the Commission's WordPress installation. The URL for this program going forward is For continuity's sake, all of the content and comments from this blog has been copied over to the new site but this version will continue to live here as is, so as to continue to support any links from other sites that have been created.
  • February 2012, a BookThing was added to the program.Inspired by list of context books that Michael Stephens, professor at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose University, has his students read and report on.
  • CARHENGE! Alliance, Nebraska
  • THINGS COMPLETED#24 - 23 #25 - 22    #26 - 14   #27 - 12   #28 - 10       #29 – 4#30 - 6#31- 5#32 - 2#33 - 1#34 – 7BLOGS CREATEDMay 2009 – 47March 2010 – 4April 2010 - 4
  • From May 2009-Sept. 2012:197 Things posts89 Blogs Created
  • Top 4 Outcomes & Impacts:-Increased knowledge and comfort level with social media/2.0 tools -Increased confidence in ones’ own ability as competent learner-Teambulding among coworkers-New and Improved enhancements to customer services. Also, Active Management Participation is the key defining factor in creating a successful learning program.
  • Results: “increased confidence, inclusivity, and a move to use emerging technologies as part of library service.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. 23 Things: The Next Generation Christa Burns & Michael Sauers Nebraska Library Commission NCompass Live January 2, 2013
    • 2.
    • 3.
    • 4.
    • 5. 7 ½ Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners• Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind• Habit 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning• Habit 3: View problems as challenges• Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner• Habit 5: Create your own learning toolbox• Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage• Habit 7: Teach/mentor others• Habit 7 ½: Play!
    • 6.
    • 7. Nebraska Learns 2.0 Thru March 2010504540353025 Things Completed2015 Blogs Started1050 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 #34 May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010
    • 9. Promote and Support!• Blog• Twitter• Facebook• Mailing lists• Do each others’ Things
    • 10. Nebraska Learns 2.0 April 2010 – September 20129876543210 Things Completed Blogs Started
    • 11. Nebraska Learns 2.0• Staff • Statewide – 16 weeks • Ongoing  
    • 12. 23 Things Programs• Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (Charlotte Mecklenburg Library) – Charlotte, NC  • 23 Things for Professional Development – Cambridge, UK • Learning for Life Online – Boston Public Library • 17 Things to Soak Up 
    • 13. Research• Helene Blowers’ Learning 2.0: 23 Things Survey  things-survey.html• The Impact and Effect of Learning 2.0 Programs in Australian Public Libraries  article-the-impact-and-effect-of-learning-2-0-programs- in-australian-public-libraries/  transformative-learning-promoting-confidence• Dr. Michael Stephens Awarded Grant to Explore Efficacy of Learning 2.0 Program  grant/
    • 14. Questions?Christa BurnsSpecial Projects Librarianchrista.burns@nebraska.govMichael SauersTechnology Innovation Librarianmichael.sauers@nebraska.gov ncompasslive+23Things