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We are very pleased that Andy Jewell, editor of the Willa Cather Archive and co-editor of the new Selected Letters of Willa Cather, will join us on NCompass Live on Wednesday, June 5, 2013. He will discuss the story behind the writing and publishing of O Pioneers!, the 2013 One Book, One Nebraska selection that is also celebrating its 100th anniversary. The book, which Cather called her second first novel, emerged at a critical period in Cather’s life. In 1912, she had just left her job at McClure’s Magazine and ventured to Arizona to visit her brother. Her experiences there–and the confidence she regained–made her feel that her mind had been freshly washed and ironed, and were ready for a new life. With O Pioneers! she attempted a new kind of writing, something far afield from the Boston and London environs of her first novel, Alexander’s Bridge. With this new style, as she told her friend, she hit the home pasture. Jewell’s talk will draw heavily on Cather’s biography and, especially, her letters of the period to provide a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of O Pioneers!.

In this ninth year of One Book One Nebraska, Nebraska libraries and other literary and cultural organizations continue to plan activities and events to encourage all Nebraskans to read and discuss the same book. Join us to hear more about this statewide reading promotion activity, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Center for the Book.

NCompass Live - June 5, 2013.

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NCompass Live: 2013 One Book One Nebraska: O Pioneers!

  1. 1. O Pioneers!WILLA CATHER’S SECOND “FIRST NOVEL”Andrew JewellUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
  2. 2. Willa Cather, 1882shortly before moving to Nebraska
  3. 3. Willa Cather, about age 16
  4. 4. Mary Miner, Willa Cather, and Douglass Cather
  5. 5. Willa Cather as a student at the University of Nebraska, about 1
  6. 6. University of Nebraska campus and downtown Lincolnin the late 19th century
  7. 7. Willa Cather in1895, when shegraduated from theUniversity of
  8. 8. Willa CatherPittsburgh, 1890s
  9. 9. Willa CatherJune 1902
  10. 10. Willa CatherPittsburgh, early 1900s
  11. 11. Willa CatherNew York, about 1910
  12. 12. First edition of O Pioneers!, 1913
  13. 13. Sarah Orne JewettDedication in O Pioneers! to the writer SarahOrne Jewett
  14. 14. The Selected Letters ofWilla CatherAndrew Jewell and Janis StoutEdited byK N O P F
  15. 15. Janis Stout
  16. 16. Willa CatherNew Mexico, 1915
  17. 17. Willa Cather when shewas writing My ÁntoniaNew Hampshire, 1917
  18. 18. Willa CatherJaffrey, New Hampshire, 1920s
  19. 19. Willa CatherDecember 7, 1936