Central City Public Library eReader Lending Program


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Central City Public Library eReader Lending Program

  1. 1. Central City Public Library eReader Lending Program CCPL now offers eReaders for our patrons to borrow – so you can try out eBooks and explore this new way of reading. These devices each have a variety of popular eBooks preloaded for your reading pleasure. Here’s the deal: 1. 2-week loan, and you may renew a device once unless there is a hold by another patron. 2. Limit: one device per person at a time. 3. Do not add or delete ebooks from the eReader. The Library has preloaded a specific set of eBooks onto each device. Do not add any additional files or items to the eReader such as photos, documents, etc. 4. Recharge the eReader before you return it to the Library. 5. Return the eReader to the Lending Desk staff directly – do not put it into the bookdrop, outside or inside, where it could be damaged and lead to replacement charges on your account. 6. $1 / day late fee if you return the eReader after its due date. 7. Let us know what you think! Email us at cc.library.ne@gmail.com with your comments about these devices, eBooks in general, or to make suggestions for other titles you would like us to load onto these devices. By checking out an eReader on your library card, you agree to accept full responsibility for the proper handling, authorized use, and condition of the device until it is checked back in to the Library. This includes financial responsibility for the retail value of the device and for any accessories accompanying it if they are lost or damaged. Replacement Costs: eReader $125 Power cord $ 25 $150
  2. 2. Acknowledgement of eReader Replacement Cost I,_____________________________________________(print full name), understand that by checking out an eReader from the Central City Public Library that I am responsible for the replacement cost of the device and/or its accessories if lost or damaged. Overdue charges are $1.00 per day. I acknowledge that eReaders are NOT to be returned in the outside book drop but must be returned to the Central City Public Library circulation desk when the library is open. ___________________________________________________________ Signature Date ___________________________________________________________ Check-out date/staff initials ___________________________________________________________ Check-in date/staff initials